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Believe your radio - Stereophonics on course for another smash hit; NEW RELEASES.

PWELSH rockers the Stereophonics (below ) follow up their show-stopping performance at V99 at Staffordshire's Weston Park last night with the release tomorrow of their latest single, I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio.

Another cut from their superb second album, Performance and Cocktails, this track is a little more laid back and less prone to cause internal bleeding of the ear than recent hits but no-less accomplished.

If people of musical taste rather than pimply adolescents bought singles these days, it would give them their first number one.


PI'VE Got You is Martine McCutcheon's follow-up single to her number one hit. It's more upbeat than Perfect Moment, but rather less substantial. It does grow on you, but it remains to be seen whether she can repeat her chart-topping success.


PTHERE'S a crop of girl bands at the moment who can actually play their own instruments. Following Hepburn are Thunderbugs, with a more grown-up sound. They're described as four girls, three countries, eight groovy hips and one pair of glasses. Debut single Friends Forever has a jangly guitar riff and catchy vocals, supplied by Jane Vaughan - she's the one with the specs, who could become Stratford-upon-Avon's first pop star.


PTEN years together and Ocean Colour Scene are getting better and better.

Profit and Peace bodes well for the new album, One From The Modern (out September 13) - unbelievably catchy with a sixties protest song vibe, man. A top ten hit, surely?


PSUMMERTIME, featuring TQ, is the latest single from Another Level and comes from the album Nexus (due out on September 13).

It is sure to follow in the footsteps of previous hits and make it in to the Top Ten next weekend.

This single has an up-beat, summery, American R'n'B feel and is sure to appeal to people to whom the band have never appealed before.

One thing is for sure - once the US has heard this they, just like the British, will be clamouring for more.


PTHE rhythmic pulse of latin and samba music is a winner at the moment - so it's no surprise Geri Halliwell (above right) has sweetly jumped onto the bandwagon.

Her album may not be flooding out of the shops, but Mi Chico Latino is set to be another top ten hit for the artist formerly known as Ginger.

Okay, so it sounds like a hybrid of La Vida Loca and Madonna's La Isla Bonita, but with a swimming-costumed Geri on the cover and a summery tune, it's a winning combination.


PALBUM of the week goes to a local singer who deserves to go further than his native Wolverhampton.

Ben Christophers' debut album My Beautiful Demon is an eerie atmospheric blend of guitar and effects reminiscent of Radiohead's more ethereal moments, or an especially melancholy Jeff Buckley.

Skyscraper and the title track are just two of the gems here - the album's a real Black Country jewel.


PIT'S the Summer of Love all over again on Channel 4, celebrating 30 years since landmark events such as Woodstock and the Isle of Wight Festival.

To celebrate in psychedelic style, Virgin have released Summer of Love, music from and inspired by the series.

It's a fantastic album with few weak links - White Rabbit, Woodstock, Massachusetts, Space Oddity, California Dreamin' are all there on a flowered-up double CD - just a shame a batch of 30-year-old songs is one of the best releases of the week.


PJAZZ man Louis Jordan may have depicted himself as a musical comedian but there is no doubt of his influence on bands of following generations.

On Swingsation - from specialist jazz label Verve - listen to tracks like House Party and Saturday Night Fish Fry and you'll discover where rock'n'roll and, in particular, Bill Haley was coming from.

And the comedy? Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens is Jordan and the boys at their most frivolous. Swingsation is good time music delivered with boundless enthusiasm.


PIF he had lived, Buddy Holly would have been bigger than The Beatles and Elvis Presley put together.

Well, that's my view anyway. Of course, we'll never know because he was killed in a plane crash 40 years ago.

It was truly the day the music died. But the legend lives on in what appears to be a never-ending succession of compilations. The Very Best of Buddy Holly and The Crickets gives us a king-sized 36 tracks of belters and melters.

They include such classics as That'll Be the Day, Peggy Sue, Oh Boy!, Rave On, Raining in My Heart, Maybe Baby and my favourite ( I think) - True Love Ways.


Reviews by Jon Perks, Alf Bennett, Bob Haywood, Roz Laws, Lee Gibson and Natalie Bennett.
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Date:Aug 22, 1999
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