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Knockout program: SUCCESS for Teens drills down into financial lessons. Simnacher, Betsy Sep 1, 2013 554
Little demand for ecological produce in Norway. Brief Article Nov 13, 2003 105
The top tier of changes. Jul 1, 2003 452
Responding to the shift in consumers' mind-set. Liebmann, Wendy Jun 9, 2003 1238
Suppliers respond to changing consumer needs. (Consumables). May 19, 2003 368
The win-win position. May 1, 2003 500
Brazilians balk at major purchases. Brief Article May 1, 2003 290
Brand blur? Brief Article May 1, 2003 521
More reasons for staying home. Apr 1, 2003 635
Patriotism questions. Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 216
True colors: As natural colors become more popular, companies are working to overcome cost hurdles, formulation challenges and regulatory issues in order to meet the demand. Wright, Tim Apr 1, 2003 1710
Sector in midst of transition. (Photography). Oct 14, 2002 987
Wishing for honesty. Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 193
Fighting for your price: a new kind of professional purchaser bent on getting rock-bottom costs threatens suppliers of basic materials. But these companies can save themselves by taking up the purchasers' weapons. Abele, John M.; Elliott, Brian R.; O'Hara, Ann A.; Roegner, Eric V. Sep 22, 2002 3399
Web assurance seals: how and why they influence consumers' decisions. Odom, Marcus D.; Kumar, Anand; Saunders, Laura Sep 22, 2002 12623
Discussion of web assurance seals: how and why they influence consumers' decisions. Mauldin, Elaine Sep 22, 2002 1966
Reply to discussion of web assurance seals: how and why they influence consumers' decisions. Odom, Marcus D.; Kumar, Anand; Saunders, Laura Sep 22, 2002 1577
Nickel bag. (Blowfish). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 93
Consumer Confidence drops sharply. Franco, Lynn Aug 1, 2002 373
Consumer Confidence and Buying Plans. Aug 1, 2002 2313
Consumer Confidence by Region. Aug 1, 2002 1378
POLL FINDS TEXTILES SHOPPERS AREN'T MOTIVATED BY SALES. Leizens, Leticia Brief Article Jul 29, 2002 361
Europeans may say they dislike GM food, but they are willing to buy it just the same. (The Green Scene). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 723
Let's make us better. (Publisher's Page). Graves, Earl, G., Sr. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 545
U.S. Tea is "Hot" Report predicts bright future for tea. (Supplier Spotlight). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 208
"Insurance loss adjusting: a study in semantic orientation". (Retrospect). Otto, Ingolf H.E. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 520
The ethics of database marketing: personalization and database marketing--if done correctly--can serve both the organization and the customer. (Business Matters). Cannon, Debbie A. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 1370
Fans make surprising beverage choices, survey says. (Scarborough Research Co.). Brief Article Apr 29, 2002 639
Consumer perception of e-service quality: from Internet purchaser and non-purchaser perspectives. Yang, Zhilin; Jun, Minjoon Mar 22, 2002 8412
AFRICAN-AMERICANS. Webb, Carla Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 514
Kids & cul-de-sacs: Census 2000 and the reproduction of consumer culture. Kysar, Douglas A. Mar 1, 2002 22123
Homebuyers seek 'wired' houses. (Short Takes). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 341
The comforts of home. (Trade Winds). Moran, Michelle Mar 1, 2002 2478
Agricultural Biotechnology Council. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 82
Where's the beef from? Beef industry weighs effects of country-of-origin labeling. (Marketing To Livestock Producers). Krebs, Candace Mar 1, 2002 1297
Icelanders eager to have beer in supermarkets. Brief Article Feb 27, 2002 129
Managing 'word-of-mouth'. (On Marketing). Karrh, Jim Brief Article Feb 4, 2002 703
ONLINE YULE PURCHASES DOWN BUT SATISFACTION UP, POLL SAYS. Zaczkiewicz, Arthur Brief Article Jan 14, 2002 159
Norwegians disagree with minister over food prices. Brief Article Jan 3, 2002 134
Consumers ready to accept irradiated meat. (Business Briefs). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 164
Well owners say ground water is safe. (Business Briefs). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 145
Contributions of social capital theory in predicting rural community inshopping behavior. Miller, N.J. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 8349
Hot numbers. (The week). Brief Article Oct 22, 2001 200
THE INFORMATION CONTENT OF CONSUMER SURVEYS. Pain, Nigel; Weale, Martin Oct 1, 2001 1898
Consumer behavior in the United States: implications for social security reform. Evans, Paul Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 9643
Racial discrimination in professional basketball: evidence from Nielsen ratings. Kanazawa, Mark T.; Funk, Jonas P. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 6226
Modern Brewery Age PET Survey. Brief Article Sep 10, 2001 550
New Publication on Consumer Perception of Character Marks Available. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 151
Seal of approval. Moss, Mark R. Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 446
Shoptalk. Strupp, Joe Brief Article Jun 25, 2001 833
Consumer perceived value: The development of a multiple item scale. Sweeney, Jillian C.; Soutar, Geoffrey N. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 8620
Consumer Perceptions of Privacy and Security Risks for Online Shopping. MIYAZAKI, ANTHONY D.; FERNANDEZ, ANA Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 6919
Do Consumers Expect Companies to be Socially Responsible? The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Buying Behavior. MOHR, LOIS A.; WEBB, DEBORAH J. Jun 22, 2001 11190
German Consumer Decision-Making Styles. WALSH, GIANFRANCO; MITCHELL, VINCENT-WAYNE; HENNIG-THURAU, THORSTEN Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 9981
Let's Go Shopping! RYAN, GERARD; RODRIGUEZ, INMA Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 3310
Hormone-Free Coffee. Brief Article May 1, 2001 81
Consumers Like Advanced ATMs ... All Things Being Equal. Albro, Walt; Linsley, Clyde Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 220
As the World Churns, Think Like a Consumer. CULVER, CURT Editorial Mar 1, 2001 1175
High tide for seafood orders. (Seafood). Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 85
Inquiring reporter: movie times they are a-changin'. Dotinga, Randy Brief Article Jan 15, 2001 600
Clothes-washer rule hangs consumers out to dry. Plummer James Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 403
Drug chains enhance PL film and cameras. Brief Article Nov 20, 2000 485
Economy showing life. Brief Article Nov 3, 2000 186
It's soy good. Broihier, Kitty Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 702
Consumer Confidence. Franco, Lynn Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 330
The right and wrong to privacy. COLWELL, JANET Industry Overview Oct 1, 2000 1329
The stuff that dreams are made of. STANSILL, PETER Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 718
August Results. Franco, Lynn Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2000 324
CPSC got a black eye recently when the Los Angeles Times published a story Sept. 27 criticizing the agency for failure to issue a consumer warning when it knew of faulty gas-fired forced-air furnaces installed in thousands of California homes. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 208
July Results. Franco, Lynn Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2000 333
Study Eyes DTC Advertising. Brief Article Jul 17, 2000 686
Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Pediatrics: Parents and Professionals Working Together for New Understanding. Dokken, Deborah; Sydnor-Greenberg, Nancy Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 6811
Opinion Split on E-Signatures. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 149
June Results. Franco, Lynn Jul 1, 2000 355
May Results. Franco, Lynn Jun 1, 2000 364
The Buyer's Shout. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 227
Selling science isn't easy. Stanton, John L. Column Jun 1, 2000 1252
Consumer Theory Based on the Marginal Rate of Substitution Function. BROWN, BARBARA May 1, 2000 7501
Recall, Liking, and Creativity in TV Commercials: A New Approach. STONE, GERALD; BESSER, DONNA; LEWIS, LORAN E. May 1, 2000 5117
Advertising Attitudes and Advertising Effectiveness. MEHTA, ABHILASHA May 1, 2000 3313
April Results. Franco, Lynn May 1, 2000 380
March Results. Franco, Lynn Apr 1, 2000 398
Lawson customers testify to benefits. Brief Article Mar 31, 2000 169
An Emerging Green Market in China: Myth or Reality? Chan, Ricky Y.K. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2000 4057
Customer service: The high-tech touch. Hardgrove, Amy Feb 1, 2000 2823
E - Shopping: A Less-Than Satisfying Trip. ORR, ALICIA Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 467
Shopping Smart Can Help Environment; Local Campaigns Take Aim at Packaging. Liedtke, Cyndy Brief Article Sep 27, 1999 536
Poll Rates Walgreens No. 1. Statistical Data Included Sep 27, 1999 796
Does a Floral Scent Make You Buy? STIEFEL, CHANA Sep 20, 1999 1131
New Products Fuel Sales Growth. Statistical Data Included Sep 13, 1999 1092
Introducing irradiation. Allen, Andrea Sep 1, 1999 899
Harvesting Benefits of Trees. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 227
Customers' Demand for Better 21st-CENTURY PRODUCTS. Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 765
Rent-seeking firms, consumer groups, and the social costs of monopoly. Kyung Hwan Baik Jul 1, 1999 9636
Information: the newest currency: are you ready and willing to pay for it? McKim, Robert Cover Story Jul 1, 1999 1234
The battle for healthy eating: consumers are losing it, suggests new study. Brewster, Elizabeth Apr 1, 1999 425
Mall Culture. Shepherd, Steven L. Nov 1, 1998 1184
High customer service expectations. Oct 1, 1998 572
Consumer response to quantity surcharges: implications for retail price setters. Manning, Kenneth C.; Sprott, David E.; Miyazaki, Anthony D. Sep 22, 1998 10761
The impact of internal and external reference prices on brand choice: the moderating role of contextual variables. Kumar, V.; Karande, Kiran; Reinartz, Werner J. Sep 22, 1998 10245
FASHION-FORWARD DISCOUNTERS SCORE. Vincenti, Lisa Jul 20, 1998 1312
How consumers view advertising by optometrists. Moser,, H. Ronald; Nelson, Wayne E. Jul 1, 1998 3073
Shopping for Equality. Gray, Valerie Lynn Jul 1, 1998 2631
A model of consumer perceptions and store loyalty intentions for a supermarket retailer. Sirohi, Niren; McLaughlin, Edward W.; Wittink, Dick R. Jun 22, 1998 8975
Consumer perceptions of advertising clutter and its impact across various media. Elliott, Michael T.; Speck, Paul Surgi Jan 1, 1998 7297
Consumer expectations and cyclical durations. Abderrezak, Ali Dec 22, 1997 4929
Foods that help prevent disease: consumer attitudes and public policy implications. Childs, Nancy M.; Poryzees, Gregg H. Nov 1, 1997 6209
Alcohol warnings and warning labels: an examination of alternative alcohol warning messages and perceived effectiveness. DeCarlo, Thomas E.; Parrott, Roxanne; Rody, Raymond; Winsor, Robert D. Nov 1, 1997 7330
It's not simply "change," it's "evolution." (relationship of the consumer with a product)(The Aging Consumer) Krubski, John Sep 22, 1997 1444
Direct marketing advertising: the assents, the dissents, and the ambivalents. Korgaonkar, Pradeep K.; Karson, Eric J.; Akaah, Ishmael Sep 1, 1997 6337
The emergence of consumer power in China. Ho, Suk-ching Sep 1, 1997 4357
Self-control and loss aversion in intertemporal choice. Selart, Marcus; Karlsson, Niklas; Garling, Tommy Sep 1, 1997 5162
Proactive retail strategies based on consumer attitudes towards the community. Choe, Sang T.; Pitman, Glenn A.; Collins, Frances D. Aug 1, 1997 4207
Winning over the heavy shopper. Blalock, Cecelia Aug 1, 1997 1066
Saudi consumers' attitudes towards European, US and Japanese products and marketing practices. Bhuian, Shahid N. Jul 1, 1997 5955
Putting steam into the business; iron vendors see $25-plus segment as growth opportunity. Bernard, Sharyn Jun 23, 1997 1700
Age-related cues in retail services advertising: their effects on younger consumers. Day, Ellen; Stafford, Marla Royne Jun 22, 1997 9206
Better irons in the fire. Bernard, Sharyn Jun 9, 1997 683
The reader as client. Wasserman, Edward May 1, 1997 1274
Modelling the impact of customer-employee relationships on customer retention rates in a major UK retail bank. Clark, Moira Mar 1, 1997 6072
Shoppers loosen up. Raffaele, Martha Nov 4, 1996 438
Brand loyalty: the link between attitude and behavior. Baldinger, Allan L.; Rubinson, Joel Nov 1, 1996 5477
Should advertising appeals match the basis of consumers' attitudes? Dube, Laurette; Chattopadhyay, Amitava; Letarte, Anick Nov 1, 1996 4066
Consumer behaviour and the retail "sales:" modeling the development of an "attitude problem." Betts, Erica J.; McGoldrick, Peter J. Aug 1, 1996 7451
Age, product nutrition, and label format effects on consumer perceptions and product evaluations. Burton, Scot; Andrews, J. Craig Jun 22, 1996 6599
Increased consumer sales response through use of 99-ending prices. Schindler, Robert M.; Kibarian, Thomas M. Jun 22, 1996 5524
Shopping for security. Jan 1, 1996 613
Consumer evaluations of sponsorship programmes. d'Astous, Alain; Bitz, Pierre Dec 1, 1995 5897
What does marketing really mean to the Japanese? Genestre, Alain; Herbig, Paul; Shao, Alan T. Sep 1, 1995 9622
Consumer ethics in cross-cultural settings: entrepreneurial implications. Rawwas, Mohammed Y.A.; Patzer, Gordon L.; Klassen, Michael L. Jul 1, 1995 6413
Consumer acceptance of recombinant bovine growth hormone: interplay between beliefs and perceived risks. Grobe, Deana; Douthitt, Robin Jun 22, 1995 4980
Consumer reaction to a risk/benefit/option message about agricultural chemicals in the food supply. Chipman, Helen; Kendall, Patricia; Auld, Garry; Slater, Michael; Keefe, Thomas Jun 22, 1995 5774
American consumers of the '90s are finding new ways to shop. Liebmann, Wendy May 1, 1995 1307
Computers inspire fondness and fear. Brief Article May 1, 1995 492
The impact of green product lines on the environment: does what they know affect how they feel? Martin, Bridget; Simintiras, Antonis C. Apr 1, 1995 5381
A consumers' bill of rights. Apr 1, 1995 733
Dumb questions. Mar 1, 1995 116
Zellers vs. Wal-Mart: shoppers' view. Socha, Miles Brief Article Jan 9, 1995 398
Technical complexity and consumer knowledge as moderators of service quality evaluation in the automobile service industry. Andaleeb, Syed Saad; Basu, Amiya K. Dec 22, 1994 5971
Determinants of perceived health and safety risks of selected hazardous products and activities. Oglethorpe, Janet E.; Monroe, Kent B. Dec 22, 1994 6218
Retail influence on evoked set formation and final choice of shopping goods. LeBlanc, Ronald P.; Turley, L.W. Nov 1, 1994 4850
The consumer connection: what biotechnology needs to succeed. Hoban, Thomas J.; Kendall, Patricia A. Sep 1, 1994 2920
Investigation of products liability attitudes and opinions: a consumer perspective. Darden, William R.; Babin, Barry J.; Griffin, Mitch; Coulter, Ronald Jun 22, 1994 8511
Attitude ascriptions and intermediate scope. Holton, Richard Apr 1, 1994 3865
Public assessment of TV advertising: faint praise and harsh criticism. Mittal, Banwari Jan 1, 1994 8556
Globalization of markets and shopping stress: cross-country comparisons. Fram, Eugene H.; Ajami, Riad Jan 1, 1994 4577
Simultaneous-equation model for estimating consumer risk perceptions, attitudes, and willingness-to-pay for residue-free produce. Huang, Chung L. Dec 22, 1993 6136
Consumer responses to electronic article surveillance alarms. Dawson, Scott Sep 22, 1993 3021
The future of advertising. Eder, Peter F. Jul 1, 1993 1692
Consumer views of the need for government intervention in the airline market. Burton, John R.; Zick, Cathleen D.; Mayer, Robert N. Jun 22, 1993 7260
Buyers favor "American names." Apr 1, 1993 294
Answering the key questions for today's consumers: why shop here? why buy now? Lucas, George H., Jr. Mar 22, 1993 2154
Green consumers. Jul 1, 1992 514
Alternate routes to global marketing. Ohbora, Tatsuo; Parsons, Andrew; Riesenbeck, Hajo Jun 22, 1992 6619
Consumer concern: Arkansans are more concerned about the national economy than they are about the state's. Taylor, Tim Mar 16, 1992 961
Annual A-B sales decline in 1991. Jan 27, 1992 401
Customer discrimination and affirmative action. Kahn, Lawrence M. Jul 1, 1991 9013
Extended warranties: consumer and manufacturer perceptions. Kelley, Craig A.; Conant, Jeffery S. Jun 22, 1991 4405
Evansville, Ind., study shows importance of retailer image. Jun 17, 1991 1184
Perception vs. reality. Sansolo, Michael editorial Nov 1, 1990 560
Consumers speak out on the environment; like it or not, here's how shoppers feel about "green" products, plastics, recycling and the role of the grocer. Thayer, Warren Cover Story Nov 1, 1990 3500
Resale retail. Ford, Kelly Aug 27, 1990 1384
The prices isn't right. Sansolo, Michael editorial May 1, 1990 465
The effects of buyers' intentions to learn price information on price encoding. Mazumdar, Tridib; Monroe, Kent B. Mar 22, 1990 5731
A typology of consumer dissatisfaction response styles. Singh, Jagdip Mar 22, 1990 10790
Insurance consumer revolt is far from over. Furino, Lou Nov 1, 1989 1519
Aboard the brand wagon. Sep 1, 1989 2851
Sophisticated shoppers - sticky issues. Weinstein, Steve Sep 1, 1989 2515
Disposing of the disposables: defining the problem; as public awareness of environmental issues rises, diapers bear much of the brunt of consumer outrage; the problems of how to dispose of the disposables and what happens to them once they are disposed of must be addressed. Noonan, Ellen Sep 1, 1989 3370
The 1989 Montana consumer outlook: increased optimism. Lenihan, Mary L. Mar 22, 1989 1790
Keeping Montana consumers happy. Wallwork, Susan Selig Mar 22, 1989 2202

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