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Between a Rock and a Wondrous Place Despite being among the first Western explorers to uncover southwestern China in the 1920s, American botanist Joseph Rock is far from being a household name. Today, one explorer is attempting to revitalise his reputation. Grover, Amar Jul 1, 2019 1593
Columbus and the "Indians". Sep 18, 2017 617
Beyond the beyond: Roy Chapman Andrews in Mongolia. Alexander, Marc Sep 1, 2017 2829
Writer's reads. Brief article Feb 1, 2017 220
Haitian soldiers, HH Johnston, 1908-1909. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 167
Supportive shero. Bancroft, Ann Mar 1, 2013 150
Top ten writer's reads. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 334
25 years ago ... classic humanist. Madigan, Timothy J. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 183
A bad man in Africa: as Zimbabwe celebrated 30 years of independence on 18 April, it was hard to remember that modern Zimbabwe started as a fiefdom of one man, Cecil Rhodes, and a few colleagues, who tricked king Lobengula out of his domain. Bertrand Russell, the British philosopher, mathematician and historian, tells the story even better in freedom and organisation, published by Routledge. Russell, Bertrand May 1, 2010 1743
Eyewitness. Shackleton, Ernest Brief article Mar 22, 2010 96
To the ends of the earth: modern-day explorer Tom Avery pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Cook, Marie-Louise May 1, 2009 1299
Omani explorer. Brief article May 1, 2009 125
Encounters with strangers: meeting rituals down under. Newbury, Paul Jun 1, 2008 2125
Wrecked steamboat gives up its treasures. Brown, Aneeta Jun 1, 2006 1262
"Coal Age Galapagos": Joggins and the lions of Nineteenth Century geology. Calder, John H. Mar 1, 2006 7580
How to be an explorer: planning an expedition can often seem more daunting than actually carrying it out. Jo Sargent discovers some tips and tricks for increasing your chances of success. Sargent, Jo Nov 1, 2005 2204
The Swedish ice man of Siberia: he's completed expeditions in the Americas, East Africa and across Asia. He's been honoured by the Explorer's Club and is a household name in his native Sweden, but few in the UK have heard of explorer Mikael Strandberg. Chloe-Scott Moncrieff caught up with him on the eve of his attempt to walk across Siberia in the dark. Moncrieff, Chloe-Scott Mar 1, 2005 1777
Sir Wally Herbert had mapped 73,000 square kilometres of previously unexplored land before he was 30. In 1969, he led the team that made the first undisputed attainment of the North Pole on foot and continued to Svalbard, becoming the first to cross the entire Arctic Ocean. Christian Amodeo joins him on his 70th birthday to learn more about his many achievements. Amodeo, Christian Interview Oct 1, 2004 696
Next stop, the top of the world: Life hasn't been easy for Sir Ranulph Fiennes in recent years. A double heart bypass and the death of his wife have led some to suggest it's time he hung up his ice-axe. But, as Chloe Scott-Moncrieff discovers, he's not taking any notice. Far from it.... Scott-Moncrieff, Chloe Interview Sep 1, 2004 1915
Sir Wilfred Thesiger (1910-2003). Hanbury-Tenison, Robin Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 1004
Mac the life: damned good. Buck, Daniel Interview Sep 1, 2003 1223
John Charles Fremont and the exploration of the American West. Kreyche, Gerald F. Biography Sep 1, 2003 5979
Deep Cuba: voyage to the bottom of the embargo: Bill Belleville was part of a Discovery Channel-financed expedition to explore Cuba's waters. From the trip came Belleville's recent book, Deep Cuba (University of Georgia Press, 2002). We caught up with Bill at his home in Florida. Clarke, Chris Interview Mar 22, 2003 1169
Adventures for all. (Geographical expedition special). Winser, Shane Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 304

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