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Process Statement. Tomash, Barbara Sep 1, 2018 214
So Where is This Wild Silent Country. Pafunda, Danielle Sep 1, 2018 2958
Attention as Proof of Faith. Marno, David Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 4278
Plath's Spanish poems and tropes: Turning landscape into mindscape. Garrido, Maria Luisa Pascual Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 7986
Big Sur Breakdown: Lew Welch and "Ring of Bone". Diggory, Terence Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 10618
HUMANIST PROFILE. Nov 1, 2017 816
BELIEFS OF POETS REGARDING THE TRIGGERS OF SUICIDE. Pridmore, Saxby; Ahmadi, Jamshid; Pridmore, William Brief article Oct 1, 2017 3702
Locating Valerie Gillies's The Cream of the Well: A Critical Introduction to the Poems and an Interview with the Poet. Severin, Laura Critical essay Mar 22, 2017 9710
Raising Valparaiso. Maynard, Matt Jan 1, 2017 2494
Taking a playful approach to the pleasures of poetry: is there anything Billy Collins misses about being the U.S. poet laureate, a post he held from 2001 to 2003? Mudge, Alden Oct 1, 2016 874
"Without Baseball, Life Would be a Mistake". Tabakow, Phil Brief article Jan 1, 2016 192
Freedom quest: Di Brandt's re-released poetry collection explores a girl's wonder and creativity. Mays, Mariianne Jan 1, 2016 1042
A poet of life's complexity: Whether telling her own story or others', Dael Orlandersmith brings her full presence and the truth of her imagination to the jam. Miller, Stuart Dec 1, 2015 1675
Poet is attuned to the daily miracles in life. Gunter, Julie Jan 30, 2015 1096
Not repeated tale of love in Nezami Ganjavi'S viewpoint. Dastranj, Masoomeh Essay Jan 15, 2015 4634
Elizabeth Ellet remembers Michigan. Massie, Larry; Massie, Priscilla Jan 1, 2015 1963
A fitting receptacle: Paul Claudel on Poetry and Sensations of God. Lewis, Stephen E. Essay Sep 22, 2014 8480
Awakening the human heart: the power of poetry. Nickitas, Donna M. Editorial Sep 1, 2014 749
The real North Beach: in San Francisco's neighborhood of poets, thinkers, and coffee drinkers, two locals show us the beat. Sens, Josh Interview May 1, 2014 885
The limits of celebration in Lucille Clifton's poetry: writing the aging woman's body. Cunningham, Scarlett Critical essay May 1, 2014 12597
Practice. Rosen, Kim Brief article Mar 1, 2014 143
Alexis Lcrthem. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 142
Clough's last summer. Stewart, Philip J. Jun 22, 2013 11286
Laws of the poet: a balance of rights from an unbalanced mind. Bates, Stephen Jun 22, 2013 443
Another face of Emily Dickinson? Brief article Jan 7, 2013 143
Rural libraries in support of rural reconstruction: Tagores' thinking and reality. Saha, Nimai Chand; Sinha, Keshab Chandra Report Nov 1, 2012 3033
A previously unrecorded photograph of Whitman at his Mickle street home. Folsom, Ed Sep 22, 2012 352
Bernard Lewis' Stubborn Hope. Goldman, David P. May 9, 2012 1094
Roses are red, violets are blue: Newspaper Blackout turns news into poetry. Yang, Nu Brief article May 1, 2012 206
The Turkish Art of Love. Dilmanian, Jasmine Apr 9, 2012 1257
Fugitive Days. Duff, Gerald Essay Mar 22, 2012 7086
William Blake, Richard Phillips and the Monthly Magazine. Paley, Morton D. Essay Mar 22, 2012 7724
Literary activism: James Montgomery, Joanna Baillie and the plight of Britain's Chimney Sweeps. Slagle, Judith Bailey Essay Mar 22, 2012 7294
Goethe's "Delicate Empiricism": assessing its value for Australian ecologists. Bradley, Melanie Report Jun 1, 2011 4364
Post-Cooperstown post modernism: the Baseball Reliquary and the Future of Nostalgia. Malcolm, Don Essay Jan 1, 2011 2726
When Claudia Keelan asked me if I would like to edit a special eco issue of Interim, I responded with great enthusiasm and immediately began compiling a list of all the poets I'd like to include, which began running on for several pages. Arigo, Christopher Editorial Jan 1, 2011 484
A Poet at 93 1/2--Ed Galing. Galing, Ed Editorial Jan 1, 2011 465
Is there a narrative hidden in a lyric poem? Dutch poets on narrativity in poetry: Robert Anker, Tomas Lieske, Leonard Nolens, Wlllem van Toorn en Eva Gerlach/ Skuil daar 'n verhaal in 'n liriese gedig? Nederlandstalige digters oor narratiwiteit in die poesie: Robert Anker, Tomas Lieske, Leonard Nolens, Willem van Toorn en Eva Gerlach. du Plooy, H.J.G. Report Dec 1, 2010 8071
Henry VII and Dante's dream of a new Golden Age. Russon, Florence Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 9305
Encountering Caroline Ashley, an Oxford Poet. Waters, Lowenna Jun 22, 2010 2071
Lewis Hyde. Farrar; Straus; Giroux Jun 22, 2010 1060
Lady Lucy Barry and Evangelical reading on the first Franklin expedition. Cavell, Janice Report Jun 1, 2010 10046
Poetic licence: Hugo Ball, the anarchist avant-garde, and us. Farr, Roger Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 6700
Political powerhouses three women fighting for truth, safety and community. Kay, Sheryl Mar 1, 2010 677
Beit El Poetess Sarah Feld Supports Arutz Sheva. Brief article Jan 28, 2010 85
Pops and the poet: mispronunciations. Bates, Stephen Brief article Jan 1, 2010 151
"That private shade, wherein my Muse was bred": Katherine Philips and the poetic spaces of Welsh retirement. Prescott, Sarah Sep 22, 2009 8517
Simon Armitage. Edward, Olivia Sep 1, 2009 934
Quotables. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 151
Looking backward, looking inward: Scott Cairns and Kathleen Norris in conversation. Discussion Jun 22, 2009 9125
"That I could look ... on my own crucifixion and bloody crowning": Walt Whitman's anti-gallows writing and the appeal to Christian sympathy. Jones, Paul Christian Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 12166
Theology descending: Franz Wright and Mary Karr in conversation. Contino, Paul J. Discussion Jun 22, 2009 8911
Five poets in conversation with Joshua and Ian Marley's creative creatures/Vyf digters in gesprek met Joshua en Ian Marley se kreatiewe kreature. Viljoen, H.M. Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 8027
World of CHAOS, dreams of order. Fulford, Robert Essay Mar 22, 2009 2234
The president's poet. Dodson, Angela P. Mar 5, 2009 628
The lion and the cat: in Anne Carson's telling of the Atreus saga, humor is a happy accident. Csencsitz, Cassandra Mar 1, 2009 1454
Thomas Merton global prophet. Editorial Jan 1, 2009 797
"I didn't like his books": Julian Hawthorne on Whitman. Scharnhorst, Gary Jan 1, 2009 2696
Lady luck: armored in facial tattoos, Lucky Torres saunters like a superstar, determined to rise from a life of darkness. Checkoway, Laura Oct 1, 2008 942
During the composition of "rising, falling, hovering": a personal document of the war, of Mexico, and an American family's halting Progress. Wright, C.D. Jun 22, 2008 2644
Beatress Beattitude. O'Kane, John Jun 22, 2008 4013
The roll of the small presses. Becker, Robin Mar 1, 2008 786
Writing on location. Munden, Paul Jun 22, 2007 1524
Faking it: the struggle to reinvent language. Millar, Erin May 1, 2007 569
Worlds in despair: Women's Review writers and readers let us know what they're reading in their spare time. Mairs, Nancy Mar 1, 2007 556
Human nature, cosmic evolution and modernity in Holderlin. Cummins, Neil Paul Jan 1, 2007 7113
From Mossbawn to Meliboeus: Seamus Heaney's ambivalent pastoralism. Davis, Wes Jan 1, 2007 6067
Poetry under a tombstone, truth under a stone. Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Editorial Jan 1, 2007 594
The poet on the poem. Buckley, Christopher May 1, 2006 1569
Alfred Tennyson: problems of biography. Batchelor, John Jan 1, 2006 9128
Ko te Pakeha te teina: Baxter's cross-cultural poetry. Dennison, John Dec 1, 2005 3022
On art, faith and the church. Berggren, Kris Oct 7, 2005 459
The poetics of interruption in Mark Twain's Roughing It. McKellar, Jennifer Critical essay Sep 22, 2005 5852
Mathematics scrapbook. Prochazka, Helen Sep 22, 2005 1529
In free speech and expression: cornerstone of democracy. Sep 22, 2005 1582
Respecting the chasm. Wenderoth, Joe Sep 1, 2005 1137
A great man comes home: Ayi Kwei Armah, the acclaimed Ghanaian novelist, poet and scholar visited Soweto recently where he met 76 poets at one event. Natalia Molebatsi was there to hear Armah tell Africans "not to speak and write from the heat of passion but from the light of intelligence". Molebatsi, Natalia Aug 1, 2005 994
Writing light. Witek, Terri Jul 1, 2005 693
Iceland wild & worldly: the far-flung Nordic island that spawned Vikings and Bjork is a homo haven of lava landscapes, steaming sulphur springs, throbbing nightlife, and inhabitants with names like Thor. Picano, Felipe Apr 26, 2005 2299
Getting at things under the surface: poet Rachel Zolf's new book Masque (insomniac press, 2004) delves confidently into complex topics such as family dynamics, and sexual and ethnic identity. Mays, Mariianne Interview Mar 22, 2005 1086
Occidentalism: Alastair Bonnett discusses Eastern ideas of the West, and argues they form part of a non-Western debate on modernity and society. Bonnett, Alastair Oct 1, 2004 1324
'With this election, we confront a life-changing choice'. Weaver, Reg Oct 1, 2004 498
Nation notes. Brief Article Aug 16, 2004 191
Poet records his steps toward faith. Brown, Laura Lynn Jul 16, 2004 942
A war for peace: poets against the war. Said, Maha El Jun 1, 2004 8371
An interview by christopher Hennessy. Cole, Henri Interview May 1, 2004 4879
Scotland's new national poet vows to speak his mind. Brief Article Feb 18, 2004 106
Worth noting ... Aviles, Quique Jul 1, 2003 520
Eliot's dangerous art. (Arts & Letters). Jun 22, 2003 654
Personality. Bowering, George Interview Jun 1, 2003 681
'Unacknowledged legislators': Poets Protest the War. (Poetry Supplement). Hamill, Sam; Anderson, Sally; Simon, John J. Apr 1, 2003 5238
Notes from the editors. Apr 1, 2003 1276
Dance of the marionettes: Arthur Symons and symbolist theatre. Hubbard, Tom Essay Jan 1, 2003 2456
Article 4: Smash the administration. Jan 1, 2003 539
Philip Jenks and the poetry of experience. Friedlander, Benjamin Critical Essay Dec 22, 2002 5628
On Trevor Joyce. Dorward, Nate Critical Essay Dec 22, 2002 5459
Invisible Green VII. Revell, Donald Nov 1, 2002 3052
Spin city: the ancient Turkish town of Konya, once the pearl of the Seljuk's Empire of Rum, is the home of the famous whirling dervishes, whose mesmeric dance links devotees to the revolution of the universe. (Travel in Turkey). Mohammadi, Kamin Jun 1, 2002 1143
Dr. Arnold, Matthew Arnold, and the Jews. Alexander, Edward Mar 22, 2002 5517
I am engaged and cannot be polite. Editorial Mar 22, 2002 1539
Reading my Poetry in Hebrew translation. Frank, Bernhard Sep 22, 2001 1541
Tennyson, Ireland, and "The Powers of Speech". Bevis, Matthew Sep 22, 2001 8773
A Chapter in South African verse: interview with Jeremy Cronin. Harlow, Barbara Interview Jan 1, 2001 6489
A TASTE OF ASHES. Winter, Jay Nov 1, 1998 2903
Dylan Thomas in Oxford: an unpublished poem. Davies, James A. Sep 1, 1997 700
Lisa Meyer: interviewing Allen Ginsberg. Meyer, Lisa Jul 1, 1997 1936
'Reviewers and Frenchmen' in Coleridge's 'Biographia Literaria.' Morrison, Robert S. Jun 1, 1995 814
The uncertainty of the poet. Heller, Michael May 1, 1995 4682
Canonade. McGann, Jerome Jun 22, 1994 7957
Why the most famous Welsh poet writes in English. Markham, Rosemary Mar 1, 1994 2048
"The last Czechoslovakian marxist": an interview with Egon Bondy. Steinhardt, David L. interview Oct 1, 1991 6858

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