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Belgian Picanol CEO buys corporate shares.

(ADPnews) - Jan 8, 2010 - Luc Tack, CEO and big shareholder in Belgian weaving machines maker Picanol NV (EBR:PIC), has bought an additional block of shares in the company, according to a filing with Belgian market watchdog CBFA, published yesterday.

Tack bought via its investment arm Symphony Mills 16,018 Picanol shares between December 15 and January 6, paying EUR 35,050 (USD 50,200) in total.

The average price paid per share stood at EUR 2.18.

Tack became principal shareholder in Picanol in the summer of 2009 when he took part in an EUR-15-million capital hike.

(EUR 1.0 = USD 1.432)

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Publication:ADP News Belgium
Date:Jan 8, 2010
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