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Belgacom Selects KORE Systems Group to Power M2M Services.

Integrated and Customized Machine-to-Machine Platform to Provide Belgacom and Its Enterprise and Service Provider Customers with Complete Connected Device Control

BARCELONA, Spain -- KORE Systems Group, a leader in M2M-optimized OSS/BSS application software, today announced that Belgacom, the leading Belgian telecom operator, has selected the KORE Systems M2M Service Delivery Platform (M2M SDP) as part of its M2M deployment strategy. Belgacom will rely on the KORE Systems M2M SDP to power its M2M connectivity solutions including providing the operator's M2M customers with complete control over their M2M device provisioning, lifecycle management, reporting and fault analytics via its Belgacom-branded web portal and API.

The KORE Systems M2M SDP is completely tailored to meet Belgacom's M2M business needs and is fully integrated directly inside the operator's in-country mobile network and business systems. This ensures a seamless experience for Belgacom customers and provides the operator with total security and control over its M2M offerings and services.

"We required an M2M delivery platform that matched our current business needs, complemented our M2M strategy and meshed with our network and business infrastructure to enable us to leverage our existing investments in our network, business systems and processes," said a Belgacom spokesperson. "KORE Systems has provided us with a powerful platform for controlling all aspects of a connected device's lifecycle and represents a significant step in our strategy to become the primary M2M operator in our market. The ability to customize our M2M connectivity solution to meet our needs, as well as the needs of our customers, provides us with a robust platform for delivering and differentiating our M2M offerings."

The KORE Systems M2M SDP automates all major M2M business processes, reducing the overall cost of delivering and supporting M2M services. In addition, Belgacom M2M customers, including service providers, enterprises and developers, will now benefit from self-service functionality that enables them to control and manage network usage, billing, activation/deactivation, troubleshooting, and reporting and analytics for all connected devices.

"The KORE Systems M2M Delivery Platform provides operators with unprecedented flexibility and control over their M2M connectivity solutions, ensuring alignment with business strategies, branding practices and operational processes," said Pat Verrington, vice president, Carrier Services Development, KORE Systems Group. "KORE Systems enables our operator partners to provide 'M2M their own way' by helping accelerate time-to-market for M2M services with a fully customizable platform that puts control right in the hands of the operator."

"Our goal is to enable operators to profitably scale their M2M business and monetize their network, while our comprehensive business system and process integration drives down the cost of delivering M2M services and supporting an M2M customer base. KORE has been dedicated to the growth of the M2M market since 2003 and is proud to empower our operator partners with the technology, expertise and support required to deliver unique and vetted M2M connectivity solutions downstream," added Verrington.

About KORE Systems

KORE M2M Systems Group Inc. provides solutions to operators and large-scale enterprises worldwide that help them maximize their M2M potential. With more than 10 years of practical experience supporting large-scale multi-carrier platform services in a number of world markets, KORE leverages this proven success and 'know how' in serving the M2M market to deliver optimally integrated and customized capabilities to operators through its carrier-grade, high-availability, flexible and scalable M2M Service Delivery Platform (M2M SDP). KORE Systems augments this with technical, marketing, project resources and knowledge to deliver an M2M optimized solution to customers who are scaling their M2M services for success.

If you would like more information about KORE Systems Group and our M2M Service Delivery Platform, please visit or send an email to

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Date:Feb 26, 2013
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