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Beleaguered got breathing space.

Byline: Haseeb Baloch

No Confidence motion against the chief minister Balochistan has returned from Governor House on technical and legal grounds. No confidence move was filed by the opposition to oust the chief minister on 14th of this month in the assembly secretariat. It was saying that governor house found methodological error in the summary for convening the legislative assembly session for the discussion of No trust motion, therefore motion was sent back to the assembly as the process of sending no confidence motion was incomplete.

Opposition members are being claiming that they would file a renewed no confidence motion. On the other side reconciliation team including various senators of Balochistan under chairman senate seem relaxed and coaxing that some of the annoyed members of angry group would leave the rebel block but no official confirmation was revealed from their side. Sports minister Balochistan a closest one of the Jam Kamal Khan claimed while talking with the media persons ensured that no confidence motion moved against Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan would end in fiasco. All apprehensions and observations of annoyed members of Balochistan Provincial Assembly would be removed, such incidents happened in politics. Lawmakers from opposition benches accused Kamal of projecting a non-serious attitude toward problems related to ensuring fundamental rights, claiming this had directly resulted in gas, electricity and water shortages.

Opposition lawmakers listed four points to justify their decision to pledge the no-confidence motion, alleging that there had been utter disappointment and unrest in the province during the 3 years of Kamal's rule. It said that unemployment had spiked due to the bad governance. Beleaguered chief minister of Balochistan reportedly has got a breathing space of another 15 days when the Governor Secretariat sent back notice of no-trust motion against him to the Assembly Secretariat citing technical mistake. However the action provided a bit of relief to Jam Kamal Khan, but the opposition will surely start harnessing its efforts to dislodge the chief minister.

It has become more active to bring the estranged government members to its fold. Opposition leaders will discuss now the 15-day reprieve to chief minister and how to remove the 'technical mistake' from the no-confidence motion. Sources informed that the opposition would get advice from legal experts in this regard. The opposition and government estranged members will once again sit together in the span, government members are of the view that the opposition wants to make its no-trust move successful through its estranged members.

Conversely, they believe that the motion will not be succeeded and CM Kamal will manage to win them back. Instead, the opposition claimed that as per the agreement, Chief Minister Alyani would resign on his own. The opposition said that no-trust motion was tabled to dethrone Alyani and it could again be submitted after removing technical mistakes from it. During the recent visit of Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani to Quetta, an agreement was reached between CM Alyani and estranged members. If the government fails to remove angry members' reservations and doubts, then there is likelihood that Alyani would resign.

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Author:Haseeb Baloch
Publication:The Balochistan Express (Quetta, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 22, 2021
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