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Bekaert Carding Solutions.

Three years ago Bekaert Carding Solutions successfully introduced SiroLock and high performing doffer/worker wire which features a substantially horizontal step undercut on the tooth front. This horizontal step enables the 'locking' of fibers, which results in superior fiber taking and holding capabilities and enhanced carding power almost independent from roller speed. Many implementations, especially in the area of high speed carding for spunlace applications (direct nonwovens manufacturing), have proven the high added value of this product.

Based on this buildup of experience in advance fiber control, Bekaert Carding Solutions is now further broadening its product portfolio of worker/doffer wires with EvoStep. This new wire is featured with an evolutionary step undercut on the tooth front with greater aggressiveness than the angle of the overhang part below the tip. Compared to conventional wires, this type of step provides better fiber control that is initiated by a locally increased friction at the undercut. Therefore this makes this doffer/worker wire very suitable for medium speed carding typically used in indirect manufacturing of nonwovens (crosslapping and needlepunch).

The delicately designed undercut step in EvoStep brings the following benefits: Increase the fiber taking and holding capability or the carding power; improved fiber control; increase of the transfer ratio; and further benefits include a lower risk of fiber recycling, loading and melting.

Due to the horizontal undercut step design on the tooth front, SiroLock "locks" the fibers with the geometric constraint instead of with the friction between tooth front and fibers, while EvoStep retains fibers with the locally increase friction on the delicately slanted evolutionary step aiming at the "fit for use" aggressiveness and correspondingly optimum fiber retaining capabilities. As a result, al-though SiroLock offers superior fiber taking and holding capabilities and the highest carding power, the extension of our product portfolio with EvoStep enables our customers to find the optimal solution for their specific nonwoven applications. Carding speeds (linear roller speeds) as a function of bonding technology, fiber types and fiber range are taken into account to determine the optimal solution.

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Title Annotation:Machinery & Equipment REVIEW
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Aug 1, 2013
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