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Being beaten up by Islet.

REVIEW Islet: Deaf Institute, Manchester November 11 ISLET demand attention. They pick you up and grab you, then shake you into submission, jumping between the straightforward and unhinged. Mainly unhinged.

They are loud as well. What begins with the four members of the Cardiff band running around the venue, ringing delicate bells soon develops into a physical barrage noise.

It is a very physical experience, not just Islet on stage - running up and down the bar or hanging from the rafters. The noise they produce, you can feel it shake bone marrow. At times it is like being beaten up. At times it is near nosebleed inducing.

Their sound is music history taken apart and dipped into like a pile of Lego - then constructed randomly, yet brilliantly. The structures are as various and frantic as the tribal This Fortune and the distorted organ of Iris. The set closes with the psych pop of A Bear Alone.

Distinctly avant-garde, in certain extended moments Islet seem to stride too willfully towards being subversive or abrasive. But there are always snatches of melody close at hand. For tonight, at least, the crowd have as much love for Islet as Islet seem to have for themselves.

As awesome as they are undefinable. Now, to do something about this internal bleeding they gave me.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 25, 2011
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