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Celebrex's risk to heart debated: critics say flaws undermine painkiller study results. Dec 10, 2016 744
Heart problems tied to mom's diet: baboon study reveals risks of malnutrition during pregnancy. Dec 10, 2016 582
Roller coaster knocks out stones in kidney model. Nov 12, 2016 498
Sugar industry shifted health focus: payments to authors influenced 1967 report indicting fat. Oct 15, 2016 566
Cancer moonshot priorities outlined: panel of experts offers 10 research recommendations. Oct 1, 2016 860
Out of the dark: scientists identify bacteria lurking in the shadows. Sep 17, 2016 2294
Tests turn up dicey bagged ice. Brief article Jul 23, 2016 176
Pets could spread drug resistance: hard-to-treat urinary tract infections on the rise in dogs, cats. Jul 23, 2016 586
Benign bacterium turns deadly. Brief article Jul 23, 2016 131
Tooth decay microbes take many routes to kids' mouths. Brief article Jul 23, 2016 132
Swat that virus: researchers aim to take the sting out of mosquito-carried diseases. Jun 25, 2016 3513
Down in the mouth: microbes from the gums may be causing a variety of diseases. Apr 16, 2016 2763
Preparations under way for cancer 'moonshot' launch. Brief article Apr 2, 2016 255
Vaginal ring somewhat effective at preventing HIV infection. Brief article Mar 19, 2016 203
Enlarged hearts found in obese kids: MRI scans reveal signs of cardiac disease in young children. Dec 12, 2015 361
Small steps bring big health benefits: eating at home, light exercise can reduce some disease risks. Dec 12, 2015 488
Football linemen's cardiac risks rise over a season. Brief article Dec 12, 2015 289
Greener cows: research rounds up less burpy bovines. Report Nov 28, 2015 3060
Daily pill prevents HIV infections: other options for preexposure prophylaxis in development. Nov 14, 2015 1168
Locked inside: as more people survive brain injuries, scientists work to reach patients with hidden consciousness. Aug 8, 2015 2752
Food fight: our gut microbes are no fans of junk food. May 30, 2015 2765
Tough to swallow: athletes who use antioxidant supplements may not be getting the boost they expect. Mar 7, 2015 2577
Emotional wounds: for some children, the effects of a disaster reach deeper than anticipated. Dec 13, 2014 2710
Ancient genes, modern meals: poking holes in the thrifty gene hypothesis. Sep 20, 2014 2689
To screen or not to screen: after 40 years, mammography's limits becoming clear. Jun 28, 2014 2781
Sudden death: proposed EKG screening for student athletes spurs medical debate. Apr 5, 2014 3064
Sweet confusion: does high fructose corn syrup deserve such a bad rap? Report Jun 1, 2013 2522
A cancer patient's best friend: similarities between tumors in people and dogs mean canine studies can inform human disease. Mar 9, 2013 2780
Early arrival: premature puberty among girls poses scientific puzzle. Dec 1, 2012 2991
Catching a cancer: viral culprits may explain a host of tumors with as-yet unknown triggers. Jul 28, 2012 2611
Throat therapy: scientists seek a cough remedy that really delivers relief. Apr 21, 2012 2492
Head agony: jumpy cells may underlie migraine's sensory storm. Jan 28, 2012 2728
Reviving a tired heart: with a bit of encouragement, the life-giving muscle may renew itself. Oct 22, 2011 2261
The color of controversy: link between food dyes, childhood hyperactivity gets renewed attention. Aug 27, 2011 3104
Making nuanced memories: new nerve cells help the brain tell similar experiences apart. Jan 29, 2011 2262
Unnatural selection: chemists build proteins with parts not in the typical toolkit. Oct 9, 2010 2338
Fat chance: scientists are working out ways to rev up the body's gut-busting machinery. Jul 3, 2010 2969
I, mold: conquering the rising tide of infection is hindered by the many similarities between humans and fungi. May 22, 2010 2468
Heart disease plagued ancient Egyptians, too: CT scans of mummies reveal evidence of clogged arteries. Brief article Dec 19, 2009 321
Obese people misjudge body size. Brief article Dec 19, 2009 169
Runners' stressed hearts. Brief article Dec 19, 2009 170
Breaking the speed limit: studies examine physiology and technology to better foresee the ultimate edge of human performance. Dec 5, 2009 2344
Little by little: as food allergies proliferate, new strategies may help patients ingest their way to tolerance. Cover story Sep 12, 2009 2503
Serotonin: what the gut feeds the bones: chemical messenger plays a surprising role in determining the strength of the skeleton. Jun 6, 2009 2096
Mitochondria gone bad: problems in the cell's energy factories power new ideas on disease and aging. Feb 28, 2009 2252
Nicotine's new appeal: mimicking the addictive compound's action in the brain could lead to new drugs for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and schizophrenia. Nov 8, 2008 2320
To bond or not to bond may depend on common hormone gene variant: vasopressin receptor may contribute to commitment phobia. Sep 27, 2008 513
Weighty evidence: the link between obesity, metabolic hormones, and tumors brings the promise of new targets for cancer therapies. Feb 16, 2008 1953
Blind bet: despite uncertain odds, many horse owners gamble on stem cell therapy. Jan 19, 2008 1869
Of joints and juveniles: for some young Olympic hopefuls, all that training can be too much of a good thing. Sep 17, 1988 1308
Boning up on fluoride. Aug 27, 1988 400
Lean living: scientists seek to understand why underfed animals live significantly longer. Aug 27, 1988 1467
Some neurons predisposed to Huntington's. Aug 20, 1988 497
Pollution study finds smoking gun. Aug 13, 1988 391
Success of bypass surgery questioned. Aug 13, 1988 349
Awakenings in anesthesia: amid controversy, scientists move closer to understanding surgery's mysterious partner. Aug 13, 1988 1645
Disarming tough cancer cells. Aug 6, 1988 286
Nature douses dilution experiment. Jul 30, 1988 579
USSR official attacks Soviet science. Jul 23, 1988 708
Genetic roadblocks: the body may not always resist cancer, but it does have built-in barricades to slow the spread. Jul 23, 1988 1071
Earthquake prediction on shaky ground? Jul 16, 1988 618
Dilutions or delusions? Jul 2, 1988 372
Birth-control vaccine safe in early tests. Jun 25, 1988 405
Diabetes antibody best marker so far. Jun 18, 1988 636

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