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Famine Enters the End Game. Jun 13, 2022 691
NANOTECHNOLOGY: A Double-Edged Sword. Cover story Jan 31, 2022 5540
The Evil History of Eugenics. Jan 31, 2022 2315
Slavery and Dehumanization: The history of masks, especially when their use is compulsory, hearkens back to one of the most evil episodes of human history. Apr 5, 2021 4074
SHOULD YOU Take the COVID Shot? Mar 22, 2021 5448
Policy Choices During COVID-19: In his latest book, James Perloff examines the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and recounts the terrible policy choices that have shackled Americans in the name of public health. Mar 8, 2021 1657
SCARING US INTO SUBMISSION: Propaganda is causing a chaotic and disordered fear response in the American people and in others worldwide, empowering our socialist super-class to remake the world. Cover story Jan 18, 2021 3531
Should you or should you not take the vaccine? Jan 18, 2021 784
The Long Shadow of the Spanish Flu. Dec 7, 2020 4426
LOCKDOWN MADNESS. Cover story Oct 19, 2020 3852
BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS: Progressives have waged a war against hydroxychloroquine for months, despite the fact that both medical experience and scientific examination show that the drug saves lives. Cover story Oct 19, 2020 1904
MASKS Behavioral Modification Through Health Concerns. Cover story Oct 19, 2020 3267
THE WAR ON HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE: As strange as it may sound, a propaganda and demonization campaign is being waged against hydroxychloroquine so that globalism and U.S. socialism can make headway. Cover story Jul 20, 2020 4158
THE SCIENCE OF HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE. Cover story Jul 20, 2020 3904
DISSENTING FROM THE PANIC ATTACK: A growing body of scientists and medical professionals is beginning to dissent from the mainstream fearmongering over the coronavirus. Cover story Jun 8, 2020 4938
Is the COVID-19 Death Toll BEING PADDED? Data about the prevalence and severity of COVID-19 are revealing a disease that, while serious, is not as deadly as public-health agencies and the mainstream media have reported. Jun 8, 2020 2063
CORONAVIRUS: FREEDOM IS THE CURE. Cover story Apr 20, 2020 3771
YOUR PAPERS PLEASE: The Enslavement of the Free World: The West, once defined as "The Free World," has been locked down and liberty destroyed in the name of fighting the current pestilence. Apr 20, 2020 2785
SARS-CoV-2: What Does Science Tell Us? Apr 20, 2020 2023
The Divine Message OF FREEDOM: Often overlooked, the Judeo-Christian tradition and texts, through their foundational historicity, both teach and attest to the fundamental importance of freedom and warn about the evil that is the State. Dec 23, 2019 3724
SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE IN A 5G WORLD: While the technological advantages of 5G offer many exciting possibilities for the future, they also have the potential to introduce security threats that impact both national security and personal freedom and privacy. Cover story Dec 9, 2019 2265
WALLY BYAM and the Airstream. Critical essay Oct 7, 2019 5073
GOING WITH "FAIR" HEALTHCARE. Case study Sep 2, 2019 3502
The FAILURE of the Command Economy: Socialist systems inevitably result in three things: shortages and restrictions on products and services, the reduction or removal of free speech and other freedoms, and government surveillance of the populace. Sep 2, 2019 2944
The Deadly History OF socialism'. Sep 2, 2019 4698
God Blessed AMERICA with Kate Smith. Biography Jul 8, 2019 3350
The Ancient Triumph of Faith. Jun 3, 2019 3519
Propaganda: fight for the Minds of Children: For the better part of a century, the total state in its various permutations has sought to build its legitimacy by both using and targeting children in propaganda campaigns. Essay Jun 4, 2018 5022
More Guns, Less Genocide: Dispersal of power through an armed, freedom-loving citizenry is a bulwark against the crimes of tyrants and despots. Apr 23, 2018 5226
The Seleucid War Against the Jews: Hanukkah, which is an event of both historical and religious importance, recalls a time when Jews fought battles to be able to continue to practice their religion, and won. Jan 22, 2018 5185
THE POWER & PURPOSE of Western Civilization. Column Dec 18, 2017 5424
Slavery The Deep History of the Great Evil: Modern observers single out America as being responsible for the great evil of slavery. But, put in full historical context, the great achievement of the Founders is the first real bulwark against one of civilization's darkest and most pervasive evils. Nov 20, 2017 5329
Cultural cleansing. Sep 18, 2017 3825
An inconvenient travesty: Al Gore's new global-warming alarmism film not only counts on viewers being scientifically and historically ignorant, it features Gore as a Christ-like figure. Book review Sep 4, 2017 2076
Never try. Aug 30, 2010 838
The McDonald decision & the Second Amendment; the Supreme Court decided in McDonald v. City of Chicago that the city could not ban handgun ownership, but at the same time, it opened the door for gun control. Aug 16, 2010 3123
A "just" war or just a war? From Korea to Iraq, America has waged undeclared war. Laurence Vance's Christianity and War sheds light on whether or not this war making has been "just.". Book review Mar 16, 2009 1439
Transatlantic two-step: a long-term effort seeking the transatlantic integration of America with the European Union is now underway. If it is successful, the effects on our country would be dramatic. Viewpoint essay May 12, 2008 2625
A most tremendous trifle: there is but one social custom that lies at the base of family, freedom, and civilization: marriage. Essay Apr 14, 2008 2329
Climate-change dissenters: excerpts from a recent Senate report and from elsewhere reveal that hundreds of scientists question the idea that humans cause global warming. Feb 18, 2008 3289
Cooling the climate debate: in his new book, Bjorn Lomborg, the "skeptical environmentalist," demolishes the global-warming lobby's mythology and shows that efforts to curb carbon emissions are dangerously off-base. Book review Feb 18, 2008 1149
Day of reckoning: American elder statesman Pat Buchanan warns in his new book that America faces an uncertain future unless we take action soon to protect the country. Book review Feb 4, 2008 1415
China's bid to buy the West: backed by huge foreign-exchange reserves, an investment fund operated by the Beijing government plans to buy Western companies, essentially nationalizing Western industry. Cover story Jan 7, 2008 2691
Global-warming: myths exposed: in the documentary film The Great Global Warming 5windle, now on DVD, filmmaker Martin Durkin pokes holes in the idea that human activity causes global warming. Jan 7, 2008 1278
Faith: the triumph of reason: today's atheists charge that religion is a delusion. They may be surprised to learn that the philosophical "Father of Rationalism" was himself a believer in God. Cover story Dec 24, 2007 3351
The real Guy Fawkes: the media have branded Guy Fawkes a terrorist, but the real story of the "Gunpowder Treason" plot to destroy the British Parliament is not so clear-cut as some would have it. Dec 24, 2007 3416
The presidency and the future. Dec 10, 2007 832
Our new mercenary army. Nov 26, 2007 831
The economics of climate change: fears of global warming have spurred calls for the regulation of carbon emissions. If such regulations are put in place, the result could well be economic meltdown. Nov 12, 2007 2783
Global risks, national solutions: internationalists argue that global risks require global governance. In reality, global risks are best managed by independent nations. Oct 15, 2007 1167
Torturing the English language: numerous forces in society currently promote incoherence in the use of language. This is an anti-human trend that undermines the very foundation of civilization. Sep 17, 2007 2284
Religion by the sword: in the century following the death of Muhammad, the religion of Islam formed the basis for the rapid conquest of the Christian lands of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. Sep 3, 2007 3513
Rethinking green: there are legitimate environmental problems. These problems do not measure up to the end-of-the-world scary scenarios we hear so much about with global warming, but they are real, immediate problems that need attention. Cover story Aug 6, 2007 2912
Casualties of the Cold War: in Scorpion Down, veteran correspondent Ed Offley claims the nuclear submarine USS Scorpion was sunk in 1968 by the Soviet Navy. Jul 23, 2007 1573
Pushing national IDs: Congress tried its best to shackle the nation with a national ID through passage of the Real ID Act. Now several states try to roll back the measure. Cover story Jul 9, 2007 2686
Alternative explanations for climate change: some scientists have uncovered evidence that climate change is driven by forces that are not of this Earth. Jul 9, 2007 1744
Losing our way: once the heart and soul of America, the middle class has recently endured mounting job losses and declining standards of living. Cover story Jun 25, 2007 1817
Out of gas: rising gas prices are putting pressure on corporate profit margins, which could lead to economic belt-tightening and the loss of jobs. Jun 25, 2007 1715
Another side to global warming: environmentalists and the UN want you to believe that the science of global warming is settled and that the globe is heating. In fact, the science is anything but settled. Jun 11, 2007 2388
Undermining our colleges: plans for increased federal involvement in higher education are likely to lead to federally mandated curricula and a profound change in current college offerings. Jun 11, 2007 2048
Thriving in a decadent culture: in The Culture-Wise Family, authors Ted Baehr and Pat Boone explain how to hold on to Christian values despite outside influences. Book review Jun 11, 2007 1267
Internet crackdown: to do business in China, American companies have to play by Beijing's rules, even if doing so puts innocent people in jail. May 28, 2007 2267
Monitoring Americans: since 9/11 the United States has been putting in place the infrastructure needed to complete the construction of an all-encompassing police state. Cover story May 14, 2007 3607
Preserving America's freedom: grass-roots activists score a major victory in the effort to forestall a North American Union with the passage in Idaho of a resolution opposing further continental integration. May 14, 2007 1839
Busting global-warming myths: in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism, author Christopher Horner unveils the fraud behind the global-warming scare. Apr 30, 2007 1512
Which way America? America's legacy of freedom has meant untold wealth and prosperity for millions and made the American dream a reality. It's a legacy NAFTA could steal. Apr 16, 2007 1608
High Toll on U.S.: business industry: across the board, sector by sector and industry by industry, NAFTA has destabilized the economy, leading to job loss and lowered standards of living for American workers. Apr 16, 2007 408
Satellite wars: China's anti-satellite weapons test is part of a larger effort to build a military capacity to confront the United States. Apr 2, 2007 1648
The meaning of 300: in the hands of filmmakers, the legendary Spartan stand at Thermopylae becomes pro-war political propaganda in the new film 300. Apr 2, 2007 1256
Torture, Inc.: in Ghost Plane, investigative reporter Stephen Grey uncovers the ugly details of the CIA's post-9/11 torture programs. Mar 19, 2007 2371
Cutting off energy: with a democrat-controlled Congress, measures punishing "Big Oil" and fighting global warming are taking center stage, but it is middle-class America that will lose in the end. Cover story Mar 5, 2007 2652
The cost of cap and trade. Mar 5, 2007 365
Biofuel's unintended consequences. Mar 5, 2007 500
Playing with fire: if it can he recovered economically, a mysterious ice that burns may prove to he the source of much of the energy needed to primer the future. Mar 5, 2007 1820
Deadly vapors. Mar 5, 2007 510
Sponsoring the revolution: illegal immigrants are pawns in a game aimed at fomenting revolution and funded by the nation's major tax-exempt foundations. Feb 19, 2007 2240
Signing away our Constitution: the Bush administration, using signing statements as tools of legislation, has recently claimed the power to open our mail without a warrant. Feb 5, 2007 1536
Putin's new Soviet economy: after a decade of "market reform," the Russian economy under the presidency of ex-KGB chief Vladimir Putin appears to be returning to its Soviet roots. Industry overview Jan 22, 2007 2760
Influenza and its enemies: government badly wants Americans to line up for annual flu shots, but though highly touted, there are indications the vaccines may not be as effective as advertised. Cover story Jan 8, 2007 1227
Lost and found city: the rediscovery of a lost city in Wales reminds us that self-reliance and perseverance are keys to success. Jan 8, 2007 1826
The willingness to give: in an age of pessimism, we need to be reminded that America is still largely free and good--and is still a shining city on a hill, a light to all nations. Cover story Dec 25, 2006 2878
By the Grace of God: as the nation spiraled through rancor and discord to the Civil War, Americans both North and South experienced a miraculous and unprecedented revival of religious devotion. Dec 25, 2006 2670
Stalking the beast: with The Beast on the East River, author Nathan Tabor unmasks the United Nations, its criminal behavior, and its globalist designs. Dec 11, 2006 1333
The promise of synthetic fuel: coal-to-liquid technologies, pioneered almost 80 years ago, have the potential to free America from its dependence on foreign oil. Nov 27, 2006 1490
The crimes of I.G. Farben: during WWII, I.G. Farben, a synthetic-fuels manufacturer for the German war machine, was a major supporter of the Nazi regime and a willing co-conspirator in the Holocaust. Nov 27, 2006 1736
Idaho's elk ranch tragedy: when dozens of elk escaped from his ranch, Rex Rammell thought he faced the task of recovering his herd. Instead, he witnessed the state-sponsored slaughter of his elk. Nov 13, 2006 1787
The Japanese robot revolution: with an aging population and a looming labor shortage, Japanese scientists are pushing hard to develop advanced androids and integrate them into human society. Nov 13, 2006 1506
Rediscovering America's heroes: a decades-long war on masculinity is reducing the American man to a sniveling shadow of his former greatness. Real Men by R. Cort Kirkwood recovers man's glorious heroic past. Nov 13, 2006 1489
The fall of Rome: beginning in the fourth century, an unprecedented wave of immigration washed over the Roman Empire, leading to the end of the empire in the West. Geographic overview Oct 30, 2006 2396
Terrorist team-up: Iran is the new locus of the clash between East and West. But with its ties to Venezuela, the Middle Eastern power is extending its dangerous influence to the Western Hemisphere. Oct 16, 2006 1261
When Iran conquered the world: long ago a family from the Zagros mountains of Iran conquered the known world and established the Persian Empire. Oct 16, 2006 3574
Creating the North American Union: the plans for a North American Security and Prosperity Partnership are steps on the way to a North American Union. Oct 2, 2006 2769
Myth vs. fact: in their myth-busting attempts, the architects of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) use half-truths and lies to conceal the real intent inherent in their plans: building a North American Union. Oct 2, 2006 1102
Global warming too hot or not? The theory of global warming proposes that man's activities are causing the Earth to heat up, but there is compelling scientific evidence that does not support this conclusion. Cover story Sep 18, 2006 3299
The sun and global warming: can it be just a coincidence that the Earth's climate appears to be warming as the Sun is getting more active? Clearly there is more to global warming than greenhouse gases. Cover story Sep 18, 2006 645
Hot air: an Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's new documentary about global warming, is intriguing, but fails to convince in the end. Movie review Sep 18, 2006 1252
High and dry: big government causes big problems, and in Central Asia, Soviet-style big government destroyed the Aral Sea. Sep 4, 2006 1051
The silent pandemic: while exotic diseases like bird flu and SARS get all the attention, malaria is still killing millions in Africa, despite the fact that DDT remains an effective and affordable solution. Sep 4, 2006 1344

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