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Behind the blade.


Proper lubing is required when it comes to the grease fittings in the tower area behind the excavator's blade. These fittings get covered in mud and easily overlooked during scheduled services.

A lack of lube in the tower area causes too much strain on the cylinders and rods that angle the blade. For smooth blade movement, remember to wipe off the fittings before you start lubing. That way no grit is pumped into the rod's bearings.


Here's what to lube:

1. angle cylinder rod end

2. angle cylinder head end

3. single-tree upper

4. single-tree lower

When you lube, pump grease into each fitting until you see clean grease oozing out. Four to five pumps should do it. Lube these fittings once a week like it says on Page 126 of TM 5-2430-200-10.

With your grease gun handy, lube these lift cylinder fittings as well for smooth blade operation. You'll find 'em on each side of the vehicle, behind the blade next to the track.


Cab Tilt Pin Fittings

Taking a few steps back (with your grease gun still in hand) puts you next to the cab tilt pin's grease fittings. There's one on each side of the vehicle directly under the cab and above the track.

Lube puts slide and glide into the cab tilt pins when the cab is tilted up or down. Give each fitting four to five pumps of grease every three months like it says on Page 127 of the -10 TM.

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