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Behind every cloud ... there's a sunburn.

I never thought a sunburn would land me in medical, let alone SIQ for two days--all because I mistakenly underestimated the power of the sun. As a result, another Sailor from material control had to fill my position.

First-degree burns on my arms and second-degree burns across my shoulders [see accompanying photos] have earned me a reputation in my squadron as "that idiot who got sunburned." I was in tears as my wife had to put my shirt on for me, just so I could go to medical.


I got my burns during the air show at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla. It was a cloudy day, so I didn't even consider sunburn as a possibility.


The next time you're walking through your shop and see one of those commonsense ORM posters, take its message to heart. Plan ahead for every situation; it just may save your hide some day--literally.

By ATAA John T. Dorow, VQ-4


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Title Annotation:FOCUS
Author:Dorow, John T.
Date:Jun 22, 2009
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