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Behind bamboo curtain is a new paradigm.

Byline: Mirza Shahnawaz Agha

PAKISTAN like so many other NationStates is plagued with a choice soassumed, whilst present for those who have architectural plans there is a blessed choice. Sitting on the fence is no more a choice and like the business of businesses one has to take a position. In the Pakistan scenario ironically we seem to have been pushed by default into the Chinese camp. The crises of a loss of old masters and the discovery of new friends leaves a many in the corridors of power biting their finger nails having been devoid of far sight and planning.

So, what are the new terms of reference, what are the conditionalities, have we lost control of our captive profit centre, are we being colonized, are we losing our Western dependent arms prowess in the geo-political context, or have we been taken for a ride we need to now be proud of? These are questions a many, that surface and like the ostrich syndrome are brushed aside. It is time we take a critical view and analyse where we stand, what should we do and determine the way forward. This is simply logical and should meet with the rationale of all concerned and even those not quite concerned - like robbers, turncoats, alien supported puppets the like.

Pakistan needs a definition for what it represents as a Nation State. What is its ideology its aims and objectives and value contours. What does it want to achieve and how is it different from a Client State. Is it money that will decide its existence or will it be a raison de'tre as is envisaged being an Islamic Republic (for whatever that term should deem to represent). The constitution is a SOP (standard operating procedure) for all intents and purposes and that cannot define on the big canvas a model unique.

What happens when a Nation State displays on the big canvas its aims and objectives, its values and laws supporting in complete unanimity the reason of its existence. It establishes a quid pro quo with the rest of the world. This is what we are and we cannot and will not budge an inch from our characteristic and will also fiercely guard our independent place in the community of Nations. This is the biggest defence mechanism known in contemporary history for the survival of any Nation. The vulnerability otherwise is a land grabbing object for all who wish to take advantage of a weak of character Nation. An atom bomb cannot protect us as much as a unilaterally adopted ideology.

The Chinese economic initiative, as it meets the eye, is for the development of their Nation State devoid of any foreign support. This is a great model to follow as it propounds self-respect and self-reliance. It portrays a political will that defeats leaning on others or begging others for tools of sustenance and security. These people are lead by a very farsighted leadership indeed and by comparison negate the only opposing doctrine of piracy. The aid and grants and the wars to support dwindling Western economies by annexation of defenceless Nation States, is the only other option available.

Pakistan has lived with the pirates and must learn to live on their own with a quid pro quo stemming from its defined ideology that will not allow economic annexation by any alien force. China represents an option but partnering with them essentially means the mutuality of respect for our respective ideologies. They are not to be feared but instead are to be worked with for all aspects of industry, trade and commerce. The leadership in Pakistan must become cognizant post haste of the reality on the ground and revert to its ideology by returning the power to the people in real value terms. The political forces in the country have given themselves away in their spate of slander as profiteers of and from public property. They will sink the country in to the dump of decadence and will eventually consign it to further dismemberment by ignoring the real needs of our time and age. I rest my case.
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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Feb 7, 2018
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