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Articles from Behavioural Neurology (January 1, 2015)

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"Forget to whom you have told this proverb": directed forgetting of destination memory in Alzheimer's disease. El Haj, Mohamad; Gandolphe, Marie-Charlotte; Allain, Philippe; Fasotti, Luciano; Antoine, Pascal 5907
A proposed neurological interpretation of language evolution. Ardila, Alfredo 12903
A voxel-based morphometry study of the brain of university students majoring in music and nonmusic disciplines. Sato, Kanako; Kirino, Eiji; Tanaka, Shoji 4947
Amyloid [beta] enhances typical rodent behavior while it impairs contextual memory consolidation. Salgado-Puga, Karla; Prado-Alcala, Roberto A.; Pena-Ortega, Fernando 7312
Are absence epilepsy and nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy system epilepsies of the sleep/wake system? Halasz, Peter 11568
Assessment of hair aluminum, lead, and mercury in a sample of autistic Egyptian children: environmental risk factors of heavy metals in autism. Mohamed, Farida El Baz; Zaky, Eman Ahmed; El-Sayed, Adel Bassuoni; Elhossieny, Reham Mohammed; Zahra 6018
Attentional control and intelligence: MRI orbital frontal gray matter and neuropsychological correlates. Nestor, Paul G.; Nakamura, Motoaki; Niznikiewicz, Margaret; Levitt, James J.; Newell, Dominick T.; S 5704
Autism-like behavior and epigenetic changes associated with autism as consequences of in utero exposure to environmental pollutants in a mouse model. Hill, Denise S.; Cabrera, Robert; Schultz, Deeann Wallis; Zhu, Huiping; Lu, Wei; Finnell, Richard H. 7200
Biomarkers of eating disorders using support vector machine analysis of structural neuroimaging data: preliminary results. Cerasa, Antonio; Castiglioni, Isabella; Salvatore, Christian; Funaro, Angela; Martino, Iolanda; Alfa 7584
Brain signals of face processing as revealed by event-related potentials. Olivares, Ela I.; Iglesias, Jaime; Saavedra, Cristina; Trujillo-Barreto, Nelson J.; Valdes-Sosa, Mit 12198
Changes of motivational variables in patients with multiple sclerosis in an exercise intervention: associations between physical performance and motivational determinants. Geertz, Wiebke; Dechow, Anna-Sophie; Patra, Stefan; Heesen, Christoph; Gold, Stefan M.; Schulz, Karl 5305
Chronotypes in patients with epilepsy: does the type of epilepsy make a difference? Kendis, Hallie; Baron, Kelly; Schuele, Stephan U.; Patel, Bhavita; Attarian, Hrayr 2900
Coexistence of gait disturbances and chorea in experimental Huntington's disease. Casaca-Carreira, Joao; Temel, Yasin; van Zelst, Marloes; Jahanshahi, Ali 3897
Cognitive and functional impairment in stroke survivors with basilar artery occlusive disease. Campanholo, Kenia Repiso; Conforto, Adriana Bastos; Rimkus, Carolina Medeiros; Miotto, Eliane Correa 4675
Cognitive impairment after severe traumatic brain injury, clinical course and impact on outcome: a Swedish-Icelandic study. Stenberg, Maud; Godbolt, Alison K.; De Boussard, Catharina Nygren; Levi, Richard; Stalnacke, Britt-M Clinical report 7537
Cognitive impairment and brain imaging characteristics of patients with congenital cataracts, facial dysmorphism, neuropathy syndrome. Chamova, Teodora; Zlatareva, Dora; Raycheva, Margarita; Bichev, Stoyan; Kalaydjieva, Luba; Tournev, 4140
Detecting migraine in patients with mild traumatic brain injury using three different headache measures. Anderson, Kirsten; Tinawi, Simon; Lamoureux, Julie; Feyz, Mitra; de Guise, Elaine 5025
Differences according to sex in sociosexuality and infidelity after traumatic brain injury. Moreno, Jhon Alexander; McKerral, Michelle 9408
Different temporal patterns of specific and general autobiographical memories across the lifespan in Alzheimer's disease. Philippi, Nathalie; Rousseau, Francois; Noblet, Vincent; Botzung, Anne; Despres, Olivier; Cretin, Be 10927
Effects of different types of cognitive training on cognitive function, brain structure, and driving safety in senior daily drivers: a pilot study. Nozawa, Takayuki; Taki, Yasuyuki; Kanno, Akitake; Akimoto, Yoritaka; Ihara, Mizuki; Yokoyama, Ryoich 13440
Errors on the trail making test are associated with right hemispheric frontal lobe damage in stroke patients. Kopp, Bruno; Rosser, Nina; Tabeling, Sandra; Sturenburg, Hans Jorg; de Haan, Bianca; Karnath, Hans-O 6528
Exploring vocational evaluation practices following traumatic brain injury. Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Christina; Smith, Tammy Jorgensen; Hanson, Ardis; Ehlke, Sarah; Stergiou-Kita, Survey 8970
Failure to identify the left arcuate fasciculus at diffusion tractography is a specific marker of language dysfunction in pediatric patients with polymicrogyria. Paldino, Michael J.; Hedges, Kara; Gaab, Nadine; Galaburda, Albert M.; Grant, P. Ellen 5414
Feasibility and safety of continuous and chronic bilateral deep brain stimulation of the medial forebrain bundle in the naive Sprague-Dawley rat. Furlanetti, Luciano L.; Dobrossy, Mate D.; Aranda, Inigo A.; Coenen, Volker A. 6710
Gender differences in the behavioral symptom severity of Prader-Willi syndrome. Gito, Masao; Ihara, Hiroshi; Ogata, Hiroyuki; Sayama, Masayuki; Murakami, Nobuyuki; Nagai, Toshiro; 6073
Hyperthermia-induced febrile seizures have moderate and transient effects on spatial learning in immature rats. Yagoubi, Nawel; Jomni, Yosra; Sakly, Mohsen 4649
Interaction of musicianship and aging: a comparison of cortical auditory evoked potentials. O'Brien, Jennifer L.; Nikjeh, Dee A.; Lister, Jennifer J. 8825
Isoflavone attenuates the caspase-1 and caspase-3 level in cell model of Parkinsonism. Xu, Jian-xin; Song, Hai-ping; Bu, Qing-Xia; Feng, De-Peng; Xu, Xiao-Fan; Sun, Qian-Ru; Li, Xue-Li 3077
Life after adolescent and adult moderate and severe traumatic brain injury: self-reported executive, emotional, and behavioural function 2-5 years after injury. Finnanger, Torun Gangaune; Olsen, Alexander; Skandsen, Toril; Lydersen, Stian; Vik, Anne; Evensen, K Clinical report 14306
Long-term neuropsychological sequelae in HIV-seronegative cryptococcal meningoencephalitis patients with and without ventriculoperitoneal shunts: a cine MRI study. Chen, Meng-Hsiang; Lu, Cheng-Hsien; Wang, Hung-Chen; Chen, Hsiu-Ling; Tsai, Nai-Wen; Li, Shau-Hsuan; Report 6971
Magnetic resonance imaging studies of postpartum depression: an overview. Fiorelli, Marco; Aceti, Franca; Marini, Isabella; Giacchetti, Nicoletta; Macci, Enrica; Tinelli, Ema 5644
Melodic contour training and its effect on speech in noise, consonant discrimination, and prosody perception for cochlear implant recipients. Lo, Chi Yhun; McMahon, Catherine M.; Looi, Valerie; Thompson, William F. 6202
Mental fatigue and executive dysfunction in patients with Cushing's syndrome in remission. Papakokkinou, Eleni; Johansson, Birgitta; Berglund, Peter; Ragnarsson, Oskar 3986
Mental state inferences abilities contribution to verbal irony comprehension in older adults with mild cognitive impairment. Gaudreau, G.; Monetta, L.; Macoir, J.; Poulin, S.; Laforce, R. Jr.; Hudon, C. 7421
Modulatory role of simvastatin against aluminium chloride-induced behavioural and biochemical changes in rats. Nampoothiri, Madhavan; John, Jessy; Kumar, Nitesh; Mudgal, Jayesh; Nampurath, Gopalan Kutty; Chamall 6223
Mortality and one-year functional outcome in elderly and very old patients with severe traumatic brain injuries: observed and predicted. Roe, Cecilie; Skandsen, Toril; Manskow, Unn; Ader, Tiina; Anke, Audny Clinical report 5189
Music engineering as a novel strategy for enhancing music enjoyment in the cochlear implant recipient. Kohlberg, Gavriel D.; Mancuso, Dean M.; Chari, Divya A.; Lalwani, Anil K. 4645
Music perception influences language acquisition: melodic and rhythmic-melodic perception in children with specific language impairment. Sallat, Stephan; Jentschke, Sebastian 7561
Musical sequence learning and EEG correlates of audiomotor processing. Schalles, Matt D.; Pineda, Jaime A. 7453
Neurophysiological indicators of residual cognitive capacity in the minimally conscious state. Hauger, Solveig L.; Schnakers, Caroline; Andersson, Stein; Becker, Frank; Moberget, Torgeir; Giacino 8902
Normal hearing ability but impaired auditory selective attention associated with prediction of response to donepezil in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Ouchi, Yoshitaka; Meguro, Kenichi; Akanuma, Kyoko; Kato, Yuriko; Yamaguchi, Satoshi 3865
On colour, category effects, and Alzheimer's disease: a critical review of studies and further longitudinal evidence. Moreno-Martinez, F. Javier; Rodriguez-Rojo, Inmaculada C. Clinical report 9814
Patterns of objective and subjective burden of informal caregivers in multiple sclerosis. Bayen, E.; Papeix, C.; Pradat-Diehl, P.; Lubetzki, C.; Joel, M.E. 6204
Personal strengths and health related quality of life in dementia caregivers from Latin America. Trapp, Stephen K.; Perrin, Paul B.; Aggarwal, Richa; Peralta, Silvina Victoria; Stolfi, Miriam E.; M 6064
Physical feature encoding and word recognition abilities are altered in children with intractable epilepsy: preliminary neuromagnetic evidence. Pardos, Maria; Korostenskaja, Milena; Xiang, Jing; Fujiwara, Hisako; Lee, Ki H.; Horn, Paul S.; Byar 6786
Predicting early bulbar decline in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a speech subsystem approach. Rong, Panying; Yunusova, Yana; Wang, Jun; Green, Jordan R. 8705
Processing sentences with literal versus figurative use of verbs: an ERP study with children with language impairments, nonverbal impairments, and typical development. Lorusso, Maria Luisa; Burigo, Michele; Borsa, Virginia; Molteni, Massimo Report 14411
Production of verb tense in agrammatic aphasia: a meta-analysis and further data. Faroqi-Shah, Yasmeen; Friedman, Laura 13034
Psychological benefits of nonpharmacological methods aimed for improving balance in Parkinson's disease: a systematic review. Sumec, Rastislav; Filip, Pavel; Sheardova, Katerina; Bares, Martin 12482
Psychological outcome in young survivors of severe TBI: a cross-informant comparison. Doser, Karoline; Poulsen, Ingrid; Norup, Anne 7399
Qualitative characteristics of depression in Parkinson's patients and controls. Kritzinger, Cleo; Vollstedt, Eva-Juliane; Huckelheim, Katja; Lorwin, Anne; Graf, Julia; Tunc, Sinem; 2563
Referral practices for cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia: a survey study. Conroy, Deirdre A.; Ebben, Matthew R. Survey 2934
Screening mild and major neurocognitive disorders in Parkinson's disease. Lucza, Tivadar; Karadi, Kazmer; Kallai, Janos; Weintraut, Rita; Janszky, Jozsef; Makkos, Attila; Kom 7940
Self-reported ADHD symptoms and interhemispheric interaction in adults: a dimensional approach. Mohamed, Saleh M.H.; Borger, Norbert A.; Geuze, Reint H.; van der Meere, Jaap J. 7190
Sexual functioning, desire, and satisfaction in women with TBI and healthy controls. Strizzi, Jenna; Landa, Laiene Olabarrieta; Pappadis, Monique; Olivera, Silvia Leonor; Tangarife, Edg 5464
Sleep duration and sleep quality following acute mild traumatic brain injury: a propensity score analysis. Huang, Ting-Yun; Ma, Hon-Ping; Tsai, Shin-Han; Chiang, Yung-Hsiao; Hu, Chaur-Jong; Ou, Juchi 4559
Social attitudes toward cerebral palsy and potential uses in medical education based on the analysis of motion pictures. Jozwiak, Marek; Chen, Brian Po-Jung; Musielak, Bartosz; Fabiszak, Jacek; Grzegorzewski, Andrzej Report 4379
Sound richness of music might be mediated by color perception: a PET study. Satoh, Masayuki; Nagata, Ken; Tomimoto, Hidekazu 4349
Steadfast: psychotherapeutic intervention improves postural strategy of somatoform vertigo and dizziness. Best, Christoph; Tschan, Regine; Stieber, Nikola; Beutel, Manfred E.; Eckhardt-Henn, Annegret; Diete 5955
Stress assignment errors in surface dyslexia: evidence from two Italian patients with a selective deficit of the orthographic input lexicon. Folegatti, Alessia; Pia, Lorenzo; Berti, Anna; Cubelli, Roberto 4515
The classical pathways of occipital lobe epileptic propagation revised in the light of white matter dissection. Latini, Francesco; Hjortberg, Mats; Aldskogius, Hakan; Ryttlefors, Mats 5621
The effect of spatial working memory deterioration on strategic visuomotor learning across aging. Uresti-Cabrera, Luis A.; Diaz, Rosalinda; Vaca-Palomares, Israel; Fernandez-Ruiz, Juan 5323
The influence of music on prefrontal cortex during episodic encoding and retrieval of verbal information: a multichannel fNIRS study. Ferreri, Laura; Bigand, Emmanuel; Bard, Patrick; Bugaiska, Aurelia 7523
The mismatch negativity: an indicator of perception of regularities in music. Yu, Xide; Liu, Tao; Gao, Dingguo 10933
The motor recovery related with brain lesion in patients with intracranial hemorrhage. Lee, Kyung Bo; Kim, Joon Sung; Hong, Bo Young; Kim, Young Dong; Hwang, Byong Yong; Lim, Seong Hoon 2998
The neural correlates of spatial and object working memory in elderly and Parkinson's disease subjects. Caminiti, Silvia P.; Siri, Chiara; Guidi, Lucia; Antonini, Angelo; Perani, Daniela 7265
The oscillating component of the internal jugular vein flow: the overlooked element of cerebral circulation. Sisini, Francesco; Toro, Eleuterio; Gambaccini, Mauro; Zamboni, Paolo 5771
The short-term effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on electroencephalography in children with autism: a randomized crossover controlled trial. Amatachaya, Anuwat; Jensen, Mark P.; Patjanasoontorn, Niramol; Auvichayapat, Narong; Suphakunpinyo, 8529
The tree-drawing test (Koch's Baum test): a useful aid to diagnose cognitive impairment. Maserati, Michelangelo Stanzani; Matacena, Corrado; Sambati, Luisa; Oppi, Federico; Poda, Roberto; D 3368
Transcranial magnetic stimulation to address mild cognitive impairment in the elderly: a randomized controlled study. Marra, Hellen Livia Drumond; Myczkowski, Martin Luiz; Memoria, Claudia Maia; Arnaut, Debora; Ribeiro Clinical report 9319
Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation in Hong Kong: a review of practice and research. Yu, Junhong; Tam, Helena M.K.; Lee, Tatia M.C. 6475

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