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Articles from Behavioural Neurology (January 1, 2014)

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A case of Gorlin-Goltz syndrome presented with psychiatric features. Mufaddel, Amir; AlSabousi, Mouza; Salih, Badr; AlHassani, Ghanem; Osman, Ossama T. Case study 1867
A case of REM sleep behavior disorder, narcolepsy-cataplexy, parkinsonism, and rheumatoid arthritis. Cosentino, Filomena I.I.; Distefano, Angela; Plazzi, Giuseppe; Schenck, Carlos H.; Ferri, Raffaele Clinical report 4091
Anxiety changes depersonalization and derealization symptoms in vestibular patients. Kolev, Ognyan I.; Georgieva-Zhostova, Spaska O.; Berthoz, Alain Report 6629
Apathy and emotion-based decision-making in amnesic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. Bayard, Sophie; Jacus, Jean-Pierre; Raffard, Stephane; Gely-Nargeot, Marie-Christine Report 5433
Bilingual language control and general purpose cognitive control among individuals with bilingual aphasia: evidence based on negative priming and flanker tasks. Dash, Tanya; Kar, Bhoomika R. Report 11988
Bipolar disorder and multiple sclerosis: a case series. Sidhom, Youssef; Djebara, Mouna Ben; Hizem, Yosr; Abdelkefi, Istabrak; Kacem, Imen; Gargouri, Amina; Clinical report 2752
Brain and language: evidence for neural multifunctionality. Cahana-Amitay, Dalia; Albert, Martin L. Report 13123
Cadmium increases the sensitivity of adolescent female mice to nicotine-related behavioral deficits. Adeniyi, Philip Adeyemi; Olatunji, Babawale Peter; Ishola, Azeez Olakunle; Ajonijebu, Duyilemi Chris Report 6091
Counterfactual thinking in Tourette's syndrome: a study using three measures. Zago, Stefano; Ponti, Adriana Delli; Mastroianni, Silvia; Solca, Federica; Tomasini, Emanuele; Polet Report 5017
Does repeated ticking maintain tic behavior? An experimental study of eye blinking in healthy individuals. Beetsma, Daniel J.V.; van den Hout, Marcel A.; Engelhard, Iris M.; Rijkeboer, Marleen M.; Cath, Dani Report 5020
Dopamine treatment and cognitive functioning in individuals with Parkinson's disease: the "cognitive flexibility" hypothesis seems to work. Costa, Alberto; Peppe, Antonella; Mazzu, Ilenia; Longarzo, Mariachiara; Caltagirone, Carlo; Carlesim Report 8335
Effect of age, education, and bilingualism on confrontation naming in older illiterate and low-educated populations. Ashaie, Sameer; Obler, Loraine Report 7697
Effects of direction and index of difficulty on aiming movements after stroke. Coqueiro, Paola Ribeiro; de Freitas, Sandra Maria Sbeghen Ferreira; Assuncao, Cassandra Mendes Silva Report 5841
Executive and language control in the multilingual brain. Kong, Anthony Pak-Hin; Abutalebi, Jubin; Lam, Karen Sze-Yan; Weekes, Brendan Report 4684
Fahr's disease presenting with dementia at onset: a case report and literature review. Calabro, Rocco Salvatore; Spadaro, Letteria; Marra, Angela; Bramanti, Placido Report 1799
Functional assessment of region-specific neglect: are there differential behavioural consequences of peripersonal versus extrapersonal neglect? Nijboer, T.C.W.; Ten Brink, A.F.; Kouwenhoven, M.; Visser-Meily, J.M.A. Report 4422
Heterogeneity of radiological spectrum in tacrolimus-associated encephalopathy after lung transplantation. Wu, Qisi; Marescaux, Christian; Qin, Xinyue; Kessler, Romain; Yang, Jun Clinical report 4400
Inhibitory effect of NMDA receptors in the ventral tegmental area on hormonal and eating behavior responses to stress in rats. Nasihatkon, Zohreh Sadat; Khosravi, Maryam; Bourbour, Zahra; Sahraei, Hedayat; Ranjbaran, Mina; Hass Report 3577
Insulin blocks glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in differentiated SH-SY5Y neuronal cells. Nampoothiri, Madhavan; Reddy, Neetinkumar D.; John, Jessy; Kumar, Nitesh; Nampurath, Gopalan Kutty; Report 4593
Intermittent alien hand syndrome and callosal apraxia in multiple sclerosis: implications for interhemispheric communication. Lunardelli, A.; Sartori, A.; Mengotti, P.; Rumiati, R.I.; Pesavento, V. Case study 4500
Late onset bipolar disorder due to a lacunar state. Antelmi, Elena; Fabbri, Margherita; Cretella, Lucia; Guarino, Maria; Stracciari, Andrea Report 2607
Mapping remote subcortical ramifications of injury after ischemic strokes. Bonilha, Leonardo; Nesland, Travis; Rorden, Chris; Fillmore, Paul; Ratnayake, Ruwan P.; Fridriksson, Report 3207
Mental practice combined with physical practice to enhance hand recovery in stroke patients. Liu, Hua; Song, Lu-ping; Zhang, Tong Report 6325
Modafinil effects on behavior and oxidative damage parameters in brain of Wistar rats. Ornell, Felipe; Valvassori, Samira S.; Steckert, Amanda V.; Deroza, Pedro F.; Resende, Wilson R.; Va Report 4721
Neurobiological abnormalities in the first few years of life in individuals later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: a review of recent data. Allely, C.S.; Gillberg, C.; Wilson, P. Report 15330
Pain in Parkinson's disease associated with COMT gene polymorphisms. Li, Wanjun; Chen, Yongqian; Yin, Bowen; Zhang, Limei Report 4602
Patients with mild cognitive impairment display reduced auditory event-related delta oscillatory responses. Kurt, Pinar; Emek-Savas, Derya Durusu; Batum, Kubra; Turp, Bilge; Guntekin, Bahar; Karsidag, Sibel; Report 6333
Perseveration found in a human drawing task: six-fingered hands drawn by patients with right anterior insula and operculum damage. Niki, Chiharu; Maruyama, Takashi; Muragaki, Yoshihiro; Kumada, Takatsune Report 3383
Posterior AD-type pathology: cognitive subtypes emerging from a cluster analysis. Cappa, Antonella; Ciccarelli, Nicoletta; Baldonero, Eleonora; Martelli, Marialuisa; Silveri, Maria C Report 4507
Preclinical polymodal hallucinations for 13 years before dementia with Lewy bodies. Abbate, Carlo; Trimarchi, Pietro Davide; Inglese, Silvia; Viti, Niccolo; Cantatore, Alessandra; de A Report 10885
Prospective memory impairment and executive dysfunction in prefrontal lobe damaged patients: is there a causal relationship? Carlesimo, Giovanni A.; di Paola, Margherita; Fadda, Lucia; Caltagirone, Carlo; Costa, Alberto Report 9860
Regional MRI perfusion measures predict motor/executive function in patients with clinically isolated syndrome. Papadaki, Efrosini Z.; Simos, Panagiotis G.; Mastorodemos, Vasileios C.; Panou, Theodora; Maris, Tho Report 5636
Semantic dementia shows both storage and access disorders of semantic memory. Takahashi, Yumi; Meguro, Kenichi; Nakatsuka, Masahiro; Kasai, Mari; Akanuma, Kyoko; Yamaguchi, Satos Report 2401
Thalamic lesions: a radiological review. Renard, Dimitri; Castelnovo, Giovanni; Campello, Chantal; Bouly, Stephane; Le Floch, Anne; Thouvenot Report 3681
The nature of lexical-semantic access in bilingual aphasia. Kiran, Swathi; Balachandran, Isabel; Lucas, Jason Report 11793

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