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Use of Morphometric Variables for Differentiating Breed Variations in Turkish Tazi(Sighthound) Population. Milivoje, Urosevic; Milosava, Matejevic; Darko, Drobnjak; Umit, Ozkanal Report Oct 31, 2020 4582
Rico the truffle dog. Jan 1, 2015 386
Defensive growling: punishment is not the way to deal with this. Bailey, Ed Oct 1, 2013 1203
Dealing with HD: also, tips on housebreaking that new pup. Bailey, Ed Column Aug 1, 2013 1042
A tale of two puppies: much to her dismay, an English setter becomes a coyote surrogate. Arnette, Joe Mar 1, 2013 795
Popular pointer: the versatile German shorthair capably handles every upland endeavor. Thoms, Jerry Nov 1, 2012 2848
Search behind the duck: enthusiasm is critical to keeping your dog motivated. Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2012 1106
Training vs. hunting: it's a whole different ballgame once you're out in the blind. Spencer, B. James Oct 1, 2012 1411
Soft training: some dogs are sensitive, so go easy. Carty, Dave Sep 29, 2012 1297
Quit being laissez: there is no reason for your pointer--or any dog--to be disobedient. Carty, Dave Aug 29, 2012 1246
Phone phobia: a puzzling case of sound sensitivity, or ...? Bailer, Ed Aug 29, 2012 1306
Controllin range: start with a refresher course in basic obedience. Bailey, Ed Jul 20, 2012 1124
Foster the pointing instinct: for starters, put away the wing-on-a-string. Bailey, Ed May 12, 2012 1424
Puppy benchmarks: these critical periods are key to your pup's development. Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2012 1252
Steady does it: patience is needed to make a truly reliable dog. McGonigle, John Dec 1, 2011 1409
Crate control: keep dogs calm when home alone. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2011 1321
Wait, don't train: some training is best left for a dog's second season. Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2011 1246
Anxious destruction: what causes a dog to develop separation anxiety? Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2011 1135
Don't untrain your dog! The latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Nov 1, 2011 1811
In hot pursuit: the Deutsch Langhaar hunts it all--and does so well. Thoms, Jerry Nov 1, 2011 1591
Curing "flagging": how to stop a moving tail ... maybe. Duffey, Dave Aug 30, 2011 722
The critical period: aggression can result if dogs are not properly socialized early. Bailey, Ed Column Jun 1, 2011 1040
Braques rock! Hunter, Steven Brief article Mar 1, 2011 182
A burning question: appreciating campfires and deviant canines. Vance, Joel M. Mar 1, 2011 1724
A pointer & flusher Combo? It can be done, but compromise is key. Duffey, Dave Mar 1, 2011 1717
Another look at the vizsla: these Hungarian imports are gaining popularity and respect. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2011 1816
Lotis in love: discouraging doggy desire is futile. Liere, Alan Mar 1, 2011 1521
Pheasants of spring: we may view preserve birds as lesser, but to a dog it's all the same. Arnette, Joe Mar 1, 2011 783
A red, white and rare spaniel: the little-known Welsh springer is still a capable hunter. Nelson, M.J. Dec 1, 2010 1523
The shape of scent: unraveling what the nose knows. West, Bob Dec 1, 2010 1300
Retrieving problems: a structured program will provide solutions. Bailey, Ed Oct 29, 2010 1462
Acquiring a trained dog: the latest training techniques for pointing breeds, retrievers and spaniels. Spencer, James B. Oct 29, 2010 1950
Clumber love: fireballs they're not, but they do produce birds. Vance, Joel M. Sep 21, 2010 1208
The 95 percent rule: your dogs aren't perfect? Neither are mine. Carty, Dave Sep 21, 2010 1525
Dominance or insecurity? Mistaking one for the other can have tragic results. Bailey, Ed Sep 21, 2010 1384
Proud to own a Chessie: while not designed for everyone, the Chesapeake Bay retriever can be both a fine companion and an outstanding hunter. Koehler, Gary Sep 21, 2010 1960
Open-water mallards: helping your retriever handle those "mega marks.". Romanack, Mark Sep 21, 2010 1836
Feeding for performance: as we demand more of our dogs during hunting season, their nutritional needs increase, too. West, Bob Sep 21, 2010 1292
Teaching disdain for decoys: dogs must to learn to ignore the fakes. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2010 1472
Little ... but with all the moves: the ubiquitous Brittany is popular for good reason. Vance, Joel M. Aug 31, 2010 1807
Reading your gun dog, part 2: more tips on understanding the signals he sends. Duffey, Dave Jul 29, 2010 1603
Clicker training: speeding learning through positive reinforcement. Bailey, Ed Column Jul 29, 2010 1919
Who wants a dog from contest stock? The NAVHDA Invitational might change your thinking! West, Bob Jul 29, 2010 1720
Sage grouse safari: a flatlander and his Brittany head west to pursue the big ones. Gwizdz, Bob Jul 29, 2010 1588
Dr. Brittany Barker: Dog Psychiatrist: she's trained and certified to help with retriever "issues". Cochran, Bruce Jun 1, 2010 1295
Prey drive? Sorry, folks, there's no such animal. Bailey, Ed Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1459
The pointer/flusher shuffle; who says you can't hunt pointers alongside flushers? Carty, Dave Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2010 1925
Dealing with growling: rewarding proper behavior is key. Bailey, Ed Dec 1, 2009 1625
Gunshyness in gun dogs. Spencer, James B. Dec 1, 2009 1977
The perpetually happy dog ... not! Sometimes, effective training will rub your dog the wrong way. Carty, Dave Nov 1, 2009 1528
Alpha Wolf, R.I.P.: in a departure from the usual Q&A format, Dr. Bailey lays to rest an obsolete training concept. Bailey, Ed Nov 1, 2009 1661
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever: the name does not say it all! Spencer, James B. Oct 1, 2009 2712
Making the transition: focus on your dog's behavior during early-season hunts. Spencer, James B. Sep 1, 2009 1426
Mouth problems: plus, more on adjusting range. Bailey, Ed Aug 1, 2009 1706
Adjusting range: plus, thoughts on whistle response. Bailey, Ed Jun 1, 2009 2266
The sound and the furry: in thick cover, you can't "see" your dog unless you can hear him. Carty, Dave Mar 1, 2009 1853
Hunting: for the gun: tips for keeping flushing dogs in range. Duffy, Dave Mar 1, 2009 2128
Destructive chewing: plus, bolting and chronic barking. Bailey, Ed Mar 1, 2009 1954
Slow and steady gets the birds: a look at the clumber spaniel. Nelson, M.J. Mar 1, 2009 1714
The right choice: how certain pups come to you usually doesn't matter; what counts are the results. Arnette, Joe Mar 1, 2009 823
Comparison of effects of humans versus wildlife-detector dogs. Heaton, Jill S.; Cablk, Mary E.; Nussear, Kenneth E.; Esque, Todd C.; Medica, Philip A.; Sagebiel, J Report Dec 1, 2008 4670
6 EXCUSES FOR GOOFING OFF. Churchman, Deborah Sep 1, 2000 496

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