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Some Women Display Resilience to Disorder. Oct 1, 2019 297
Robredo slams 'disrespectful, abusive' behavior to women amid Pisay controversy. May 29, 2019 470
Integrating behavioural dynamics to step up women's input in financial services. Sandhu, Amna S. May 19, 2019 1024
Physical and Sexual Abuse and Self-Harming Behaviors in Women with Major Mood Disorders. O'Hare, Thomas; Shen, Ce; Sherrer, Margaret V. Mar 22, 2019 3508
Gun Exhibitionism. Krey, Patrick Brief article Jan 21, 2019 256
STAGES OF CHANGES, BREAST SELF-EXAMINATION PRACTICE AND RELATED HEALTH BELIEFS IN WOMEN--A THEORY-BASED STUDY. Ashtarian, Hossein; Rohani-Rasaf, Marzieh; Afshari, Atefeh; Latifi, Arman; Aghaei, Abbas; Darvishi, Report Jul 23, 2018 4615
The Association of Health Literacy with Breast Cancer Knowledge, Perception and Screening Behavior. Rakhshkhorshid, Marzieh; Navaee, Maryam; Nouri, Narges; Safarzaii, Fatemeh Report Jul 1, 2018 3475
Lipid profile, thyroid profile, and eating behavior in prehypertensive women. Mishra, Soumya; Kumar, Sai Sailesh; Rajagopalan, Archana; Bashetti, Srilatha; Johny, Minu; Mukkadan, Feb 1, 2018 1578
Improving the Measurement of Fertility Regulation Practices: Findings from Qualitative Research in Ghana. Marston, Cicely; Renedo, Alicia; Nyaaba, Gertrude Nsorma; Machiyama, Kazuyo; Tapsoba, Placide; Clela Report Sep 1, 2017 6761
Body-Tanning and Its Relationships to Weight Management and Plastic Surgery. Yoo, Jeong-Ju; Kim, Hye-Young Report Jun 22, 2017 4011
Reproductive health knowledge, attitudes and practices of women in Kassala State. Bedri, Nafisa Mohamed Report Dec 1, 2016 3738
Making Equals: Classical Philia and Women's Friendship. Schweitzer, Ivy Jun 22, 2016 11911
Women's Friendships, Feminist Friendships. Gardiner, Judith Kegan Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 7155
Young Women's Friendships across Three Generations: Insights from Norway. Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum Essay Jun 22, 2016 11336
Women's knowledge about cervical carcinoma risk factors and their health behaviours: study among nurses. Smolen, E.; Dobrowolska, B.; Pilewska-Kozak, A.B. Report Jun 1, 2015 4183
Women's interpretation of and cognitive and behavioral responses to the symptoms of acute ischemic stroke. Beal, Claudia C. Report Oct 1, 2014 7482
Use of contraceptives and unmet need for family planning among tribal women in India and selected hilly states. Prusty, Ranjan Kumar Report Jun 1, 2014 7139
Morning separates the men from the boys' mothers. Brief article Dec 2, 2013 122
Make your financial comeback: meet two women who changed bad money habits--and changed their lives. Holmes, Tamara E. Column Jan 1, 2013 1549
Analysis of changes in personality of female opium addicts in correlation with clinical-dynamic characterization of drug morbid attraction. Shigakova, Faniya Author abstract Jan 1, 2013 2355
Efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy with deliberate self-harm in incarcerated women. Riaz, Rabia; Agha, Sajida Report Jun 22, 2012 5044
Moderate, midlife drinking linked to healthier older age. Brief article Dec 1, 2011 236
Counseling college women experiencing eating disorder not otherwise specified: a cognitive behavior therapy model. Choate, Laura H. Mar 22, 2010 7683
Work hard, play hard?: a comparison of male and female lawyers' time in paid and unpaid work and participation in leisure activities. Wallace, Jean E.; Young, Marisa C. Survey Feb 1, 2010 8986
Information technologies and women. Demiray, Emine Jan 1, 2010 7502
Why bad girls make good administrators in the humanities. Penrod, Diane Essay Dec 1, 2009 3069
Woman throws away matress with $1 million inside. Brief article Jun 10, 2009 177
Study Illustrates Women Concerned with Food Costs. Brief article Apr 19, 2009 209
Contraceptive use and abortion among women of reproductive age in St. Petersburg, Russia. Regushevskaya, Elena; Dubikaytis, Tatiana; Nikula, Minna; Kuznetsova, Olga; Hemminki, Elina Report Mar 1, 2009 7470
The impact of ethnicity, and economic, social, and marital status on differences in the frequency of sexually aggressive behaviors among women living in Ufa, Russian Federation. Anderson, Peter B.; Lebedev, Sergey; Masagutov, Radik M.; Fagen, Jennifer Report Jan 1, 2009 5806
How Women and Men Respond Differently to Temptation. Pawlik-Kienlen, Laurie Nov 1, 2008 307
Population, Health, and Environment through a "gendered" lens; When women are better off, so are populations. Huhter, Lori M. Sep 1, 2008 3368
Progress, public health, and power: Foucault and the Homemakers' Clubs of Saskatchewan. McLean, Scott; Rollwagen, Heather Report Aug 1, 2008 9066
Drinking behaviors, expectancies and perceived social norms among diverse college women. Piane, Gina; Safer, Alan Survey Apr 1, 2008 3362
Money matters: how men and women differ: Q&A with Kim Kiyosaki. Interview Apr 1, 2008 655
Minimizing Female Bullying in Middle School Students through Anti-Bullying Programs. Adamski, Amy L.; Ryan, Mary E. Author abstract Apr 1, 2008 522
Brief report: the effects of women's cosmetics on men's approach: an evaluation in a bar. Gueguen, Nicolas Mar 1, 2008 2865
Looks matter to women, too. Dec 1, 2007 594
Bad girls wanted: the recent gang of party chicks exposes a well-known double standard. Brownworth, Victoria A. Nov 1, 2007 1468
A woman's world: fresher salads? No more war? A look at our feminine future. Sklaroff, Sara Jun 22, 2007 1984
A bar code on her forehead. Nelson, Audrey Column May 1, 2007 727
The curse of the purse: along with the obesity epidemic, there's now an even weightier problem for women to deal with: the trend of the supersized handbag. Mula, Rose Madeline May 1, 2007 778
The demise of marriage. Kreyche, Gerald F. Jan 1, 2007 1051
The meaning of gender equality in Ghana: women's perceptions of the issues of gender equality: implications for social work education and practice in Ghana. Sossou, Marie-Antoinette Nov 1, 2006 10395
Trading tulle for tools. Plato, Catherine Brief article Nov 1, 2006 185
Shop until you can't stop: compulsive buying affects both men and women. Bower, B. Survey Oct 7, 2006 574
When are women more generous than men? Cox, James C.; Deck, Cary A. Oct 1, 2006 8346
Three ways to defeat depression without drugs: a combination of psychotherapy, exercise, and strong social ties can help you bounce back. Oct 1, 2006 905
Money, not time, counts the most. Brief article Aug 21, 2006 191
Stalking prevalence. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article Jul 15, 2006 156
Vietnamese women decline HIV testing or fail to return for their results. Brief article May 1, 2006 194
Double jeopardy: what do you do if your best friend steals your man? Hughes, Zondra Apr 1, 2006 1286
Bikinis and breastplates: Richard Vinen ponders the political significance of two of France's most potent female icons and finds there is more to them than meets the eye. Vinen, Richard Apr 1, 2006 2501
Breast cancer screening: cultural beliefs and diverse populations. Simon, Cassandra E. Feb 1, 2006 5222
Young cooks look for 'easy wow': cooking is an option, not an obligation for 20-Something cooks; but they want to improve their cooking skills. Toops, Diane Feb 1, 2006 670
Homeward bound: "choice feminism" claims that staying home with the kids is just one more feminist option. Funny that most men rarely make the same "choice." Exactly what kind of choice is that? Hirshman, Linda R. Dec 1, 2005 5068
Pregnancy planning status and health behaviors among nonpregnant women in a California managed health care organization. Prue, Christine Dec 1, 2005 4653
Monthly cycle changes women's brains. Brief Article Nov 19, 2005 286
On their own: contemporary legends of women alone in the urban landscape. Tye, Diane Essay Sep 22, 2005 6927
Urge hypertensive women to change some habits. Boschert, Sherry Aug 1, 2005 839
From the editor. Marshall, Jeffrey Editorial Jul 1, 2005 546
Neuroprogesterone regulation of female reproductive behavior. Martinez, Derek; Mills, Richard; Sinchak, Kevin; Mann, David; Wright, Roger; Micevych, Paul Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 235
Daughters of Africa step forward. Versi, Anver Jun 1, 2005 4945
Planned parenthood finds few Rx patients turned away. May 2, 2005 357
Point of view: the beholder. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 216
Gender and assertiveness: bargaining in the traditional market in East Java. Kuntjara, Esther Mar 22, 2005 5946
Knitting for a change. Priesnitz, Wendy Mar 1, 2005 1457
Money in their pickets. Dubner, Jeffrey Feb 1, 2005 343
Not such little women: many of America's greatest heroines were young girls who were wise beyond their years. Collins, Gail Dec 13, 2004 2174
Tour of beauty: a hundred years in the arms race to acquire newer, better weapons of cosmetic enhancement. Larson, Christina Nov 1, 2004 1321
Women remember how you look. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 292
Modernity and my Mum: a literary exploration into the (extra)ordinary sacrifices and everyday resistance of a Vietnamese woman. Huynh, Kim Jun 1, 2004 11714
Latitude in mass-produced culture's capital: new women and other players in Hollywood, 1920-1941. Abrams, Brett L. Jun 1, 2004 13062
Men and women are from mars. Apr 1, 2004 521
Nicotine patch depends on genetics for effect--in women. Kubetin, Sally Koch Apr 1, 2004 491
Bend it like a lady. Cockburn, Lyn Mar 22, 2004 647
The spoken word: when writing comes at sixty-four. Keshishian, Flora Jan 1, 2004 4476
Adam Schubart's early modern "Tyrant She-Man": female misbehavior, gender, and the disciplining of hybrid bodies. Altpeter-Jones, Katja Jan 1, 2004 10589
The science of comfort foods: why women prefer snacks and men prefer meals. Dec 1, 2003 347
Research identifies different online spending habits of UK men and women. Brief Article Nov 7, 2003 128
Representivity: false sisterhood or universal women's interests? The South African experience. Mtintso, Thenjiwe Sep 22, 2003 4507
Ask a woman. (Behaviour). Brief Article May 1, 2003 269
What if you were a woman? (For Brothers Only). Leavy, Walter Apr 1, 2003 737
Why women miss pills: research identifies reasons and suggests how to improve consistency of use. Mar 22, 2003 1473
Daily pill-taking routine important. Wright, Kerry L. Brief Article Mar 22, 2003 574
Who says sisters can't be nice? Softness for tough girls. Hughes, Zondra Mar 1, 2003 1683
On the Brink - Secular and Religious Forces Pull Egyptian Women. Barber, Ben Jan 1, 2003 1492
Personality disorders predict violence in women. (Significant Comorbidity). Finn, Robert Jan 1, 2003 554
Women in the fourteenth-century Venetian scuole *. Ziemann, Antje Dec 22, 2002 20930
The clinical breast exam: opportunities for R.T.s. (Peer Review). Legg, Jeffrey S. Nov 1, 2002 6419
Single a woman at large: everytime my older brother and I argue about relationships and why I have chosen to be single, he taunts me with, "Sige, magiging old maid ka," just to ruffle my feathers. Sayang-od, Gayda L. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 860
Hopeful sentences: gender and mourning language in two contemporary narratives. Kanter, Jodi Mar 22, 2002 6738
The space between: using Peer Theater to transcend race, class, and gender. Bowers, Venessa A.; Buzzanell, Patrice M. Mar 22, 2002 11071
Women in ancient history. Hill, Debora; Brandenburg, Sandra Mar 22, 2002 2684
No easy rider: Sharon Cancel burns rubber. (Personal Passions). Alleyne, Sonia Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 408
Women's changing personality traits. (Your Life). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 329
A day in the life. (Industry411). Madsen, Jana J. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 768
Heian noblewomen's pilgrimage: the language of gendered discontent and (re)construction of the self. Chung, Young-Ah Sep 22, 2001 3819
Writing and painting under the gaze: Emily Carr's Growing Pains. Pett, Alexandra Sep 22, 2001 7643
Pin-Up Protest Causes Stir. Croft, Stephanie Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 931
GET AN (ACTIVE) LIFE! Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 154
Domestics Offer Prescription for Health Woes. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 217
Vindication of the violated woman: a feminist reading of Isaiah 54. Jeyaseeli, Beaulah Aug 1, 2001 1362
Making waves. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 399
LILA CYR. Faye, Donna Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 793
IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! Stevens, Frances Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 345
Decision-making processes between friends: Speaker and partner gender effects. (Abstracts). Abstract Mar 22, 2001 160
How To Be Good To Yourself. Mar 1, 2001 1726
SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 97
Anne Clifford and the Gendering of History. SUZUKI, MIHOKO Jan 1, 2001 13645
"I prefer walking": Jane Austen and "the pleasantest part of the day". (The Country and the City). Palmer, Sally Jan 1, 2001 4928
LINE Dancing. WHITEHEAD, GARY Aug 1, 2000 2320
The Price Of Nice. Lancaster, Laura Randolph Brief Article May 1, 2000 783
I Am Zipporah. Wind, Chris Brief Article May 1, 2000 703
Women's Organization Calls Attention to Domestic Violence. Masiarchin, Paul Brief Article Apr 10, 2000 626
Encounter at the well: the ecumenical women's movement. Fritsch-Oppermann, Sybille Mar 1, 2000 1441
Struggle for changing life conditions. Chirinos, Maria Luz Mar 1, 2000 1078
You've Got a Long Way to Go, Baby. STARR, ALEXANDRA Oct 1, 1999 2881
Are Women More Ethical? Recent Findings on the Effects of Gender Upon Moral Development. White, Richard D. Jr. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 1999 4583
GIRLFRIEND GREATNESS. Randolph, Laura B. Brief Article Jun 1, 1999 699
Why society tolerates women assaulting mates. Brief Article Jul 1, 1998 552
Depression in wives in relation to marital aggression. Kausar, Rukhsana; Aslam, Shazia Report Jun 22, 1998 3342
Reflections on times past. Johnson, Perry M. Jun 1, 1997 1587
Changes in firearms ownership among women, 1980-1994. Smith, Tom W.; Smith, Robert J. Sep 22, 1995 6339
Cultural differences in women's drinking. Ahlstrom, Salme Sep 22, 1995 6306
A thing so fallen, and so vile: images of drinking and sexuality in women. Leigh, Barbara C. Sep 22, 1995 6334
Women readers: Scripps Howard editorial exec says more resources must be devoted to reaching them because they are the keys to the future. Morgan, Hugh Oct 31, 1992 787
Sex role attitudes of working and non-working women. Anila Report Jun 22, 1992 3208
Diversifying the coverage of newspapers: speakers at two meetings discuss how to attract readers such as minorities and women. Astor, David Nov 2, 1991 1969
Consumers. Apr 1, 1987 1662
Why women live longer; a veteran of marriage recounts some of the reasons the male of the species goes first. Stoddard, Maynard Good Oct 1, 1986 1808

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