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Chinese employees' psychological empowerment and voice behavior: Organizational justice as a moderator. Wei, Xueyan; Hisrich, Robert D.; Peng, Xin Jun 1, 2020 4919
Effect of implicit prototype theory on employees' proactive behavior. Xiao, Hongwu; Wang, Donghan; Liu, Xiaohan; Liu, Yi May 1, 2020 4787
The corporate social responsibility perception and sustainable consumption behavior of the employees in forest products industry enterprises: the case of Western Black Sea section/Orman endustri isletmelerindeki calisanlarin kurumsal sosyal sorumluluk algisi ve surdurulebilir tuketim davranisinin incelenmesi: Bati Karadeniz bolumu ornegi. Oztay, Hilal iD; Birinc, Emre iD Report Jan 1, 2020 5066
Facebook apologizes after black workers complain of bias. Nov 9, 2019 219
Game Research on Coal Mine Workers' Off-Post Behaviors. Zeng, Jun; Yao, Qingguo; Wang, Xinhua; Zhang, Yansong Jul 31, 2019 5424
Eating Habits at Work Follow You Home: MGH researchers hope to improve workers' overall diet. Jul 25, 2019 340
16 illegal foreign workers, employers detained at KL shopping mall. Jun 9, 2019 181
Leaving Your Work Silos in Place Can Contribute to Dishonest Company Culture. Brief article Mar 31, 2019 240
Being Nice to Employees Pays Off. Oct 1, 2018 400
Implicit Leadership Theories (ILTs) and Change Behaviors: the Mediating Role of LMX. Sharifirad, Mohammad Sadegh; Hajhoseiny, Soodeh Report Sep 22, 2018 8409
UNIVERSALITY OF BEHAVIOURAL COMPETENCY MODELS. Profiroiu, Alina-Georgina; Hurdubei, Roxana Report Sep 1, 2018 2009
Dubai Municipality trains pet shop employees. Aug 2, 2018 351
Taking the high road: Immoral behaviors at work are obstacles to a successful career. Bourque, Ron Column Feb 16, 2018 667
Check your employee handbook: Changes in laws, greater awareness among employees mean the time has come to consider an update. Whitley, Karen Feb 16, 2018 722
Harsh Working Conditions and Poor Eating Habits: Health-Related Concerns of Female Head Porters (Kayayei) in the Mallam Atta Market, Accra, Ghana. Nyarko, Samuel Harrenson; Tahiru, Abdul Majeed Jan 1, 2018 6152
Predictors of Sun Protective Behaviors among Latino Day Laborers. Boyas, Javier F.; Nahar, Vinayak K. Survey Jan 1, 2018 8903
Multilevel influence of destructive leadership on millennial generation employees' innovative behavior. Hou, Xuanfang Report Aug 1, 2017 4787
Internal Marketing and Employee's Innovative Work Behavior: The Mediating Role of Job Embeddedness. Haider, Mubarak Hussain; Akbar, Aisha Report Jun 30, 2017 7593
An Evolutionary Game Model of Knowledge Workers' Counterproductive Work Behaviors Based on Preferences. Chen, Si-hua Report Jan 1, 2017 8132
Psychological predictors of multitasking performance of private sector employees. Ushashree, R.; Swaminathan, V.D.; Vivian, B.; Madhuri, R. Report Sep 1, 2016 2131
Messy desks might make for a creative culture. Hamaker, Christian Brief article May 1, 2016 136
Keep the 'brownout' effect at bay. Hamaker, Christian Brief article May 1, 2016 171
Employee stock options in China: impacts on employees' psychological ownership and job behaviours. Chan, Andy W.; Tan, Zhanchao Report Oct 1, 2015 6591
Leader-member exchange social comparison and employee deviant behavior: evidence from a Chinese context. Huang, Jiaxin; Shi, Lihua; Xie, Jun; Wang, Lin Report Sep 1, 2015 5544
Cyberloafing management in organizations. Jandaghi, Gholamreza; Alvani, Seyed Mehdi; Matin, Hassan Zarei; Kozekanan, Samira Fakheri Report Jul 1, 2015 4114
People power: begin with behaviors. Bannon, Joe May 1, 2015 782
Workplace behaviours. D'Souza, Natalia Brief article Apr 1, 2015 226
Workaholic behavior patterns in organizations. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Report Jan 1, 2015 2205
Listen up bosses. Sims, Bill, Jr. Sep 1, 2014 798
Social media misconduct in the office is rising. Jul 1, 2014 527
Constructive confrontation in the workplace: three things to keep in mind/La confrontation constructive au travail: trois points a ne pas oublier. Garza, Tomas Mar 22, 2014 1799
Strategies for working with Generation Y employees. Camp, Warren Mar 22, 2014 830
Creating an engaged workforce. Hendon, John Feb 17, 2014 706
What kind of role model are you? You cannot expect your employees to do things that you are not doing yourself. Schumacher, Steve Column Jan 1, 2014 860
The intake of energy and selected nutrients by Thai urban sedentary workers: an evaluation of adherence to dietary recommendations. Ivanovitch, Katiya; Klaewkla, Jeeranun; Chongsuwat, Rewadee; Viwatwongkasem, Chukiat; Kitvorapat, Wa Report Jan 1, 2014 15405
The mediating role of belongingness in the relationship between workplace incivility and thriving. Gkorezis, Panagiotis; Kalampouka, Panagiota; Petridou, Eugenia Oct 1, 2013 5043
Impression management (IM) behaviors, IM culture, and job outcomes. Harris, Kenneth J.; Gallagher, Vickie C.; Rossi, Ana Maria Jun 22, 2013 7215
Ooredoo trains retail shop employees in sign language. May 18, 2013 403
Enabling organizational change--leadership, commitment to change and the mediating role of change readiness. Santhidran, Sinnappan; Chandran, V.G.R.; Borromeo, Junbo Apr 1, 2013 6896
Gender, conflict, and workplace bullying: is civility policy the silver bullet? Gilbert, Jacqueline A.; Raffo, Deana M.; Sutarso, Toto Mar 22, 2013 7781
Moneyball in the workplace: employment personality tests have evolved from phrenology to Facebook. Beato, Greg Feb 6, 2013 1236
Why do some employees fall into and fail to exit a job-lock situation? Huysse-Gaytandjieva, Anna; Groot, Wim; Pavlova, Milena Report Jan 1, 2013 10507
Job design and innovative work behavior: one size does not fit all types of employees. De Spiegelaere, Stan; Van Gyes, Guy; Van Hootegem, Geert Oct 1, 2012 5906
Self efficacy & career self management: moderating role of proactive personality. P.B., Srikanth Abstract Oct 1, 2012 6280
Interpersonal style orientation of supervisors in engineering organizations in India. Sinha, Ashish Abstract Oct 1, 2012 4062
Engagement in environmental behaviors among supply chain management employees: an organizational support theoretical perspective. Cantor, David E.; Morrow, Paula C.; Montabon, Frank Report Jul 1, 2012 12295
Workers attend awareness lecture on drug abuse. Jun 21, 2012 210
Working while sick. May 1, 2012 563
Fostering the innovative behaviour of SME employees: a social capital perspective. Xerri, Matthew; Brunetto, Yvonne Report Dec 1, 2011 9542
Overcoming personality clashes at work. Jul 1, 2011 337
An employee is probably being bullied at work when ... Brief article May 1, 2011 177
Occupational stress, psychological well being and workers' behavior in manufacturing industries in south-west Nigeria. Babajide, E.O.; Akintayo, I. Jan 1, 2011 3869
Frustrating situation: UNH researcher: entitled workers more prone to abuse co-workers. Survey Jul 30, 2010 321
Can heterosexism harm organizations? Predicting the perceived organizational citizenship behaviors of gay and lesbian employees. Brenner, Bradley R.; Lyons, Heather Z.; Fassinger, Ruth E. Jun 1, 2010 6324
Managing the return to work: employees returning to work after long layoffs or job losses can experience a wide range of emotions, and EAPs are well positioned to help supervisors manage those emotions. Pompe, John C. Jan 1, 2010 1910
A multigenerational perspective on employee communications. Quinn, Patricia Jan 1, 2010 1173
Are we experiencing an Ethics bubble? Results of the sixth National Business Ethics Survey suggest that fewer instances of ethical misconduct are being observed, a higher percentage is being reported, and more employees perceive that the ethical culture within their company is strong. Verschoor, Curtis C. Survey Jan 1, 2010 1484
Recession prompting many workers to change their health behaviors. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 233
Management Rewired. O'Rourke, Morgan Jun 1, 2009 505
Sexual health and the EA professional: developing an understanding of sexual health and taking steps to recognize its importance can improve the treatment of clients with sexual health concerns. Edwards, Weston Apr 1, 2009 1981
Creating a culture of ethical behavior: protecting yourself and your business from unethical behavior. Cummings, Judith Mar 1, 2009 1170
Preventing disruptive behavior in the workplace. Parent, Jennifer L. Nov 7, 2008 731
Talent management: in a new series looking at talent development and management, David Kesby examines the role of ethics. Nov 1, 2008 750
Employees spurred to cash in and kick their smoking habit. Tucker, Miriam E. Clinical report May 15, 2008 461
Hidden danger: unacceptable, even criminal employee behavior hurts co-workers, businesses--and insurers. Panko, Ron Apr 1, 2008 1871
Study finds gap in employee understanding of disability insurance. Wiskowski, Jean Feb 4, 2008 969
The legal mind and integrity in the workplace: principled prerequisites for statesmanship in leadership. McCarthy, Robert J. Report Dec 22, 2007 2713
Responding during tough economic times: EAPs can be valuable resources when companies downsize, but they shouldn't underprice and oversell their services. Pompos, William S. Apr 1, 2007 1324
Tips on termination: if the employee being fired has a history of aggressive behavior or violent outbursts, management should anticipate similar conduct at termination. Harne, Eric, G. Apr 1, 2007 575
Balancing passion and self-control: finding the right mix for a successful career. Folds, Chauntelle Sep 1, 2006 607
I apologize: when 'sorry' is the only thing that will do. Sep 1, 2006 433
Effects of drugs and alcohol on behavior, job performance, and workplace safety. Elliott, Karen; Shelley, Kyna Sep 1, 2006 2516
Perceived and actual organizational fit: multiple influences on attitudes. Ravlin, Elizabeth C.; Ritchie, C. Michael Jun 22, 2006 6113
No sweat. Shop somewhere else. Brief article Jun 22, 2006 201
Employer initiatives to stop smoking: as more employers take aggressive steps to reduce health care costs arising from employees' tobacco use, EAPs can and must help ensure the process goes smoothly and meets the needs of all parties involved. Hill, Mary May 1, 2006 2393
Corporate liability: beware of rogues and ostriches. Miller, Thomas O. Mar 1, 2006 851
The engagement of employees in the strategy process and firm performance: the role of strategic goals and environment. Tegarden, Linda F.; Sarason, Yolanda; Childers, J. Stephen; Hatfield, Donald E. Sep 22, 2005 8930
A test of transformational and transactional leadership styles on employees' satisfaction and performance in the UAE banking sector. Awamleh, Raed; Evans, John; Mahate, Ashraf Jun 1, 2005 5737
Perceptions first, then plans. Goldberg, I. Barry May 16, 2005 649
8 traits of the perpetually employed person. Kennedy, Marilyn Moats Mar 22, 2005 784
Corporate intellectual inbreeding hurts profit: in the box thinking driven by habit & fear. Sanchez, Abe WalkingBear Column Feb 1, 2005 791
Surviving the seven classic workplace behaviors. Dalton, Francie Jan 1, 2005 1584
Outcomes of perceived supervisor support for wood production employees. Gagnon, Mark A.; Michael, Judd H. Dec 1, 2004 4352
YES-OR-NO QUESTIONING. Owens, J'Amy Sep 27, 2004 585
Enter the watchmen: the critical role of an ombuds program in corporate governance. Redmond, Arlene; Williams, Randy Sep 1, 2004 2248
Pleasing a diverse workforce. Gemus, Jim Aug 9, 2004 773
Persuading workers to serve themselves. Crosby, Amy Aug 9, 2004 694
The retaliation land mine: retaliation accounts for a consistent 13 percent to 17 percent of all charges brought before Alaska's Human Rights Commission. Curry, Lynne Aug 1, 2004 1182
The weak link in IT security: what good is cutting-edge network security if your own employees sabotage the system by mistake? Wade, Jared Jul 1, 2004 2570
Figuratively speaking. MacIntyre, John Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 200
Is your business safe from employee fraud? Takeyesu, Paul Jun 1, 2004 661
One in five Danish workers admits snoozing at work. Brief Article May 13, 2004 138
Energizing a de-energizer. Cutler, Gale May 1, 2004 1087
Don't walk away from personnel investigations: ignoring allegations of misconduct is simply not an option. Todd, Jaime Apr 1, 2004 1661
Maintaining our heart. Maynard, John Apr 1, 2004 655
Workplace ethics: it starts with you. Rosche, John Apr 1, 2004 996
I know what you did last shift: a new study examines why employees don't report security concerns about coworkers and what management can do. Wood, Suzanne Apr 1, 2004 1985
How can communicator bridge the gap between executives and employees? Mar 1, 2004 664
Being diplomatic without sacrificing the message. Frings, Christopher S. Feb 1, 2004 1263
Most employees don't recognize warning signs of workplace violence. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 249
Contribution of some behavioural factors to absenteeism of manufacturing workers in Bangladesh. Hoque, Md. Ekramul; Islam, Md. Mayenul Report Dec 22, 2003 4152
Siemens survey shows workers waste time on unsuccessful telephone calls. Brief Article Nov 4, 2003 173
Anti-rudeness campaign. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 157
Take washing into your own hands: it seems that a significant proportion of employees in food manufacturing refrain from washing their hands before starting work, so what can be done to change people's attitudes to this mundane but vital task. Everson, Colin May 1, 2003 1144
Employers understand workers' moods, but fail to grasp causes. Apr 1, 2003 348
Websense claims that a quarter of all UK employees have games on their PC. Brief Article Mar 28, 2003 172
Systembolaget employees drink more than national average - poll. Brief Article Feb 20, 2003 189
UK workers install e-mail at home to avoid being monitored at work claims Amstrad survey. Brief Article Jan 24, 2003 145
8 traits of the perpetually employed person. (In the Trenches). Kennedy, Marilyn Moats Jan 1, 2003 902
Dealing with emotions in the workplace. (Your Life). Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 228
Employees addicted to online news. (Up front: news, trends & analysis). Swartz, Nikki Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 220
Equisys survey shows UK employees still check work e-mail on holiday. Brief Article Jul 16, 2002 138
Honest man. (The Goodness of America). Lee, Robert W. Brief Article May 6, 2002 324
Detecting Employees Who Are Job Hunting. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 404
Two New Staff Members. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 352
Pentagon Sweatshops. Brown, Sherrod Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 738
CHANGING DYNAMICS. Davis, Tom; Landa, Michael Dec 1, 2000 2708
EXPRESSING ANGER IN THE WORKPLACE. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 116
'Net nettles young turks. LYONS, CHARLES Jul 17, 2000 1250
Need-satisfaction deficiencies for different factors related to motivation of the workers in the private sector of Bangladesh. Ekramul-Hoque, M. Report Jun 22, 1999 4799
New Technology Strains Ethics. Jun 1, 1999 435
Measuring time at work: are self-reports accurate? Jacobs, Jerry A. Dec 1, 1998 8121
Development of a measure of ingratiatory behaviour in organizations. Shankar, Arti; Ansari, Mahfooz A.; Saxena, Seema Report Jun 22, 1998 6386

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