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Abiotic variables influencing the nocturnal movements of bobcats and coyotes. Melville, Haemish I.A.S.; Conway, Warren C.; Hardin, Jason B.; Comer, Christopher E.; Morrison, Mich Report Sep 1, 2020 9180
Watch for Bears and Coyotes. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 116
Avoiding Bear and Coyote Encounters. Apr 1, 2018 204
The concrete jungle: ecologists go urban to study the impact of creatures large and small. Baggaley, Kate Jan 10, 2015 2744
Coyote land use inside and outside urban parks. Kenaga, Beth A.; Krebs, Robert A.; Clapham, W.B., Jr. Report Oct 1, 2013 4848
Factors affecting the elicitation of vocal responses from coyotes Canis latrans. Petroelje, Tyler R.; Belant, Jerrold L.; Beyer, Dean E., Jr. Report Mar 1, 2013 4483
A tale of two puppies: much to her dismay, an English setter becomes a coyote surrogate. Arnette, Joe Mar 1, 2013 795
Urban coyotes never stray from their mates. Dec 1, 2012 438
Beyond use versus availability: behaviour-explicit resource selection. Wilson, Ryan R.; Gilbert-Norton, Lynne; Gese, Eric M. Report Dec 1, 2012 4686
Are coyotes leading larger carnivores to the big city? Nov 1, 2012 930
Coyotes In Cities Paving Way For Larger Carnivores? Oct 5, 2012 628
Long-distance movements of transient coyotes in eastern North Carolina. Hinton, Joseph W.; Chamberlain, Michael J.; Van Manen, Frank T. Report Oct 1, 2012 3014
What is it? Brief article Aug 1, 2012 109
Coyote ugly. Hobert, Matt Travel narrative Jul 1, 2012 530
Making fur fly! Expert tips to bring home more fur. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 317
Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) locked in fight becomes prey of coyotes (Canis latrans). Chipault, Jennifer G.; Long, Dustin H. Report Jun 1, 2010 949
Pet dogs and coyotes: remembering the value of wildness. Sager, Gene May 1, 2010 1483
Use of urban landscape by coyotes. Grubbs, Shannon E.; Krausman, Paul R. Report Mar 1, 2009 8498
Call in a coyote. Hoots, Lee J. Dec 1, 2008 557
The call of the coyote. Murray-Plumer, Sara Brief article Sep 1, 2008 171
Niche overlap and resource partitioning between sympatric kit foxes and coyotes in the Great Basin Desert of Western Utah. Kozlowski, Adam J.; Gese, Eric M.; Arjo, Wendy M. Report Jul 1, 2008 8383
Coexisting with coyotes: coyotes are more prevalent in urban areas as their primary habitat falls to development. White, Jane A. Sep 1, 2007 1082
The call of the coyote. Murray-Plumer, Sara Sep 1, 2005 313
Coyotes: how close is too close? Cavanaugh, Mike Apr 1, 2005 787
Crazy coyote runaround. (Exercising the Right). Lee, Robert W. Mar 24, 2003 386
THE CALL OF THE COYOTE. Murray-Plumer, Sara Sep 1, 2001 169
A CLEVER CANINE. Sep 1, 2001 142
LOOK WHO'S IN YOUR BACKYARD! Parker, Linda Apr 1, 2001 692
Wild Tales About America's Top Dog. Barry, Cynthia Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 746
CAUGHT IN A DOG FIGHT. Stewart, Doug Jun 1, 1999 1422
Functional responses of coyotes and lynx to the snowshoe hare cycle. O'Donoghue, Mark; Boutin, Stan; Krebs, Charles J.; Zuleta, Gustavo; Murray, Dennis L.; Hofer, Elizab Jun 1, 1998 12120
The coyotes of Lamar Valley. Mlot, Christine Jan 31, 1998 2201
The call of the coyote. Murray-Plumer, Sara Jul 1, 1997 301
The benefits of badgers. Line, Les Dec 1, 1995 1892
Analysis of coyote predation on deer and elk during winter in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Gese, Eric M.; Grothe, Scott Jan 1, 1995 4943
Fast facts: coyotes. Mearns, Anna Cover Story Jan 1, 1995 996

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