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Beginning Lua programming.


Beginning Lua programming.

Jung, Kurt and Aaron Brown.

John Wiley & Sons


644 pages




Lua has advantages: it is powerful, has a wide range of features, and is surrounded, enfolded and uplifted by free community resources. Master practitioners Jung and Brown assume readers want to start at the beginning and explain how to install Lua and how to find a system's shell. They cover using the interpreter, extending Lua with functions such as return values, working with tables, using strings and modules, handling events naturally with co-routines, developing bytecode, collecting garbage, implementing tables and strings, working with the debug library, and exploring libraries for such elements as the core, co-routines, packages, strings, tables, math, input/output and the community. They show how to interface Lua with other languages, manage information with databases, program for the web, connect with the outside world, program games, and carry Lua with you. They conclude with information on joining the Lua community.

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