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Begin with Your Father's Fear of Flowers.

 Begin with your father's fear of flowers or mom's
musical rants against money. Begin between serious and funny but say
it's beyond, not a slave to hours. Ignore what adulthood mistakes
taught you. You can begin with what you know of love, The tall shallow
power contest above. Read it backwards to find roots you ought to
believe to pass as standard, but feeling's more like thought, on
paper even, pale songs. Put yourself in the downpressor's throne,
wrong as much as you are wronged. Try the ceiling eyed view of this
roofless room. Down to earth judge by its ability to give birth. 

CHRIS STROFFOLINO has recently published review/essays of Anne Boyer and Danez Smith in The Rumpus, and co-hosts, with Chris Brown, the "Chris and Chris show" on 9th Floor Radio. In 2016, Boog City published his play, AnTi-GeNtRiFiCaTiOn WaR dRuM rAdlo, and a book of essays Notes to An M(F)A In Non-Poetry is forthcoming. He currently teaches critical thinking and creative writing at Laney College, where his students challenged him to write sonnets.

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Title Annotation:five sonnets
Author:Stroffolino, Chris
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Sonnet
Date:Sep 1, 2016
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