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Before you read, use your emgenashen.

Byline: Bob Welch / The Register-Guard

One of the perks of being a newspaper columnist, other than, say, spending five straight hours in coffee shops or climbing cranes, is speaking to schools, mainly elementary schools.

It's always fun to hear the students' questions. (`How much do you make a year?' `How did you get so old?') But what I love best are the thank-you letters. Among my favorites:

"Dear Mr. Welch: Did dinosours realy walk across the earth when you were a kid. if they did you aren't 65 million years old! But that would be cool."

- Spring Creek Elementary,


"Dear Mr. Welch. Thank you for showing us how to yous are emgenashen."

- Spring Creek Elementary

"Dear Mr. Welch, You like to write don't you. I don't. I saw you in the newspapper. You write a lot every other day. Does your hand ever get sor. Your friend Cody K."

- Spring Creek Elementary

"Dear Mr. Welch. I really liked the story you tolled us. And you branched me out."

- Spring Creek Elementary

"Dear Mr. Welch. I uesed to not read your column. Buyt now I do becaues I like how you don't do fiction."

- Spring Creek Elementary

"Dear Mr. Welch: Thank you for reading to us. And I really liked the book about the fine fine school. The fine fine school was so so funny. Here's a question is your work fun?"

- Maple Elementary, Springfield

"Thank you for reading to us. I licked the book."

- Maple Elementary

"I like your column even though I can't find it."

- Siuslaw Elementary, Florence

"You're a good writer but you should not write about tragedies you should write about good things. I am not saying you have to. I'm saying you should."

- Shasta Middle School, Eugene

"Mr. Welch: What influenced you to be such a secret person?"

- Siuslaw Elementary

"Mr. Welch: How many articles have you wrote. We are studying oceanography how hevy is a khar whale?"

- Siuslaw Elementary

"How do you do it? Your better than my whole class combined. (Well, actually, I hope you're better than us because we are twelve and you are older than that ... I hope.)'

- Hamlin Middle School, Springfield

"Hello Bob. you have interested me so bad into writing I would like to grow up and be like you."

- Hamlin Middle School

"I think you're right, everywhere you turn there's bad things going on. It's always with adults doing the bad things. So who are children supposed to look up to, now?"

- Shasta Middle School

"I thank you very much for coming to Mrs. McPheeters class and talking about your job as a columunist. I am the one with the green glasses who likes computers. With all due respect, Victor."

- Siuslaw Elementary

Bob Welch can be reached at 338-2354 or at
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Date:Jan 30, 2005
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