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Beevor, Antony. Berlin; the downfall, 1945.

BEEVOR, Antony. Berlin; the downfall, 1945. Read by Sean Barrett. 16 cds. 17.5 hrs. ISIS Audiobooks. 2002/2005. 0-7531-1547-6. $114.95. Vinyl; content notes. SA

Beevor provides a detailed, factual account of the horrors of the battlefields of Eastern Europe in WW II. Quotes from eyewitnesses, diaries, letters and other sources add to the realism. Beevor also looks at the leaders of both sides, including Stalin and Hitler, and at the short-and long-term political implications. Listeners who lack background knowledge of the brutality of the Germans in the early years of WW II may not understand the reasons for the ferocity of the Soviet soldiers and even question how the US could have been a Soviet ally. The Red Army, which had stopped the once-mighty German Wehrmacht at Stalingrad in 1942, set the German army back on its heels.

Barrett's crisp British accent adds an air of authority to the scene and his unvoiced performance is right on the mark. He could be a war correspondent as he creates an atmosphere in which one can almost hear the whine of bullets, the explosion of bombs, and the screams of the wounded. Listeners will learn that war makes strange bedfellows and that your friend today may be your enemy tomorrow. This is a must for students of WW II, future history majors, and fans of the true life/action-adventure genre. Prof. John E. Boyd, Jenkintown, PA

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Author:Boyd, John E.
Article Type:Audiobook review
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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