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Beer wholesalers meet for annual convention and exhibition.

Beer Wholesalers Meet for Annual Convention and Exhibition

Despite attendance drop, NBWA meeting yields debates and discussion on beer wholesaling industry and its future.

With a noticable decline in attendance from recent meetings, the National Beer Wholesalers Association's 52nd annual convention and exhibition did, nevertheless, provide the nation's beer wholesalers with an opportunity to discuss common problems and solutions, to hear remarks of lawmakers and industry experts, and to position themselves for survival in the 1990s. The convention, held October 15-18 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, was appropriately themed "Vanguard of Tomorrow."

The three-day event drew 2,278 attendees, a drop of 500, compared to 1988's 2,782 convention-goers in Anaheim, NBWA officials said. Participation also dropped on the exhibit floor with the increasing absence of beer import companies and other suppliers.

The news was not all bad, however, as members were informed that the association is in good financial shape despite a slight yet steady decline in membership, the result of industry consolidation.

Formally elected NBWA chairman at the Houston event was Matthew Dee, United Beverage Co., South Bend, IN. Dee succeeds Joe Burkett, JJS Distributing, Inc., Texarkana, AK. Winburn "Brother" Stewart, Bibb Distributing Co., Macon, GA, was elected vice chairman while Kevin Forth, Straub Distributing Co., Orange, CA, is the association's new secretary. Kirby Lawlis, Miller Brands--Milwaukee, was re-elected treasurer of the NBWA.

Brooks speaks

The meeting's opening general session featured an address by Rep. Jack Brooks (D-TX), a supporter of beer wholesaling interests. Brooks, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has for the past few Congresses introduced Malt Beverage Interbrand Competition Act legislation into the House. He stated that he "continues to believe that there exists an important need to clarify this area of anti-trust by statue in order to send a clear signal to the enforcement agencies, trial courts and private litigants alike."

Brooks went on to explain that in the 1989 Congress he has introduced two separate bills; "the first, a generic bill applicable to all industries, and the second, an industry-specific bill for the malt beverage industry.

"I hope that the (Judiciary) Committee's schedule will permit us to hold a hearing on these measures before the end of the year," Brooks continued. He added that following a hearing, "we will be in a good position to assess which of the two bills should garner the most support in the committee and beyond."

Also addressing NBWA members at the general session was Mark Andrews, chairman, Andrews Associates Inc., and former U.S. senator. Andrews, an expert in small business operations, informed wholesalers of recent efforts in Washington to rework capital-gains provisions pertaining to death taxes. His address hit home for many attendees whose beer distributorships are family-owned.

Mistakes & lessons

The show's second general session, meanwhile, featured a panel discussion entitled "Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned." Panelists were: Edward O. Fritts, president, National Association of Broadcasters; Jim Adduci, chairman, National Commission Against Drunk Driving; Walter Pidgeon, president, American Council on Alcoholism; Stephen Koepp, business editor, Time magazine; and Ronald Rumbaugh, president, NBWA. Morris E. Chafetz, M.D., president, Health Education Foundation, served as moderator.

Another panel discussion, "Partnership Synergism: NBWA and the State Associations," was on the closing general session agenda. Moderated by R. Kenneth Kerr, NBWA immediate past chairman, the panel consisted of Paul DeNio, president, California Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association; Paul Romain, executive director, Oregon Beer & Wine Distributors Association; Russell Laird, executive secretary, Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association; Lyn Paddrik, executive director, Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association; Michael Lashbrook, president, Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association; and Jack Lewis, NBWA vice president, government affairs. Topics discussed by the association executives included federal and state excise tax increases, national and state bottle bills, and the overall image of the malt beverage industry, including beer wholesalers.

Optional sessions featured during the course of the convention included "Community Involvement on Alcohol Issues," "Implementing Tel-Sell in a Pre-Sell Environment," "The Transitional Family-Owned Beer Distributorship," "Effective Recruiting and Selection of Sales Personnel," "How to Work with Your State Legislature," "Profits through Cost Reduction," "Effective Performance Evaluation Systems," and "Improving Employee Relations: Developing the Personnel Policy Manual."

Awards presented

The NBWA's Industry Service Awards were presented to Kenneth R. Slack, general manager, Pope Distributing Co., Enid, OK; Linda Litter, Litter Distributing Co., Chillicotte, OH; and three Pennsylvania beer wholesalerships, Ace Beer Distributors, Brewery Products Co. and Shaffer Beer Distributor.

The NBWA's Life Service Awards were given to Henry L. Blount, former executive director, Mississippi Malt Beverage Association; Joseph S. Signaigo, Better Brands of Memphis Inc.; and posthumously to Morgan Guenther, former president, Colorado Beer Distributors Association, and a former vice president of the U.S. Brewers Association.

NBWA's Chairman's Award for Legislative Excellence, meanwhile, was presented to R. Marc Carmichael "for his leadership in the Indiana State House of Representatives on H.R. 2055 and his continuing efforts to correct the transshipping situation in the State of Indiana."

The 1989 President's Award for industry excellence was given to the members of the Beer Institute.

PHOTO : NBWA's new slate of officers includes (from left to right): Matthew Dee, chairman; Brother

PHOTO : Stewart, vice chairman; Kirby Lawlis, treasurer; and Kevin Forth, secretary.

PHOTO : Participating in the panel discussion, "Partnership Synergism: NBWA and the State

PHOTO : Associations," were (top row, left to right): Jack Lewis, Russell Laird, Paul DeNio and

PHOTO : (bottom row, left to right): Lyn Paddrik, Michael Lashbrook and Ken Kerr.

PHOTO : NBWA convention attendees spotted on the exhibit floor included (first row, left to

PHOTO : right): J.L. Sanchez, Boulder Brewing Co.; Bob Kelly and Nick Matt, F.X. Matt Brewing Co.;

PHOTO : Matthew Reich, Manhattan Brewing Co. and Fred Huber, Berghoff-Huber Brewing Co. Packing

PHOTO : the Holsten Import Corp.'s booth were Dave Dassler, Simon Bergson, Klaus von Mueller,

PHOTO : Jerry Bergson and Mike Wasteney. Second row, left to right: The gang at the

PHOTO : Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co. exhibit included: Mike Taha, Connie Wagner, Don Vultaggio,

PHOTO : John Ferolito, Ken Lichtendahl, Mike Schott, George Hendrickson, Tim Brown, and Francie

PHOTO : Patton. Stan England, Graham Orr, Elizabeth James, Don Lamy and Philip Croplery took time

PHOTO : out from business at the Cornish Brewing Co.'s exhibit to smile for the camera. Third row,

PHOTO : left to right: San Miguel International's exhibit attracted a large crowd, including Ernie

PHOTO : Moreno, Pacifico beer; Al Aragon, Danny Antunes, Mike Vaca, Salvador Vaca, Fernando Kuyff,

PHOTO : Guy Destefano, Jose Vaca, Jessica Cardenas, and Nacho Lalano, all of San Miguel. One group

PHOTO : at Associated Importers, Inc.'s display included: Jeff Beetem, New Mexico Beverage Co.;

PHOTO : Joe and Gavin Maloof, The Maloof Cos.; and Ray Shannon, Leo Begleiter, Laz Surabian and

PHOTO : Paul Zappia, Associated Importers.

PHOTO : Additional NBWA convention exhibit attendees were (first row, left to right): Taft Simons,

PHOTO : Domaine Cellars, Inc., who discussed business with one of his customers. Peter Fearon,

PHOTO : Martlet Importing Co., posed with John Barnett, Molson Brewing. Second row, left to right:

PHOTO : Hank Hague, St. Killian Importing Co., was joined by Helmut Menzel. Ken Brass, Beverage

PHOTO : Systems, Inc. met with Joel Rossi, Resort Beverages Inc., and Kym Hand, Beverage Systems,

PHOTO : Inc. Tempo Beer Industries Ltd. members Russ Davis, Matt Cohen and Bob Ringer took a break

PHOTO : to smile for a photo. Third row, left to right: The Dortmunder and R&J Import Co.

PHOTO : contingents got together to discuss their new import agreement. They were Paul Geddes,

PHOTO : Gunter Graefenhain, John Othway, Meyer Moussa and Mike Lumsden. Art Kress, J&H

PHOTO : Distributors, Inc. stopped by to do business with John Cadez, Diane Hankins-Fall,

PHOTO : Warsteiner Importers Agency and Russ Wicks. Fourth row, left to right: Chuck Jarvie,

PHOTO : Michael Hughes and Don Blaustein took time out at the Guiness Import Co. exhibit. Mel

PHOTO : Vaughan and Kenneth Harris, Hackney Bros. Body Co. posed at their booth. James Hackney and

PHOTO : Marsha Hackney, Hackney & Sons Inc., pose with one of their products.

PHOTO : NBWA exhibition attendees also included (first row, left to right): George Sandmann,

PHOTO : Charlie Lowrie, Jerry Hess and Ron May, all of Reliable Body Co., Inc. Bert and Sherry

PHOTO : Grant, Grant's Ales, awaited their next business prospect. Second row, left to right:

PHOTO : Carlos Alvarez, Gambrinus Import Co., chatted with Lynn and Charles Kramer, Kramer

PHOTO : Beverage Co. Beer wholesaler Courtney Wizer stopped by to check out John Tyra's Flash

PHOTO : Graphics exhibit. Beer wholesalers Bob and Lonnie Footlick and Bobby Hogg relax with a

PHOTO : refreshing drink. Third row, left to right: Mike Ireland, Rich Maddamma and Dick Draper,

PHOTO : Hesse, Inc. The Beer Drinkers of America group was represented by Bill Schreiber, John

PHOTO : Deleva and John Fajardo. Bob Pursel, Micro Vane, Inc. describes one of his computer

PHOTO : programs to Don Setter, D-G Beverage, Inc. Fourth row, left to right: Wholesalers made

PHOTO : free calls at the Betten Trucks exhibit. Michael Lamerton, Scotttish & New Castle

PHOTO : Importers Co., enjoyed himself at his company's exhibit.
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Author:Finnegan, Terri
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Date:Nov 20, 1989
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