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Beer imports drop another 4% in May.

Beer imports drop another 4% in May

Beer imports into the U.S. declined 4.1 percent in May to 838,768 barrels from 875,040 barrels in May, 1988. Through the first five months of 1989, the import category is off seven percent, with shipments of 3.5 million barrels, compared to 3.7 million barrels for the same period last year.

Imports from the Netherlands bucked the category trend in May as shipments increased 10.2 percent to 7,559,000 gallons from 6,858,000 gallons in May, 1988.

Country categories posting a decline in May included Canada, down 4.0 percent from 6,300,000 gallons a year ago to 6,049,000 gallons; Mexico, down 13 percent to 5,900,000 gallons from 6,760,000 in May, 1988; and Germany, down 18 percent to 2,700,000 gallons from 3,350,000 gallons a year ago. The Australian category was off a whopping 57 percent in the month of May, from 1,200,000 gallons in 1988 to 524,000 gallons in the recent period.

Complete statistics for May imports will appear in the August 7th weekly news edition of MBA.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 31, 1989
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