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Beer bellies greater risk than female flab.

According to a recent British medical study, men with beer bellies live more dangerously than women who have "extra padding."

An article in the Times of London reports that the fat that collects around the internal organs to form a typical beer belly also finds its way into the bloodstream, raising cholesterol levels. Margaret Ashwell, who presented her findings to Great Britain's Royal Society of Medicine said that the fat that collects around women's hips is "safely stored" and has less effect on the body than belly fat.

Ashwell said that a simple correlation of height and weight does not reveal whether a person is too fat. She said that much also depends where the extra pounds are stored.

"There is clear evidence that people with 'apple-shaped' bodies are more prone to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and perhaps even cancer, than those people with pear-shaped forms." she wrote.

Ashwell asserted that diets do not appear to be the best method for women to reduce their weight. "I believe that it is especially important for young women who tend to worry about their size and go on to develop eating disorders," she wrote. "They should instead be given the clear message that a pear shape is completely normal for women."

In November, a German researcher, Gerhard Klose, also published findings that linked beer bellies to health risks. He said that danger increased for men with girth more than 94 centimeters, and became "really risky" over 102 centimeters. His data indicated that greater girth can make development of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers more likely.
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Date:Jan 3, 2000
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