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Beer ads popular among teen-age boys, CSPI says.

Beer ads popular among teen-age boys, CSPI says

Television ads for beer are more popular than any other kind of commercials among teen-age boys, the Center for Science in the Public Interest recently reported.

In its most recent critique of beer industry practices, Washington-based CSPI states that 40 percent of the high-school boys in an informal survey listed one or more beer ads as their favorites. Of the girls surveyed, the group said, 12 percent listed beer and wine ads as their favorites.

"The beer industry says it doesn't target youngsters," Michael Jacobson, executive director, CSPI, remarked. "That may be true, but kids, especially boys, sure are attracted to the ads."

Jim Sanders, president of The Beer Institute, meanwhile, says it's up to parents to monitor the amount of television their children watch. "I don't believe this particular survey reveals anything more than parental neglect," Sanders remarked, adding that other surveys have shown no correlation between advertising and increased consumption.

According to CSPI, the students in the survey were questioned this spring at public and private high schools in Washington, Baltimore and rural Pennsylvania. The 284 responding students, with an average age of 15.7 years, listed a total of 1,026 "favorite or most memorable ads," CSPI said.
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Title Annotation:Center for Science in the Public Interest
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 31, 1989
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