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Beer Institute will not resist .08 at state level.

The major brewers have apparently decided that .08 BAC is a done deal. Two weeks ago, Anheuser-Busch announced it would no longer oppose .08 legislation in Missouri, and this past week the Beer Institute announced that it will not lobby states to reject .08 blood alcohol level legislation. "The Beer Institute and its members will not ask states to forego needed highway funds, and will not oppose .08 legislation at the state level," said Beer Institute president Jeff Becker.

In a statement, the Beer Institute noted that "the beer industry has traditionally opposed .08 as a step in the wrong direction because it is not effective in combating drunk driving and because it takes attention away from measures that do focus on the real sources of the problem which are the hard-core, high BAC drunk drivers and repeat offenders."

The Institute noted that the number of drunk driving fatalities has declined more than 40% since 1982. Among teenagers the decline is an even more substantial 64%. However, many analysts believe the impetus toward .08 seems unstoppable, given the linkage to federal highway dollars.
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Date:Feb 12, 2001
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