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Beeper collars.

I enjoyed the article on beeper collars by Dave Carty (March/April/ May 2009), but I wish he would have touched on something I can't seem to find a lot of info about. I have a beeper collar that I think is great, but getting my young setter used to hearing it is another story.

I've tried duct tape, old batteries and such. But when on "point only" mode the dog spooks when the beeper goes off. If I put the beeper on to locate him when he's running, he runs straight back to me when it goes off. Wish I had some info on how to condition a dog to a beeper collar!

Chris Stieg

Norway, MI

You're in luck. Jerry Thorns, another longtime contributor, offers the following: Some sensitive dogs may at first have a negative reaction to the sound of a beeper if the device is not carefully introduced to them in well planned out training sessions. Ed Erickson, a trainer from Isle, Minnesota, says, "The best method I've found for breaking most any dog to a beeper is to temporarily modify the locator by stuffing some cotton balls into the speaker and holding them in place with duct tape to muffle the sound.

"I do this as a precaution with every dog new to the beeper sound to avoid creating beeper shyness."

The muffled beeper, set on the fulltime run mode, is then put close to a kennel run or near an inside crate so the dog can gradually become comfortable with the muted sound. The beeper is run a couple of hours each day for two or three days then can be put around the dog's neck for a short period to see how the dog accepts the still-muffled sound.

Gradually the cotton stuffing can be removed so that eventually the beeper can operate at its full capacity. "By this time, most dogs, even the extremely sensitive ones, accept the beeper-locator as part of their daily routine," Erickson adds.

"Most all dogs will accept and even get excited by the sound of the locator because they associate the beeps with working in the field or on water. They will identify the beeper with birds and shooting."
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Title Annotation:Gun Dog Mailbag
Author:Stieg, Chris
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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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