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Beep, beep goes the veggie mobile.

In her advocacy-minded children's book Have Fries--Will Travel (New Society Publishers, $12.95), Linda K. Hempel takes young readers on a journey through the eyes of a delightful illustrated car. Children should enjoy the colorful pages, touching story and fun "eco-rap" song printed in the story (which includes lyrics such as "We need to stop burning toxic fuel to make power/I'd rather get my fuel from a sunflower!"). The book's star is Tiny a diesel car, who is sold to eco-rapper Rock. Rock fuels Tiny with biodiesel and enters him in a Washington, D.C. parade in support of a bill to make biodiesel tax exempt. Tiny and Rock also take a road trip to visit farmers who grow soybeans for biodiesel. This book is a sure-shot way of engaging children about the important issues surrounding fuel and transportation as well as politics and media. (Tiny and friends encounter numerous road blocks in their efforts to promote the greener fuel.)
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Author:Joseph, Jayasudha
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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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