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Beeman firearms cleaning kits.

* The Beeman organization, long noted as America's leading importer and innovator in the field of precision airguns, has now expanded operations to include distribution of many of the world's leading cartridge and black powder firearms. The company name has been changed to Beeman Precision Arms, Inc. as a better means of describing their enlarged product line. Distribution of high-quality airguns will continue as before, with a newly created Firearms Division handling powder-powered arms.

Since proper cleaning is so essential to firearms accuracy and long bore life, Beeman Precision Arms has introduced an improved cleaning system to compliment their line of fine firearms. Actually, there are two Beeman cleaning systems, one for rifled barrels and one for smoothbores.

Beeman's system utilizes felt cylinders that are sized to fit the bore of a given caliber with just the right amount of pressure to be most effective. Two felt cleaners are used in conjunction with an adapter tip that screws onto a standard cleaning rod. One felt is screwed onto the threaded part of the adapter, while the other fits loosely over the smooth forward section of the adapter tip. When a cleaning rod with felts attached is pushed through the bore, the front felt collects oil and dirt. When cleaners emerge from the barrel, the front felt drops off the adapter tip, carrying most of the barrel fouling with it. The second felt remains attached to the rod, and may be moved back and forth through the bore to polish it and complete the cleaning process.

Bore paste may be used to assist cleaning action if desired. Since several felts must be used to clean a dirty bore thoroughly, it is more economical to scrub the barrel with a wire brush first, when finish the job with felt cleaners. When a barrel is completely clean, new felts are used to apply solvent or oil to the bore. Beeman's MP-5 polarized oil is especially effective as a rust preventative agent for bore lubrication.

Felt cleaners are made in eight sizes to fit all calibers from .22 to .45. Adapter tips for cleaning rifled barrels are available with 7-3i or 8-32 threads to fit Beeman, Outers, Hoppe's, RIG or other rods having these thread sizes.

Beeman's shotgun cleaning system makes use of three types of discs; paper, felt and heavy duty. For routine cleaning, a felt disc is placed on a special adapter tip, followed by a spacer and a paper disc--all secured to the top by a retaining nut. When pushed through the bore, the hard paper disc carries the coarset dirt from the barrel, while the felt disc completes the cleaning chore by its polishing action. For removing severe lead or plastic fouling, a heavy duty disc is sandwiched between two felt discs and moved back and forth through the barrel until the bore is shiny and bright. Mildly abrasive, the heavy duty disc will not harm the inner finish of a barrel in any way. Friction may be adjusted by loosening or tightening the lock nut on the adapter.

Beeman adapters will fit not only Beeman's Deluxe Shotgun Rod, but most other shotgun rods as well. After cleaning, the bore may be oiled by using a single felt disc impregnated with Beeman MP-5 or other suitable lubricant.

Beeman's barrel cleaning systems are simple and effective. Cleaning effort is reduced, while truly clean bores are assured. All shooters seeking utmost accuracy and long bore life will find that Beeman's cleaning systems fill the bill. For additional information and prices, contact Beeman Precision Arms, Inc., Dept. GA, 47 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903.
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Author:Glaze, Ralph C.
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Date:Mar 1, 1984
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