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Beef up NSPI's spa tech certification program.

I am grateful that NSPI has turned some of its attention toward certification of spa technicians (10/3/03 issue, page 20). I'm all for this program, but NSPI really needs to improve its "technical support" for spa technicians before I'll consider taking any courses.

From what I've read in Pool & Spa News the last four years, the best technical advice NSPI currently offers is average when it comes to repairing spas, and at least common knowledge to any experienced technician. What is, and has been, lacking in their technical advice and manuals is a deeper understanding and explanation of the more complex troubleshooting problems technicians encounter.

My company repairs spas; we do not sell them. We are expected to address and correct practically any problem on any spa, regardless of manufacturer. This could never be accomplished without superior technical support. Horizon Spa Parts, Spa Parts Plus, Balboa and Gecko along with Dimension One Spas and a few others offer this support. Why? Because they're all focused on spas and regularly demonstrate it to me through their knowledge of their products and services. These are the companies (and others, of course) that really know what the field technician needs to know, and these are the companies I would seek out for assistance as I compiled material for a serious certification program.

If NSPI really wants to create a meaningful and respectable certification program, they need to include technical knowledge that goes beyond what is currently offered to spa repair technicians.

P.S. As NSPI ponders a needed clarification between the terms "hot tub" and "spa," could they also consider eliminating the term "bather," as in bather load of a spa? Spas are not for bathing; showers are recommended prior to entering the water, for obvious reasons.

Victor Haack

Owner, Sparkling Spas

Waynesville, N.C.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Haack, Victor
Publication:Pool & Spa News
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Dec 12, 2003
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