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How ranches can unlock potential of arid, semi-arid areas. Aug 28, 2021 519
On course for beef farm skills; New industry programme recognised. Aug 19, 2021 317
Climate fears. Jul 29, 2021 205
End BMC monopoly - farmers. Jun 28, 2021 638
Speakers eulogise Tshepo Masire. Jun 27, 2021 662
Gare urges Habu residents to support conservancy project. Jun 27, 2021 289
JBS Swift to Pay Up to $5.5M to Settle Race, Religious Discrimination Claim at Colorado Plant. Jun 14, 2021 598
Beef cows selling to a top price of [pounds sterling]1955 at Clogher Mart; A seasonal entry of 806 cattle on offer at Clogher Mart on Saturday 5th June sold to a good steady demand with premium prices on offer for quality lots in all sections. Darryl Armitage Jun 7, 2021 2213
Cyberattack on JBS puts dent in world's beef capacity. Jun 2, 2021 402
Farmers will find a lot to love in new film The Holy Cow - Brian Henderson; It's not often that this column plays host to a film review, but to offer some escape from the election coverage, I thought I might give you my impressions of a new cinematic foray into the farming world which you can find on the internet. Brian Henderson Column May 10, 2021 713
Zambeef shares jump after raising profit expectations by up to 30%. May 6, 2021 175
Short Communication - Comparing the Efficacy of Multi-Source Serum for in vitro Culture of Equine Achilles Tendon Fibroblasts. Report Apr 30, 2021 1997
Ex-farmers' boss in cattle cull warning. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Apr 23, 2021 466
Harking Back. Apr 16, 2021 448
Does UK beef have a sustainable future? the saturday essay. David MacKenzie Column Apr 10, 2021 522
Commodity Base Trade implemented - Minister Manake. Mar 31, 2021 360
DNA testing plan can help to boost national beef herd; DNA profiling could help Scotland's beef industry lead the way on traceability while offering the tools to improve the productivity of the national herd. Mar 30, 2021 442
Proposals are out on climate change. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Mar 26, 2021 432
Brazil test on standards for food imports. Richard Wright Mar 2, 2021 356
CAM students compete in FFA Proficiency judging. Submitted by Betsy Burgener Feb 24, 2021 166
McDonald's amps up grazing project. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Feb 20, 2021 384
Dashboard could boost farm profits. ERIKKA ASKELAND Feb 13, 2021 462
Carbon tax downsides. Feb 13, 2021 167
Beef cattle study. Report Feb 12, 2021 392
Syngenta says its corn reduces cattle emissions. Feb 11, 2021 174
'Inconsistent distribution of beef cows'. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Feb 3, 2021 204
Brexit plans a factor in beef firm's profit slump; GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR. Jan 9, 2021 323
Go online for county conference. Conference news Jan 7, 2021 176
How family's beef trade cattle ships rode the high seas. STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past Nov 15, 2020 475
FMD, locust need concerted efforts. Nov 2, 2020 580
Genetic Parameters for Age at First Calving and First Calving Interval of Beef Cattle. Brzakova, Michaela; Citek, Jindrich; Svitakova, Alena; Vesela, Zdenka; Vostry, Lubos Nov 1, 2020 6132
New scheme keeps beef farming green. GEMMA MACKENZIE, FARMING EDITOR Oct 27, 2020 393
BBC upholds complaint of bias in meat programme. ATHWENNA IRONS Oct 20, 2020 362
Preparations to liberalise beef industry ongoing. Oct 19, 2020 582
Beef shipments back on to the USA; Welsh firm one of first four in UK to win export listings after the ban is lifted. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Oct 1, 2020 499
The Effects of Age at Weaning and Length of Lipid Supplementation on Growth, Metabolites, and Marbling of Young Steers. Tipton, Jessie E.; Lewis, Linda K.; Ricks, Ralph E.; Maresca, Sebastian; Valiente, Sebastian Lopez; Oct 1, 2020 9380
The Effect of Beef Production System on the Health, Performance, Carcass Characteristics, and Meat Quality of Holstein Bulls. Rutherford, Naomi H.; Gordon, Alan W.; Arnott, Gareth; Lively, Francis O. Oct 1, 2020 7845
Nat'l Cattlemen's Beef Assn. Oct 1, 2020 160
Will American memories of the BSE crisis hamper exports of Scottish beef? Today is a monumental day for the Scottish - and British - beef industry. Jane Bradley Sep 30, 2020 489
Borders reopen for exportation of live cattle. Sep 21, 2020 584
Hard work pays off for student. Sep 12, 2020 162
Tyson Foods to verify sustainable cattle production practices at scale. Sep 9, 2020 219
No Change in Risk for Antibiotic-Resistant Salmonellosis from Beef, United States, 2002-2010. Costard, Solenne; Pouzou, Jane G.; Belk, Keith E.; Morley, Paul S.; Schmidt, John W.; Wheeler, Tommy Sep 1, 2020 6689
Beef Production in the Rangelands: A Comparative Assessment between Pastoralism and Large-Scale Ranching in Laikipia County, Kenya. Mwangi, Veronica; Owuor, Samuel; Kiteme, Boniface; Giger, Markus Sep 1, 2020 9481
What is Brazil's beef sector doing to stop deforestation? A new investigation has re-ignited calls to ditch Brazilian beef. Harry Holmes Aug 1, 2020 689
Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of the Pituitary Gland between Cattle Breeds Differing in Growth: Yunling Cattle and Leiqiong Cattle. Lu, Xubin; Arbab, Abdelaziz Adam Idriss; Zhang, Zhipeng; Fan, Yongliang; Han, Ziyin; Gao, Qisong; Su Aug 1, 2020 10258
Effect of Expressions and SNPs of Candidate Genes on Intramuscular Fat Content in Qinchuan Cattle. Li, Yaxing; Cheng, Gong; Yamada, Takahisa; Liu, Jianfeng; Zan, Linsen; Tong, Bin Aug 1, 2020 3299
Improve Pasture or Feed Grain? Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Profitability, and Resource Use for Nelore Beef Cattle in Brazil's Cerrado and Amazon Biomes. Molossi, Luana; Hoshide, Aaron Kinyu; Pedrosa, Lorena Machado; de Oliveira, Andre Soares; de Abreu, Aug 1, 2020 13118
Former Taiwan president's unfulfilled dream of domestic Wagyu beef lives on. Jul 31, 2020 338
Ref Nigel leads beef revival on Welsh hills. Jul 30, 2020 244
What it takes to rear high quality bulls. Jul 18, 2020 1031
Beef markets all affected differently. JIM MILLAR Jul 11, 2020 210
British Wagyu meat scheme; STANDARDS. JIM MILLAR Jul 3, 2020 180
Genetic Parameters and Genome-Wide Association Studies for Anti-Miillerian Hormone Levels and Antral Follicle Populations Measured After Estrus Synchronization in Nellore Cattle. Grigoletto, Lais; Santana, Miguel Henrique Almeida; Bressan, Fabiana Fernandes; Eler, Joanir Pereira Jul 1, 2020 8525
About 4,995 thousand tonnes of meat to be produced in 2020-21. Jun 17, 2020 262
About 4,995 thousand tons of meat to be produced in 2020-21. Jun 17, 2020 255
About 4,995 thousand tons of meat to be produced in 2020-21. Jun 16, 2020 229
Effects of Exogenous Glucoamylase Enzymes Alone or in Combination with a Neutral Protease on Apparent Total Tract Digestibility and Feces D-Lactate in Crossbred Angus Bulls Fed a Ration Rich in Rolled Corn. Devant, Maria; Yu, Shukun; Genis, Sandra; Larsen, Torben; Wenting, Li Jun 1, 2020 4319
Genetic Parameters of Birth Weight and Weaning Weight and Their Relationship with Gestation Length and Age at First Calving in Hanwoo (Bos taurus coreanae). Lopez, Bryan Irvine; Santiago, Kier Gumangan; Seo, Kangseok; Jeong, Taejoon; Park, Jong-Eun; Chai, H Jun 1, 2020 6034
'Could do better', Welsh beef producers are told. May 21, 2020 376
Niger Intensifies Efforts On Improved Animal Husbandry, Beef Production. May 20, 2020 429
Meat relief for Maun community. May 19, 2020 465
Ghanzi farmers keep promise. May 15, 2020 380
S&P/ASX 200 falls 1.07%; treasurer outlines anticipated benefits of lifting restrictions. May 13, 2020 363
Zambeef Annual Earnings To Meet Market Estimates Despite Uncertainty. May 4, 2020 222
Leadership of QMS is criticised. NANCY NICOLSON May 2, 2020 334
Carcase balance issue set to hit sheepmeat sector within weeks. Kevin White The carcase May 2, 2020 258
Rallying call to join celebration of British beef; Meat: Focus moves online as events are wiped out. GEMMA MACKENZIE Apr 8, 2020 605
A Scoping Review: The Impact of Housing Systems and Environmental Features on Beef Cattle Welfare. Park, Rachel M.; Foster, Margaret; Daigle, Courtney L. Report Apr 1, 2020 8861
A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Slow-Release Urea Supplementation on the Performance of Beef Cattle. Salami, Saheed A.; Moran, Colm A.; Warren, Helen E.; Taylor-Pickard, Jules Report Apr 1, 2020 11250
In Vitro Estimation of the Effect of Grinding on Rumen Fermentation of Fibrous Feeds. Ortolani, Ignacio Ruben; Amanzougarene, Zahia; Fondevila, Manuel Apr 1, 2020 7639
Couple's beef in a box cuts out supermarkx supermarkets. KATRINA MCARTHUR Mar 7, 2020 891
Study clarifies U.S. beef's resource use and greenhouse gas emissions. Mar 1, 2020 793
New farmers empowered. NANCY NICOLSON Feb 29, 2020 430
Beef breeder and judge dies at 89. Obituary Feb 13, 2020 379
Farmers brainstorming future of beef production; Planning: Group tasked with finding measures to tackle climate change. NANCY NICOLSON Feb 13, 2020 461
Aldi gives a boost to Welsh beef industry. STAFF REPORTER Feb 11, 2020 383
Beauvallet to introduce new meat brand at Gulfood 2020. Hotelier Middle East Staff Feb 10, 2020 232
Start-up unit approved. Feb 10, 2020 194
Talk About Love at Discovery Suites. Feb 2, 2020 198
Show we care about birdlife. Jan 22, 2020 158
Johne's disease goes under the microscope in PS1m study. GEMMA MACKENZIE Jan 18, 2020 122
Plant-based Meat Market Drivers, Challenges & Opportunities During the Forecast Period, 2020-2024. Jan 9, 2020 753
Three better than one for year-long Shorthorn supply. Jan 2, 2020 323
Beef industry 'must unite and thrive' - NFUS; Supply chain: Union calls for collective approach. NANCY NICOLSON Jan 2, 2020 322
HIGH STEAK DEBATE. Jan 1, 2020 269
Yield Component Responses of the Brachiaria brizantha Forage Grass to Soil Water Availability in the Brazilian Cerrado. da Silva, Camila Thaiana Rueda; Bonfim-Silva, Edna Maria; da Silva, Tonny Jose de Araujo; Pinheiro, Jan 1, 2020 7189
Suckler producer puts his focus on efficiency and sustainability. Dec 31, 2019 257
Forecast of what awaits in 2020; YEAR AHEAD. REBECCA BUCHAN Dec 27, 2019 238
What We Are Reading Today: Red Meat Republic by Joshua Specht. Arab News Dec 24, 2019 268
Global Bovine Respiratory Disease Treatment Markets, 2019-2024: Rising Incidence of BRD, Increasing Consumption of Beef, Changing Environmental Factors. Dec 20, 2019 815
Farmers 'being failed' as beef firms rake in billions; Union official pleads for fairness. LIZ FARSACI Dec 13, 2019 424
Beef sector urged to apply for support. GEMMA MACKENZIE Dec 12, 2019 207
Beef Producers Demand Country Of Origin Labeling On US Meat. Jayson Derrick Dec 9, 2019 378
Motsamai applauds liberalisation of beef industry. Nov 28, 2019 365
Police warns against unlawful transportation of meat. Nov 28, 2019 391
South Wales Echo letters: Saturday, November 23, 2019; Your letters to the South Wales Echo. Nov 25, 2019 616
Eat British to reduce impact on the planet; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Nov 23, 2019 714
Eat British produce and save the forests. Nov 22, 2019 279
Scotbeef chief points to signs sector recovering; Red meat: Changing consumer habits prompt growth on lamb front too. Nov 18, 2019 557
'Let's support our beef producers like the Irish do'. Nov 12, 2019 163
Beef Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024. Nov 12, 2019 858
UPS Ships US Beef To Japan, Traces Movement Via blockchain. FreightWaves Nov 11, 2019 665
Winter is coming to Anglesey. Nov 7, 2019 227
Let's support our beef producers like the Irish do. Nov 7, 2019 183
Beef farmers told to get ready for new tag system; Traceability: Scottish initiative will require all cattle to have electronic ID. GEMMA MACKENZIE Nov 6, 2019 393
Large bovine stockpile due to delay of exports to Turkey. Nov 4, 2019 279
prices digest. Nov 2, 2019 159
Beef stars of future will be on show. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 31, 2019 199
Beef sector's call for help; Letter: Unions write to Defra minister demanding urgent measures. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 30, 2019 444
Tyson Beef Plant Fire Passes From Big Fear to Just a Glitch: Blaze in rural Kansas rocks industry, knocking out 5% of capacity, but only briefly. Cook, Marty Oct 28, 2019 1137
Processor opens farm for sustainability trials. Oct 22, 2019 328
'Landmark' beef deal for exporting to China. Oct 19, 2019 155
China opens doors to British Beef. Oct 18, 2019 632
Beef Market Is Projected To Grow on Account of Rising Demand For Protein Rich Diet Owing To Health Benefits Till 2025 / Million Insights. Oct 16, 2019 1058
Health Highlights: Oct. 15, 2019; Metal Pieces Found in Taco Bell Beef Climate Change Raises Risk of Ebola Spread: Study Meat Study Authors Have Financial Ties to Beef Industry New Migraine Drug Approved by FDA. Oct 15, 2019 751
Meat Study Authors Have Financial Ties to Beef Industry; Annals of Internal Medicine study claims the health threat from red, processed meat is overstated. Oct 15, 2019 267
Organic Beef Market 2019 Global Trend, Segmentation And Opportunities Forecast To 2025. Oct 14, 2019 733
Beef production up, pork production down. Source: Cyprus News Agency Oct 8, 2019 246
Who's to blame for the crisis facing Britain's beef sector? Farmer returns have hit rock-bottom, but retail prices remain flat. White, Kevin Oct 5, 2019 648
Beef producers in appeal for emergency funding; Hundreds of worried north-east farmers attend crisis meeting. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 2, 2019 433
Measles affects beef industry. Oct 1, 2019 280
Protest to 'disrupt' trucks carrying cheap Irish beef into UK; ...BUT SOME FARMERS ARE UPSET AT BEING LINKED TO ACTION. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Sep 24, 2019 422
About 4.708 million tons of meat to be produced in FY 2019-20. Sep 21, 2019 403
prices digest. Sep 21, 2019 166
Milk robots = happier cows; NEW SCC SUPPLIERS MAKE SWITCH FROM BEEF. Sep 19, 2019 500
Tentstimesas farmers slam minister on beef. Sep 19, 2019 129
CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN WITH A SPOOKTACULAR BIG GREEN EGG BARBECUE BASH AT FOUR SEASONS HOTEL LAS VEGAS; Hotel partners with Big Green Egg, Snake River Farms and Able Baker Brewing for night to remember. Sep 18, 2019 385
Farming family bring their beef to local MP. Sep 17, 2019 419
Beef deal roasted; Farmers reject agreement with processors amid fears row may hit ploughing contest. Sep 17, 2019 359
Dispute is now full-blown crisis; COMMENT 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Sep 12, 2019 103
Sustainable pasture management needs grazing plan - farmer. Sep 11, 2019 692
3,000 workers laid off from meat plants; Processors hit out as beef crisis deepens. Sep 11, 2019 387
Turned blind eye to Robert. Sep 10, 2019 130
Plans for beef talks collapse. Sep 10, 2019 201
>> When is beef really beef? Sep 5, 2019 109
Tyson Foods Warns Of Short-Term Challenges, Shares Fall. Sep 4, 2019 172
Beef Recalled By California-Based Packing Company. Sep 2, 2019 247
Does Good Design Matter in the Seedstock Advertising Business? Effects of Graphic Design in Beef Seedstock Ads on Cattle Producers' Trust and Credibility. Marley, Morgan L.; Abrams, Katie M.; Castillo, Daniela Sep 1, 2019 9367
2019 NAFB TRADE TALK PARTICIPANTS: Following is a list of this year's exhibitors at NAFB Convention. Sep 1, 2019 637
Beyond Meat's Pea Protein Supplier Receives $75 Million Investment. Aug 28, 2019 336
An ecological crime against humanity. Aug 25, 2019 467
Act to impact on livelihoods. Aug 25, 2019 289
Farmers and beef industry reach a deal. Aug 22, 2019 119
Transparency improving in cattle and beef industry. Aug 20, 2019 514
MARTIN BIRSE. Aug 17, 2019 599
'Public misled on beef's impact'. Aug 17, 2019 144
prices digest. Aug 17, 2019 137
Tyson Foods Says It Will Rebuild Kansas Beef Plant, Pay Workers After Fire. Aug 12, 2019 276
Tyson Foods to rebuild Kansas plant, pay workers following fire. Aug 12, 2019 137
4.708m tons of meat to be produced in FY 2019-20. Aug 10, 2019 400
About 4.708 million tons of meat to be produced in FY 2019-20. Aug 10, 2019 403
Processors at odds with SBA on fall in beef price. Aug 10, 2019 368
Cooking The Perfect Steak. Aug 8, 2019 684
BMC privatisation core to beef industry growth. Aug 8, 2019 506
Beef industry liberalisation overdue -De Graaff. Aug 8, 2019 609
Summit on beef industry woes after union gathers. Aug 3, 2019 290
prices digest. Aug 3, 2019 164
Trump announces deal to expand US beef exports in EU. Aug 3, 2019 185
Trump Administration Announces Beef Trade Deal With EU. Aug 3, 2019 331
Foreign companies to build beef production and processing facility in Kostanay region. Aug 2, 2019 175
Foreign companies to build beef production and processing facility in Kostanay region. Aug 2, 2019 214
Beef trade hope for Ngamiland farmers. Aug 1, 2019 413
MP puts price of beef on menu. Jul 31, 2019 210
Crisis talks for beef industry. Jul 27, 2019 255
'Increase beef levy to overcome price woes' Farm shop boss has own solution to price crisis. Jul 25, 2019 458
'Sustainability of beef production is at stake' Appeal: Farming leaders urge governments to take action to help industry. Jul 23, 2019 321
Winning beef the Japanese way. Jul 22, 2019 237
NBA claims PS68m fall in cattle values. Jul 13, 2019 268
MARTIN BIRSE. Jul 13, 2019 604
No beefing about PS230 million boost. Jul 12, 2019 379
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal; PICK OF THE DAY mad cow disease: the great british beef scandalBBC2, 9pm. Jul 11, 2019 311
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal; PICK OF THE DAY mad cow disease: the great british beef scandalBBC2, 9pm. Jul 11, 2019 309
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal; PICK OF THE DAY mad cow disease: the great british beef scandalBBC2, 9pm. Jul 11, 2019 303
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal; PICK OF THE DAY mad cow disease: the great british beef scandalBBC2, 9pm. Jul 11, 2019 310
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal. Jul 11, 2019 319
record tv. Still haunted by CJD. Jul 11, 2019 751
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal. Jul 11, 2019 319
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal; PICK OF THE DAY mad cow disease: the great british beef scandalBBC2, 9pm. Jul 11, 2019 305
NFUS campaign urging people eat Scotch Beef; Meat: Union promoting movement after lack of response to crisis from QMS. Jul 11, 2019 283
Calls for groups run by farmers; PRODUCTION. Jul 11, 2019 198
Mad Cow Disease, a man-made scandal; today's tv With Sara Wallis PICK OF THE DAY mad cow disease: the great british beef scandalBBC2, 9pm. Jul 11, 2019 308
Price cuts 'show contempt' Beef: NBA claims every 5p/kg drop 'takes PS500,000 from struggling family businesses'. Jul 5, 2019 514
'Beef sector faces meltdown unless processors give it greater support'. Jul 4, 2019 373
About 4.708 million tons of meat to be produced in FY 2019-20. Jul 4, 2019 408
New PS1.7m project aims to boost returns for beef producers. Jul 3, 2019 249
Study clarifies the resource use and greenhouse gas emissions of U.S. beef production. Jul 1, 2019 752
Beef industry warns of dire time for producers. Jun 29, 2019 357
Kagame tours Senn Foods, Feedmaster. Jun 28, 2019 484
Botswana courts Rwanda in Agriculture. Jun 28, 2019 488
BMC board keen to transform beef industry. Jun 25, 2019 626
Defra dashes hopes of EU beef bailout. Jun 24, 2019 208
Central governors meet to sign economic bloc agreement. Jun 22, 2019 500
Ewing in attempt to secure Brexit package; FUNDS. Jun 21, 2019 103
Chinese open doors to PS25m beef trade; Welsh Beef exporters eye up lucrative China market as trade ban ends. Jun 20, 2019 435
UK beef sector to get a huge boost from China market. Jun 19, 2019 387
Concerns over 'shrinking' of Scots beef herd; Meat: Processing sector operates on tight margins. Jun 19, 2019 316
Beef farming crisis due to lower prices. Jun 16, 2019 116
Beyond Meat shares fall after Tyson Foods unveils first plant-based products. Jun 13, 2019 147
Tyson plant-based launch not big threat to Beyond Meat, says Credit Suisse. Jun 13, 2019 136
Zone 7 free from FMD - Molao. Jun 12, 2019 633
BMC beef quality impresses Cuban envoy. Jun 10, 2019 635
Product differentiation 'can double beef earnings'. Jun 10, 2019 323
Environmental and agricultural efficiency research centre is the first of its kind in UK. Jun 8, 2019 401
Farmers reap the benefits of pelvic assessing; BEEF. Jun 8, 2019 274
BMC privatisation commences. Jun 4, 2019 522
Beef after Brexit will be up for debate; EVENT. May 29, 2019 155
Collagen Solutions Gets GBP4 Investment From US's Rosen, To Raise More (ALLISS). May 20, 2019 247
NFUS team gather farmers' opinions. May 18, 2019 198
Beef event's Brexit debate. May 4, 2019 178
Virginiamycin Market Analysis & Evolving Opportunities Studied for the Period Until 2028. Apr 29, 2019 667
Climate hinders production. Apr 29, 2019 601
University of Idaho unveils plans for new agri-beef facility. Apr 26, 2019 280
What We Are Reading Today: Red Meat Republic by Joshua Specht. Apr 23, 2019 188
Another Irish beef plant approved for export to China: minister. Apr 17, 2019 244
'To survive, we must use land in different ways'. Apr 11, 2019 296
Central Valley Meat Holding to Acquire Harris Farms' Beef Operations. Apr 11, 2019 376
>> Levy dispute over cull cows. Apr 4, 2019 108
Beef Quality Assurance training set. Apr 1, 2019 144
Beef International retains M&A specialist. Perry, Jessica Brief article Mar 14, 2019 192
Beef industry presents multiple opportunities. Mar 11, 2019 594
Salakae calls for emphasis on economic development. Feb 20, 2019 388
Project aims to ensure world-class quality for Welsh beef. Feb 12, 2019 399
Spanish meat industry chiefs host Saudi trade mission. Feb 12, 2019 1261
Market should determine pricing. Jan 20, 2019 578
Farmers call for beef sector overhaul. Jan 20, 2019 393
Comparison of reducing sugar content, sensory traits, and fatty acids and volatile compound profiles of the longissimus thoracis among Korean cattle, Holsteins, and Angus steers. Piao, Min Yu; Lee, Hyun Jung; Yong, Hae In; Beak, Seok-Hyeon; Kim, Hyun Jin; Jo, Cheorun; Wiryawan, Report Jan 1, 2019 10079
Lab Beef Company Aleph Farms Announces First Steak. Dec 14, 2018 239
Global Feeding Distiller Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) Market: Expansion Strategies Set to Gener. Dec 12, 2018 975
Trade potential between Pakistan, South Korea. Dec 12, 2018 350
Global Feeding Distiller Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS) Market: Expansion Strategies Set to Gener. Dec 12, 2018 935
Lawmaker serious about bill deeming ribeye as Oklahoma's state steak. Dec 7, 2018 593
Economic losses due to the occurrence of cysticercosis in cattle from cities located in Minas Gerais, Brazil/ Perdas economicas devido a ocorrencia de cisticercose em bovinos procedentes de municipios localizados em Minas Gerais, Brasil. Rezende, Maria Teresa Nunes Pacheco; Komatsu, Raquel Satomi; Andrade, Renata Barbosa; Reis, Serly Lo Dec 1, 2018 4156
Monitor farm event planned for Glenkiln. Nov 23, 2018 233
Two Ground Beef Recalls For E. Coli Contamination. Nov 20, 2018 718
BBQ-fuelled demand hits supplies of beef. Nov 3, 2018 118
Fluence announces waste-to-energy system contract in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oct 31, 2018 201
The Chisholm Trail: Joseph McCoy's Great Gamble. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 105
Micreos passes US FDA approval for PhageGuard-E to combat E. Coli O157. Sep 19, 2018 235
Micreos passes US FDA approval for PhageGuard-E to combat E. Coli O157. Sep 19, 2018 231
Beef production seminar set. Aug 31, 2018 198
Masisi courts Ireland investors. Aug 23, 2018 460
Measles limits access to lucrative beef markets. Aug 19, 2018 814
Measles cost farmers,govt millions. Aug 6, 2018 956
Foundation passes out donations. Jul 9, 2018 198
Dudley Smith Farm Field Day held June 20. Jul 3, 2018 291
Current situation and future prospects for global beef production: overview of special issue. Smith, Stephen B.; Gotoh, Takafumi; Greenwood, Paul L. Report Jul 1, 2018 4401
The Japanese Wagyu beef industry: current situation and future prospects--A review. Gotoh, Takafumi; Nishimura, Takanori; Kuchida, Keigo; Mannen, Hideyuki Report Jul 1, 2018 10982
Current situation and future prospects for beef production in Lao People's Democratic Republic--A review. Napasirth, Pattaya; Napasirth, Viengsakoun Report Jul 1, 2018 4376
Current situation and future prospects for beef production in Thailand--A review. Bunmee, Thanaporn; Chaiwang, Niraporn; Kaewkot, Chonlathee; Jaturasitha, Sanchai Report Jul 1, 2018 5350
Current situation and future prospects for beef production in China--A review. Li, Xiang Zi; Yan, Chang Guo; Zan, Lin Sen Report Jul 1, 2018 4437
Current situation and future prospects for the Australian beef industry--A review. Greenwood, Paul L.; Gardner, Graham E.; Ferguson, Drewe M. Report Jul 1, 2018 7713
Current situation and future trends for beef production in the United States of America--A review. Drouillard, James S. Jul 1, 2018 6558
Current situation and future prospects for beef production in Europe--A review. Hocquette, Jean-Francois; Ellies-Oury, Marie-Pierre; Lherm, Michel; Pineau, Christele; Deblitz, Clau Report Jul 1, 2018 13143
United States beef quality as chronicled by the National Beef Quality Audits, Beef Consumer Satisfaction Projects, and National Beef Tenderness Surveys--A review. Gonzalez, John Michael; Phelps, Kelsey Jean Report Jul 1, 2018 3983
China lifts ban on UK beef after two decades. Kevin White Jun 30, 2018 300
Fitch Affirms Leucadia's 'BBB' Ratings Following Strategic Announcements; Outlook Stable. Jun 28, 2018 971
Fitch: Marfrig's Proposed Acquisition is Slightly Credit Positive. Jun 28, 2018 497
Penrhyn open day and BBQ. Jun 14, 2018 162
A person involved in slaughtering cows made Deputy Minister for Hindu Religious Affairs. Jun 13, 2018 377
Your choice in non-vegetarian matters. Jun 11, 2018 550
NFC rebranding exercise to be announced next month, says minister. Jun 7, 2018 318
Agriculture Minister Salahuddin plans NFC revival - minus the scandal. May 27, 2018 472
Miniature Angus and 'cute' sheep draw crowds at Beeston. May 17, 2018 232
OCA sets annual convention. May 16, 2018 137
Mayer appointed to state Board of Agriculture. May 7, 2018 164
Chiepe urges farmers to utilise genetic products. May 6, 2018 708
OCF seeks scholarship applications. Apr 27, 2018 125
Integrity Beef seminar set. Apr 24, 2018 180
China opens its markets to Irish beef. Apr 17, 2018 101
wholesale prices: high demand over Easter pushes up lamb prices. Apr 14, 2018 142
Cattlemen's Association sets trade show. Apr 4, 2018 199
QMS to investigate DNA testing for beef. Mar 24, 2018 126
Pinnacle Asset Management acquires Five Rivers Cattle Feeding. Mar 23, 2018 304
Pinnacle Asset Management acquires Five Rivers Cattle Feeding. Mar 23, 2018 302
BDP supports government on BMC transformation. Mar 7, 2018 422
After an ICE raid, few Americans showed up to work at this Texas meatpacking plant. Mar 5, 2018 752
Govt continues addressing BMC problems. Mar 4, 2018 583
Alternative proteins stir up animal passions over meat; A battle is on over restricting meat terms to animal products. Julia Glotz Mar 3, 2018 680
Genome-wide association study of carcass weight in commercial Hanwoo cattle. Edea, Zewdu; Jeoung, Yeong Ho; Shin, Sung-Sub; Ku, Jaeul; Seo, Sungbo; Kim, Il-Hoi; Kim, Sang-Wook; Report Mar 1, 2018 5516
Cattlemen's Association Petitions To Strictly Define 'Meat' And 'Beef'. Feb 26, 2018 564
Feasibility study on land development ongoing. Feb 25, 2018 227
Ecoark to Bid on Beef Processor Assets. Feb 1, 2018 298
ScotMoves one year on. Jan 5, 2018 331
Effect of Differing Ingredients and Packaging Technologies on the Color of High-Pressure Processed Ground Beef. Gupta, Jhinuk; Bower, Chad G.; Sullivan, Gary; Cavender, George Jan 1, 2018 5070
Roka Akor to open in Oak Brook. Dec 26, 2017 312
Ministry did consultations for BMC abattoirs privatisation - Minister Ralotsia. Dec 10, 2017 329
Enlivening Winter's Festive Feasts: Consumers are pulling out all the stops to impress holiday guests this season, meaning an elaborate fresh food spread is the top priority for entertainers. Flora, Arielle Dec 1, 2017 1010
Beef. It's What's for Dinner--Again: Popular ad campaign is reintroduced for next generation of consumers. Dec 1, 2017 547
It's time to unpick PS8m scab impasse; Welsh farm groups demand EC cash for eradication. Nov 30, 2017 438
Hybridizing Taiwan yellow cattle with Taiwan Waygu cattle could ignite Taiwan's beef industry. Nov 22, 2017 485

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