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Beech 65-A90-1: June 12, 2006, Tampa, Fla.

At about 1235 Eastern time, the airplane was destroyed during a forced landing. Visual conditions prevailed for the public use flight. The Commercial pilot received fatal injuries while a pilot-rated crewmember received serious injuries. A pilot-rated witness stated the airplane appeared to be five feet above the ground, with the landing gear retracted and yawing to the right. The airplane collided while airborne with a fence on the north border of an airport, then collided with trees, a car, and finally a residence. The witness further stated that a crewmember exited the airplane and stated "... they had lost one engine and then the other...." The witness also reported that after losing both engines they were able to restart one of the engines and then had a discrepancy with the propeller governor of the running engine.

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Title Annotation:NTSB Reports: Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents
Publication:Aviation Safety
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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