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Beeb needs its own watchdog.

Byline: T H TAYLOR

Sir, - The brilliant insight of the Chancellor into the workings of our changing economy seems to have proposed and found an economic solution to the old problem of the plight of the 'Lumpen Proletariat'.

However any government must also consider what to do about the Nationalised Television Service, the British Broadcasting Corporation (which it is nothing of the sort) still in the grip of the broadcasting unions. I propose that the BBC governors be replaced by an industry regulator as in OFTEL, OFTOSH say. That will remove all the subterfuge about 'higher standards' and reduce the matter to 'who is being paid for what' and 'is it worth it'.


Middleway View,

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Title Annotation:Letter
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 17, 2000
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