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Bee Gees storm off Anderson talk show; The Wright Stuff; Joker's quips backfire.

Pop superstars the Bee Gees stormed off Clive Anderson's All Talk BBC1 show after the chat king poked fun at them.

The furious Gibb brothers failed to see the funny side of Clive's wisecracks while recording an interview for his hit series, due to be screened next week.

And they got even angrier as the 400-strong audience at the London Studios jeered and heckled them.

Later, sources tell me, the trio accused their host of being "a stitch- up merchant".

"They completely lost their rag," says my spy. "Everyone could hear them ranting backstage and using the F-word. Clive seemed devastated."

The interview, scheduled to last 15-20 minutes, was only five minutes old when eldest brother Barry Gibb, 51, ripped off his microphone and threw it on his chair.

Clive had asked them about the original names for the group and was amused by one - Les Tossers.

"Jokingly, he remarked that the Bee Gees would always be tossers to him," says the insider. "All three were clearly irritated - Barry especially.

"Next, they were talking about hits they'd had. One was called Don't Forget To Remember.

"Clive immediately quipped that he'd forgotten it already and Barry fired back: `You would, wouldn't you?'"

Moments later, Barry was fuming "I don't want to do this" and on his way. As he left, followed by Robin, 47, he told Clive, "This is a set- up. If anyone is a tosser round here, it's you, pal."

"Do you want to go as well?" Clive asked the sole remaining Bee Gee, Robin's twin, Maurice. He replied: "Well I'd better, I don't do impressions of my brothers."

Heart 102.6FM breakfast show host David Prever, who was in the audience, said: "Everyone was on Clive's side. The Bee Gees were out of order. It will make for great TV - if it's shown."

Clive said later: "I'm sorry they had to leave so suddenly - obviously I remain a big fan."

Sadly, the Bee Gees had no comment to make.

If you change your minds lads, call my gossip line.


He once told Jeffrey Archer: "There's no beginning to your talents."

When Richard Branson tipped a glass of water over him, he quipped: "I'm used to it. I've flown Virgin Atlantic."

He promised Barry Manilow not to say anything about the singer's nose, then asked: "Did you fly over on Concorde?"

Sir David Frost told him: "One of my great sadnesses is I never saved up the air miles in my early years. I'd have a free trip to Pluto by now." Clive retorted: "It's one of the sadnesses in all our lives!


Defence Minister John Nott made a furious exit in 1982 when Sir Robin Day accused him of being a "`here today, gone tomorrow" politician.

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts marched out of a US chat show in 1992 after the house band insisted on joining in with his jazz quintet.

Director Michael Winner suddenly left GMTV's breakfast show in 1993 after refusing to talk about his health.

At The Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, athlete Michael Johnson answered a couple of questions then ripped off his microphone and snapped at presenter Des Lynam: "I said two minutes!" before leaving the studio.


The Full Monty is about to outstrip Four Weddings And A Funeral as the most successful British movie of all time.

The Robert Carlyle film has taken pounds 26.8 million at cinemas here in eight weeks, selling out at 2,000 UCI cinema chain screenings alone. Hugh Grant's movie took pounds 28 million in 22 weeks.

Tired Damon gets snappy

with snapper

Blur singer Damon Albarn was at the centre of a fracas at a swanky Los Angeles party.

A young female photographer had her camera taken from her at the bash at the city's Sunset Hyatt hotel after she snapped Albarn in a tired and emotional state.

I'm told the singer, who recently split from Elastica's Justine Frischmann, appeared to be getting support from an attractive young man when the snapper pounced.

But a pal assures me: "Damon wasn't doing anything embarrassing - he just didn't want his photo taken."

Prim and proper Question Of Sport presenter Sue Barker is naughtier than she looks.

The former tennis star says: "I'd love to go on They Think It's All Over where they have to guess your identity by touching you all over."

I wonder who she'd prefer to be groped by - Gary Lineker or David Gower?

Chris Eubank's lisp made things difficult for him as he presented the Menswear Designer prize at C5's British Fashion Awards.

Chris announced: "He's stupendous and splendiforous." And the winner was? Paul Thmith!

Starstruck Ed sold a dummy

Funnyman Eddie Izzard was thrilled to see that his hero, Patrick Moore, had turned up at his party.

Star-gazing fanatic Izzard spotted the TV astronomer at the London Planetarium bash to celebrate his successful opening night at the capital's Hammersmith Palais.

After failing to attract the great man's attention, Izzard - who never misses an episode of The Sky At Night - walked over to shake him by the hand.

Only to find out that Patrick was in fact a waxwork replica, created for the Planetarium by Madam Tussaud's next door.

China Black's Errol Reid thought he'd won a fortune after singing their new single Emotions on the Midweek Lottery Show. Errol got four numbers on his ticket. A pal said: "He was excited till he realised he'd only won pounds 66."
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