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Bedroom view is his bonsai garden.

Bedroom view is his bonsai garden

A sheltered side yard, protected from windby the house and by a new fence, is home for Stuart Durkheimer's 30-year-old collection of bonsai trees. This serene space is open to view from the master bedroom and bath. Plants are displayed on handmade concrete "rocks' and platforms that rise from crushed granite pathways.

Designed by landscape architect JohnHerbst, Jr., of Lake Oswego, Oregon, the garden started as a roughly square corner court. Herbst created a zigzagging visual flow by breaking up the area with low-edged beds, which are planted with sword ferns and wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens). Built with pressure-treated wood, the raised beds' walls are made of 4-by-4s, banded at the base with decorative 1-by-1s, and capped with beveled 2-by-8s. A matching stain blends this wood with the house.

Plant platforms, also treated with thesame stain, are at bench height (15 inches). The size of their tops varies, but components are the same. The tops-- 2-by-2s spaced 1/4 inch apart--rise 1/2 inch above 1-by-4 edge banding. Where the 2-by-2s approach the edge band, their ends or sides have been beveled. The legs have vertical 2-by-4s at the outside and evenly spaced 1-by-4s between. A 1-by-4 edge band at the bottom of the legs repeats the top detail.

Photo: Light-colored planters, stands, and rocks stand out againstdark granite-- a good walking surface in Oregon's damp weather. Bathroom window is at left

Photo: Platforms and raised beds display plants atdifferent heights. Fence's floating top rail and inset panels create decorative backdrop

Photo: Two-level bench provides room on topfor wide-spreading black pine that's 111 years old. On lower level is 38-year-old bird's nest spruce
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Title Annotation:Stuart Durkheimer
Date:Mar 1, 1987
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