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Becoming an effective psychotherapist; adopting a theory of psychotherapy that's right for you and your client.


Becoming an effective psychotherapist; adopting a theory of psychotherapy that's right for you and your client.

Truscott, Derek.

American Psychological Assn.


214 pages




Licensed psychologist Truscott (U. of Alberta, Canada) has practiced in diverse settings and written extensively about psychotherapy over the past 20-plus years. Intended for senior-undergraduate students, graduate students, and practitioners in psychotherapy and counseling, his text centers around the concept that there is no one "right" and superior psychotherapy system for everyone but rather an approach that is effective for each therapist and each client, that is compatible with the practitioner's worldview and that can also be adapted to respect the clients' worldviews. Following an overview of how psychotherapy works, the value of adopting a theory for practice, and putting the chosen theory into practice, Truscott describes each of the major theories--psychodynamic, behavioral, existential, person-centered, gestalt, cognitive, systemic, feminist, constructivist--and then offers guidelines for adapting a chosen approach for use in one's practice.

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