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Becoming a Londoner: A Diary.


Becoming a Londoner: A Diary

Daivd Plante



532 pages




Almost fifty years ago, the swinging London beckoned to misfits and artists (if that is not redundant) from all over the world. David Plante, a novelist--an an honorary Londoner for some years now--was one of the people who followed that call. Luckily for us, he kept a diary of his immersion in the wonders of the City, and his experiences--both good and bad--of coming to terms with life in this city, undoubtedly one of the greatest cities on the planet. This book works on several levels: first, as a personal story of a young man coming to live in a new city with his lover, secondly, as a cultural history of London at the time, involving people such as Christopher Isherwood, W.H. Auden and Steven Runciman, and, of course, the author himself; and lastly, as a gorgeously written love poem to the city. It covers the twenty-year period beginning in the mid-sixties, and faithfully chronicles the author's experiences in that time, both in London and elsewhere in Europe. But London is the central theme that runs through the diary: the city as a presence that both gives out wonder and demands some sacrifices and accommodations in return; this is a story of people and the city, and the ways in which they interpenetrate and change each other.

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