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THERE were two letters (26.9.14) that were of interest to me. They were similar in content, and sent by Scarlet McBride and Malcolm Pyle. Both letters showed a discontent regarding local politics, both want changes in the delivering of services. I totally agree with them. People voted for the elected mayoral system, and we have to live with it. The election of party councillors is another matter. They have to toe the party line, considering the party before the electorate. There is change taking place in the borough, and both Scarlet, Malcolm and others can become part of that change by becoming together with people who have concerns for the town.

They can stand as independent councillors, swelling the ranks of the growing mood in the borough. The independent councillors are not a political party and do not force their views on their group, they meet to listen to concerns and how they can help each other. I would recommend to anyone who believes they can represent the area in which they reside, to get in touch with an independent councillor, and be advised how to proceed. The local Labour Party is a spent force with no control over its own destiny, constant in-fighting, and self interests do not benefit the town. The Evening Gazette E exposure of Labour Councillors abusing the expense system was a real eye opener, the independents will put a stop to the abuse of privilege. DENNIS LANE, Coulby Newham

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2014
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