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Beckman Coulter's changes.

The announcement of a structural reorganization at Beckman Coulter (see page 2) will have relatively little effect on the company's research instrument business, according to Elias Caro, president of Beckman Coulter's Biomedical Research division. Mr. Caro tells IBO, "I don't really see an impact. During the last two-and-a-half years, when I've in been in charge of Biomedical Research, we have refined the focus of our life science research into more clinical research, which supports the strategy of the company in diagnostics."

Beckman Coulter's analytical instrument offerings consist of life science research instrumentation for genomic, proteomic and cellular analysis. The company's generic analysis systems include its CEQ DNA sequencers and SNPstream genotyping system. Robotic automation products includes liquid handling systems, such as the Biomek 3000, and microplate readers. Among the company's other research products are HPLC, including the ProteomeLab PF 2D system, and capillary electrophoresis systems, sold under the P/ ACE, ProteomeLab and CEQ brand names, as well as liquid scintillation systems and spectrophotometers. For cellular research, Beckman Coulter offers flow cytometers, cell sorting systems, the Cell IC 100 high-throughput microscopy system and particle characterization systems.

Financial results for the company's analytical products are currently reported under the Biomedical Research division. Under the new structure of four business groups, most of the Biomedical Research product lines will move to the Discovery and Automation Systems division. According to Mr. Caro, "The biggest moves are flow cytometry out of Biomedical Research and clinical automation moving to Discovery [and Automation Systems]. Flow cytometry is going to be together with cellular diagnostics."

The company will begin reporting financial results based on the four new units in the third quarter and will provide frill-year results based on the new reporting structure for the prior year for comparison purposes. "We will provide new guidance for the rest of 2005 and into 2006 on our third quarter call," says Mr. Caro.

As for his new role in the organization, Mr. Caro explains, "I'm going to be managing Life Science worldwide and also the international part of Diagnostics." He said the Diagnostics and Life Science research divisions of the company will still have separate sales forces. In addition, an executive vice president will manage US Diagnostics. "Part of the issue is our domestic diagnostics business is so large and so important for the company and it's a very different market from life science," he explains.

Asked about any possible divestments of research product lines, Mr. Caro commented, "We're always reviewing some product lines that do not fit any more into the strategy." He adds, "We have a couple of very small businesses that do not fit anymore." Two years ago, Beckman Coulter sold its LIMS (laboratory information management systems) product line to InnaPhase (see IBO 5/15/03), which was later bought by Thermo Electron (see IBO 9/15/04).
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Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:Jul 31, 2005
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