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Because Why.

Because Why

Sarah Fox

Coffee House Press

27 North Fourth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401

1566891868 $15.00 1-800-283-3572

Because Why is the debut poetry collection of poetry and creative writing teacher Sarah Fox. Unafraid to experiment with free verse in a wide variety of formats and tempos, Because Why is an eclectic collection of harsh thoughts, lofty ideals, fond memories, snapshots of dark reality, and much more. Language use spans the gamut from vulgar curses to ordinary conversation to intricate and complex ruminations. "The Whole Desert Island Scenario": I'd bring the short, or the long / Japanese kimono and that Max / Ernst book if it pleases you. // I imagine fine tropical spreads, / Nights making flutes under the stars, / nights fiddling with the flutes we've made. // Naturally there'd be hardship, / but we'd split the difference / by mastering unusual vocations // (sand art, French braiding, contortionism). / Perhaps you'd tell me at long last / how you came to be so famous.
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Author:Lane, Margaret
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Date:May 1, 2006
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