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THE simplest look for eyes, at the moment which is also universally flattering, is a transparent wash of brown.

First, use the shadow as eyeliner, smudging it along the lash line with a sponge applicator. Or you can use a soft pencil in a similar shade.

Then use a brush to sweep a sheer layer of shadow over the lid up to the crease and blend softly. You won't need highlighter on the brow bone as the natural contours of the eye create their own highlights. Finish with a light coat of mascara.

Use pink, blue, or lavender eyeshadow as an accent only, layered over a neutral base colour of beige or pale mushroom. Brush the neutral over the whole lid, then apply the accent colour from lash line to crease.

To open up your eyes and enhance their natural shape, try using three shades of eyeshadow this way. Apply the lighter shade all over the eye, with the medium shade in the crease for contouring and the darker shade only as a soft eyeliner, or at the outer corner of your eyes.

For a mistake-proof application, put one coat of mascara on before your shadow and one coat after. That will give you a better sense of the eye's shape, and the second coat will cover any powder that has landed on lashes.

You can try a pearl eyeshadow for an evening look, but limit shimmer to your lids. If it's worn all over the eye, the sparkle can highlight fine lines.

Look for soft, shimmer browns, or brighten matte eye shades you already have by applying a touch of silver or white shimmer to the centre of the lid.

To add drama and depth to your eyes, use dark brown or brown/charcoal eye pencil, gently smudged, and apply it first, before the shadow to keep the look soft.

Or you can use a black eye shadow as a liner for a softer, smokier look than liquid liner.

For all-out glamour, use it to add a thin line right at the lash line, and the same under lower lashes but doing just the outer third of the eye.

Using a little foundation on your lids helps make up colours stay truer and last longer.

When you shop for eye shadow, don't match the colour of your eyes, or go brighter than your own eye colour.

And if you have trouble drawing a straight line on your lid with liquid liner, follow this hint. Prop the elbow of the hand you're drawing with on a table for extra stability.

Gently stretching your skin with the other hand also keeps you on the straight and narrow.

Handy tips

Here are some tips for applying the perfect mascara:

l Curl your eyelashes with one firm squeeze of a lash curler.

l Dip the mascara wand into the tube just once for both upper and lower lashes. Any more, and you will load too much mascara on to the wand.

If your lashes always look gloppy, use a tissue to wipe excess mascara from the brush before applying.

l Working from the outer corner inward, place the brush at the lash base and sweep upward to the tips. To minimise clumping, use as few strokes as possible.

l For lower lashes, hold the wand vertically and sweep lashes from side to side with the tip of the brush.

You can create an eye-widening effect by applying a second coat of mascara to the upper lashes' outer corners.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 22, 1999
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