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Beauty from the past, beauty from within.

Rituals and traditional medicine have often been an exciting treasure trove for Indena: with many years of experience in the cosmetic sector, Indena has often looked at traditional applications of vegetable substances as starting points to isolate new and effective active principles. Once the actives have been identified and isolated, Indena then seeks out the best source, which may be thousands of miles away. Today, around 30% of Indena's cosmetic products come from ethnobotany studies conducted in the farthest regions of the globe, where biodiversity and traditions are well preserved. Costa Rica, Madagascar and China represent just a few examples. Our diet represents the best tool we have to counteract the signs of ageing, and the appearance of our skin depends heavily on our food intake. The food and cosmetic sectors are merging their research to develop innovative products that can improve our well-being--both from the outside and the inside.


Nutricosmetics are a new type of supplements that, taken orally, can effect an improvement at the dermal level. Several nutricosmetic products have been shown to improve skin hydration, microcirculation, skin colour and complexion, and to prevent wrinkles. Within these formulations, natural ingredients play a vital role; botanical derivatives are, in fact, endowed with interesting biological properties that may exert a "beauty" effect. The olive fruit extract is one of the brightest examples of how tradition and popular wisdom often translate into scientific proof in the novel applications of nutricosmetics. A symbol of Mediterranean culture, the olive tree has long been of interest because of its various health-related properties. The tree, in fact, is extremely long living, which results from its content of potent antioxidant compounds. Olive polyphenols exert a free radical scavenging activity that has a direct impact on skin health; in fact, the antioxidant and radical scavenging capacity of Opextan--a standardized olive fruit extract obtained from a selected variety of olive--has shown its beneficial effects at skin level, where free radical-mediated degeneration such as wrinkle formation and epidermal barrier distruption may be prevented. The efficacy of the product has been demonstrated both topically and by oral application, suggesting an innovative global approach to maintaining healthy skin (

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Publication:Nutraceutical Business & Technology
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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