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Beauty Clinic.

Beauty rules to be BROKEN

NAlways apply two coats of mascara:

Not always, because overloading the lashes causes the mascara to clump together. Modern mascara technology means you usually only need one coat for longer looking lashes, use volumising or lengthening types to achieve the desired effect.

NNever trim your eyebrows

Not always, sometimes plucking is not enough. If your brows are extra bushy you may need to snip off any straggly hairs with nail scissors. Go very carefully ( one hair at a time and just trim off the tip of the brow hair right where it reaches the outer line of the brow.

NMatch your lipstick with your nail polish

Not always as this looks dated, so go for contrasting colours instead. Mix beige lipstick with bronze or browny-red nails or pale red lips with orangy-red nails.

NAlways wear foundation and powder

Not always, layering on heavy foundation and powder makes you look much older as the products settle into fine lines and wrinkles. If you get shiny throughout the day gently pat the area with tissues. If you have good skin use loose powder rather than pressed as although its lighter it still mops up shine well.

NMatch your eyeshadow with your eye colour

Not always. If you have blue eyes wearing blue shadow won't always make them look bluer - and wearing heavy coloured shadow can be ageing. Choose colours that draw attention to the eyes.

NUse all your skincare from the same range

Not always. It doesn't matter if your cleanser and toner don't match your moisturiser - choose products that suit you. Always get advice on the right skin care to use and check each time you renew your products as your skin may change.

NKym Guiney can be found at Clinic 54, which has recently moved to 122 Northumberland Street, Newcastle. Tel: (0191) 2325841.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2004
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