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Beauty Clinic.

Byline: By Kym Guiney

Acne is a skin conditions not a disease. It can occur at anytime after puberty and is increasingly more common in people over 30.

Causes are many and include: Hormonal changes such as puberty. Stress. Climate and genetic susceptibility.

There is no simple way to diagnose what makes the problem worse.

There are several types: acne Vulgaris, Contact Acne, Medication Acne and Allergic Acne.

Acne occurs as a result of an increased production of the skin's natural realise of sebum from the sebaceous glands, which is of a difference composition to normal sebum. There is also an increase in the amount of Keratin-hyperkeratosis.

Whatever the underlying cause acne occurs when the skin's sebaceous glands - which produce sebum - and the tiny pores of the skin found on the back, shoulders, arms, chest and face become blocked and infected resulting in unsightly pustules.

Many who suffer from acne take oral medication for several years because if they stop the acne returns. This is not a viable solution, as they do not get rid of the cause of acne, they only suppress the symptoms. It certainly helps if sufferers drink lots of water and eat sensibly. Medex does not believe there is any need to treat acne with harsh chemicals or strong drugs; there are gentler alternative using natural ingredients wherever possible to tackle pimples, treat scarring and uneven pigmentation and results are visible within four to six weeks.

There are four phases to these treatments: Soapless gels herbal face-wash, which helps control sebum production and inhibits bacteria growth.

Exfoliator which contain minerals to soothe inflamed tissue eliminate blackheads and open up disinfect and cleanse pustules.

Masks, which are soothing, kaolin-based and contain antiseptic lotion and also reduces the production sebum. There is no fast cure so be patient .

NKym Guiney is at Clinic 54, at 122 Northumberland Street, Newcastle. Call 0191 2325841. For advice or questions write c/o Chronicle, Thomson House, Groat Market, Newcastle or Email KYM@CLINIC54.FSNET.CO.UK
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 10, 2004
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