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Beauty: The eyes have it.

Our Eyes Reflect Our Vitality, Emotions And General State Of Health. World-Renowned Therapist Bharti Vyas Shows You How To Keep Them Bright

Our eyes are one of our most beautiful and individual features. But they need some tender, loving care to look their best.

The surest way to nourish the skin around the eyes and the eyes themselves is by eating well and by giving the circulation a helping hand. Eyes also flourish on a simple regime of rest, exercise and natural light. They do not take well to excessive smoking or alcohol.

The most common problems are: Puffy eyes due to lack of sleep, too much sleep; sensitivity to certain products; sluggish circulation; a possible thyroid problem; or constipation. Dark circles due to lack of sleep, poor circulation; possible kidney problems; food intolerance; or nutritional deficiencies, including iron, vitamin C and vitamin B12.

Tired eyes due to lack of sleep; reading or writing without adequate light; staring at a computer for hours on end.

Droopy eyes due to age and lack of muscle tone.

Crepey eyelids due to age; exposure to irritants; poor circulation; or diet.

Dry skin due to age; harsh cleansing products or make-up; or overstimulation. Crow's feet due to age; dehydration; facial expressions - i.e. squinting; or sun damage.


l A cold compress (a cotton wool pad soaked in cold water) will relieve and rest tired eyes by reducing the blood flow and remove any toxic build- up. Leave in place for 10-15 minutes.

l A slice of cucumber placed on each eyelid for up to 15 minutes is very soothing. Cucumber has a high mineral and water content which is therapeutic for the eyes. The juice also makes a nourishing eye drop.

l Always wear sunglasses (with UV protection) in bright sunlight.

l Using your ring fingers and some almond oil or coconut oil, massage in a clockwise direction stopping at the point where the top of the nose meets the eyebrows and hold for a few seconds. Repeat 5 times twice a day.


Performed regularly, the following exercises will keep eyes clear and whites white. Practise them once a day.

l For firm taut eyelids: shut both eyelids tightly so you feel the squeeze. Maintain this pressure for a count of 12. Rest the eyes by keeping them lightly closed. Repeat five times.

l To strengthen muscles: keep your head still, move your eyes as far to the right as you can without straining, blink, then do the same to the left. Blink and repeat six times on each side. Rest your eyes for a count of 20.

l Keeping your head still, raise your eyes as high as you can. Blink once, then lower your eyes as far as you can. Blink again and repeat six times. Rest.

l Keeping your head still, look up towards your right eyebrow. Blink and look down towards your left earlobe. Repeat six times, then rest for a count of 20. Repeat, looking towards the left brow and the right lobe. Rest.

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Vyas, Bharti
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 11, 1999
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