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Beauty: Salon Spy; Fancy going on an M mission? Let us pay for a new hairdo then report back to HQ. Not a mission impossible, eh?

Byline: Tricia Welch and Katie O'Brien

THIS WEEK: Kristina Timm, 35, a freelance designer, went to Peter Prosser in Hereford (01432-357588)

Kristina Timm was fed up with her floppy fringe which just wouldn't grow out. As well as having her style sorted, she also fancied having some funky colour. But her most important requirement? Her new look must take only seconds to style. Could the professionals at Peter Prosser deliver the goods for the princely sum of pounds 60?

1. Before: `As I had no definite idea about the cut or colour, my stylist suggested I flick through a few mags to get ideas. I picked out the styles I liked and asked her to interpret them in a way that would work for me. We decided on a half-head of highlights and a choppier cut.'

2. After: `I love the funky new colour and I'm really pleased the cut hasn't made my hair look too perfect or "styled". My stylist finger-dried it, which is quick and easy for me to copy. I never imagined short hair could look quite so glam.'

3. First wash: `I can now finger-dry my hair in minutes which certainly makes the school run easier! I can - almost - just wash and go. But here you can see, I made a bit of an effort and used straightening irons which looks fab too.'

Kristina's verdict: 4/5

`The cheery staff made me feel comfortable enough to give my opinion without feeling uneasy - which I normally do in a salon. I have already been complimented on my new "messy" look.'

M's verdict: 5/5

Not only has Kristina been given a look that's bang up-to-date, it will take no time at all to style and can be mussed-up or sleeked poker-straight for special occasions. We've got to say we're impressed.

Fancy being a Salon Spy? Write to the address on page 3, enclosing a recent photograph of your lovely self.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 5, 2002
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