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Beauty: Minute Masterclass Ji Baek.

How to stop biting your nails Ji Baek runs the Big Apple's must-visit Rescue Beauty Lounge (00 1 212 431 0449). Her dedication to healthy, natural nail care makes her very much in demand. Here she tells us how to stop the horrible habit of nail-biting...

`You'd be amazed the damage nail biting causes, not to mention the nasty little germs you're eating. The damage depends on how long you've been nibbling at your own flesh.

`It's an exhausting cycle giving up, I'd compare it to giving up smoking. As you continue to bite off nails the nail bed will naturally shrink, making it harder for nails to grow. After a while you develop callouses on your finger pad (the skin beside the nail). Not very attractive!

`I think that nail biting is both a nervous habit and an addiction and may be done for comfort. Getting a set of fake tips put on in a salon is the best way and the ultimate challenge for committed nail-biters. Plus if you've paid a fair amount it'll mean more to leave them alone. It also looks better immediately. Weekly manicures can help but it takes pure determination not give in to the urge to bite. If they look nice the temptation is less.

`Nail-abusers listen up, if you bite until you draw blood, place a Band- Aid [plaster] over the wound and leave until it heals. And carry cuticle oil everywhere with you - it's a life-saver!'
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 29, 2003
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